What The Heart Wants

Chapter 1: In the Ladies' Room?

What had driven Ziva to this point in life? Every time she had given her heart to someone, they always ended up giving it back to her in tiny little pieces, so tiny that she could never put them back together. But now her heart was whole once more and she didn't even know why. Was it because she was selfishly in love, or was it because she knew that the special someone in her life was the one and he didn't even know it. How much longer would Ziva have to keep her feelings hidden in the closet?

Would she always have to carry this love and never be able to tell him of her feelings? She knew that it was forbidden to even to have these feelings, for the one her heart wanted was one of her partners. She had always loved him and yet she never had been able to tell him even though there had sometimes been moments when she thought that it might be time to let her feelings be known.

She was surrounded by the most amazing men and she trusted them with her life. Gibbs had been like a father figure to her, even more since her own father abandoned her to a fate worse than death in Somalia. And she waited, waited for even a small sliver of hope to keep her going. It was Gibbs, Tony, and McGee who had come to her rescue then, though none of them knew that she was alive then. It was then that Ziva first knew, though somehow she had always known, that she could not live without him, when he said those very words to her back in Somalia.

Yes, it was Tony DiNozzo. It had always been Tony. Never did her heart leap when she was around McGee, Gibbs, or even when she was with Rivkin. But it did when she was with Tony, and now she was sick and tired of pretending to play this game.

Sick and tired.

No more of feeling sick and tired, Ziva decided. But how to act upon her forbidden impulses? Did she just dare to tell him or should she just continue on pretending?

Could he have those feelings for her in return? Did his heart beat for her? Did he dream of her when he was asleep?

Or did his heart still belong to Jeanne? Even if it had been awhile since the ill-fated La Grenouille mission, and even though Jeanne had accused him of murder afterward, Tony had been different since then and she wondered if that could possibly be why.

Was there a way through that door, which had been closed off for a long time? Would Tony ever allow Ziva to take Jeanne's place in his heart? Or was it possible Caitlin Todd had been his real true love?

Ziva would never know if she kept on with these pathetic guessing games. She would know more if she were to open up to Tony, confessing her undying love for him and then wait to see if he would confess his own feelings in return.

"There you are."

Ziva raised her head, seeing reflected in the mirror of the ladies' room one of the sexiest men ever to walk on this planet, and boy, did her heart leap at the sight of him.

"Yes, here I am." Ziva doesn't turn to see him properly for she already knows what he looks like. He isn't wearing one of his suits today, as it was meant to be their day off but someone had decided to spoil their weekend plans by committing murder.

"Where else would I be if I were not in the squad room?"

"Gibbs wanted me to find you," Tony says. His amazing eyes locked onto Ziva's through the mirror and she wanted to tell him there and then, but there was still something holding her back.

"Case is closed and we all can go home to enjoy the rest of weekend."

"And what are your plans for the rest of weekend, if you do not mind me asking?" Ziva dared herself to prepare for what she knew she must inevitably say; she may as well say it any minute now. She didn't want to wait for the rest of her life waiting for Tony to take the hint.

"Surprising as it may sound to you, I don't have any plans for the weekend." Tony flashed her one of his spell-binding smiles and that was when Ziva couldn't take it anymore.

"Lock the door Tony." Ziva turned around to glare directly, seductively into Tony's eyes, not trusting the mirror to fully convey her expression.

"Tell me, why should I lock the door, Zee-vah?" Ziva's belly did a flip. It always did funny little things whenever she heard him tangling her name like that.

"Just do it." Ziva walked slowly over to where Tony was standing in the middle of ladies bathroom, provocatively undoing the buttons to her shirt. "Unless you want others to see these-" Ziva smiled wickedly once all of her buttons were loosed.

There Ziva stood, waiting for Tony to react. Waiting with her buttons undone, showing off her breasts for him to look at, to touch, and to drool over.

He did nothing.

She had never met a man before who had any problem with her naked body but now at his lack of movement she felt fear creeping in and beginning to take over her senses. Was her body not to Tony's liking? Was she not beautiful enough for him?

Then without warning, Tony reached behind himself and Ziva heard the lock clicking to a close. It seemed to lock out the entire world just so they could share this one moment.

"We wouldn't want the McGeek to accidentally stumble in here. He might hurt himself," Tony said, his hands running all over Ziva's body feverishly. "Never thought that I would be able to see these again."

"That was a long time ago, Tony. We hardly knew each other back then and we were only undercover, remember?" Ziva's mind went from pure lust one moment to completely serious and emotional the next. "I, too, never thought that I would be able to kiss you again."

"Then what are you waiting for, Agent David?" Tony's hands caressed Ziva's angelic face.

Their mouths became one in an instant, their bodies pressed tightly to each other without any sense of hesitation. Nothing had felt that good to either of them in a while and Ziva wondered what could have taken them so long to figure this out.

What they were doing was almost too good to be true, not to mention it felt natural.

Everything that had ever kept them apart, twisting their trust into something that neither of them wanted to reflect upon again, had brought them to this moment. They knew full well that they were breaking Gibbs' rules – but who give a damn now? They knew now that they would fight to keep their love, no matter what it would take.

"Wait. There is something else that I never thought I would be able to tell you. . . ."

Ziva reluctantly broke away from Tony's addictive mouth not only to catch a breath or two, but to gaze into his amazing eyes, which were glazed over with a rare emotion.

"Why the hell is this door locked?" A woman's voice dared to interrupt at that moment and now there was someone banging on the door, loud enough for the whole building to hear.

"Fix yourself up and I'll hide in this cubicle." Tony swiftly placed a chaste kiss upon her temple. "Now I have something to look forward to this weekend."

As Tony whispered in her ear, her body shivered under the pleasant feel of his breath tickling her skin.

Quickly Ziva buttoned up her shirt, smiling when she saw the mock hurt flashing through Tony's green eyes before he quickly went to hide in one of the cubicles.

Yes, they would have the rest of the weekend and then perhaps, when they were alone, Ziva would be able to tell him what she had been about to say before they were rudely interrupted.

"Sorry about that," Ziva said to Special Agent Sophia Winchester as she opened the door. "I had an accident and I was in such a hurry to close the door, not realizing I had locked the door as well before it was too late."

"That's all right, Ziva."

Sophia was a probie who had only just started that week, but already Ziva thought that she didn't like her. She could not miss the way Sophia constantly watched Tony with those soft brown eyes of hers.

Ziva was sure that Sophia meant well, but she still didn't like anyone else watching her man, and wasn't about to share Tony with this silly girl.

"I'll see you around then, Sophia." Ziva didn't realize that her tone of voice came off a little too cold.

Storming out of the room, she leaned against the wall, waiting for Tony to come out of his little hiding place. She didn't have to wait long.

"Is that how you treat all the newbies, Zi?"

There was Tony standing beside her, obviously restraining himself from touching her in public. Secretly Ziva wished he wouldn't; she didn't care if the whole world knew.

"Only that one," Ziva said irritably. Tony tried hard not laugh and pretty soon she too almost found herself laughing.

"Why? What is so wrong about little Sophia?" Tony leaned in closer to her.

"I do not like the way she looks at you," Ziva said through clenched teeth, though at the same time enjoying the feel of Tony's arm touching hers.

"Is it so hard for you to believe that other women find me attractive?" Tony teased her, as he took hold of the hand closest to his. "Now, we should go home."

"Not if I have anything to say about it."

They both visibly jumped at the same time to find Gibbs glaring at them.

"You mind telling me what you were doing in the ladies room, DiNozzo?"

"I was there to tell Ziva that I can't live without her and that I love her, boss," Tony replied.

"If you hurt her, DiNozzo-"

"I won't, Boss." Tony's hand clutched Ziva's tightly, but not painfully. "I know better than to get a former assassin cross."

"Fine. Then go home."

Gibbs hadn't seen Tony or Ziva this truly happy in a long time and somehow they kind of reminded him of the way he and Shannon were, long ago.

A teary eyed Sophia Winchester shoved past them on the way out of the ladies' room, though nobody took any notice, except for Ziva.

To Be Continued. . . . .

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