Chapter 2: Rude Phone Call

Ziva felt Tony's eyes following her every movement. It wasn't until they finally reached her apartment door that Tony's eyes finally shifted away from her backside to lock onto Ziva's exotic brown eyes, the eyes that had captivated his imagination ever since he first met the Israeli. He searched them for reassurance, to be certain that Ziva really did want to be with him. To be with him, and no one else.

Gibbs may have given them his permission, but they still would have to keep their romance outside of the office and off the field. Tony understood that.

But there was something lurking deep behind Ziva's captivating eyes, which made Tony a little afraid. Afraid that Ziva might only want this for just the one night, rather than actually caring for him as he cared for her. Ziva had certainly had her fair share of heartaches. Well, they both had, really.

But, there had been so many men in Ziva's life that made her what she was today, and lately Tony was afraid of Ziva having some kind of relationship with Damon Werth. He had seen the way that Ziva looked at Werth when she met him again, and also the way that Werth watched Ziva in return.

"What are you thinking about?" Ziva's voice brought Tony back from his short reverie and his fears of Ziva rejecting him by tomorrow.

"What are my thoughts to you?" Tony snapped uncharacteristically back.

Ziva's beautiful face became unreadable as she studied Tony, wondering what could have caused him to snap at her so. This was new to him, but it was new to her too, and it wasn't like him to act so angry for no good reason. But still she invited Tony inside her home, mostly so her neighbours wouldn't overhear or gawk at them.

"Sometimes I wonder, Tony. I wonder why I feel this way towards someone like you." Ziva didn't quite understand where this conversation was coming from, but she decided she might as well say it now. "But I do care about you, Tony. Whether you like it or not, you know it was only a matter of time before we committed ourselves in some kind of a relationship. I want to be a part of your life and I know that you want to be a part of my life as well."

She paused so she could take a breath and think of what to say next. Should she tell him now or should she wait a little while longer? Now that they were finally together, maybe she should give it a shot, she thought.

As she thought, Tony took in his surroundings. He noticed Ziva's meager belongings. She was slowly replacing the things that had been destroyed so that she could make her home livable and warm for guests. In a lot of ways her place symbolized the way Ziva was getting her life back together, after the events that had torn them apart for four months. Tony could really see the struggle Ziva was still facing. Should he be the one to give her some fresh hope and another good reason to live?

He loved her, not Jeanne and definitely not Kate (God rest her soul). Somehow it had always been Ziva. Tony knew now that Jeanne was just an idea of what love really felt like and what it meant to be truly wanted, appreciated and needed.

Turning around to find Ziva's back to him, Tony saw that she was looking out of the kitchen window. He walked up to her, standing behind the one person who he truly loved, even if it had taken him this long to realize it. And then he said it.

"I love you, Ziva."

He placed a hand on her slim shoulder, enjoying the feel of her skin under his hand.

Very slowly Ziva turned around to gaze deeply into the pair of the most amazing eyes she had ever seen.

Why did I ever say that I found McGee more attractive? Ziva thought. Even if I was only teasing. Tony is definitely much more attractive than McGee.

Tony lifted up his hand, as Ziva turned, and replaced his hand, not on her shoulder, but on one of her cheeks. He felt the warmth of her face under the coolness of his fingers as she spoke.

"Then kiss me." It was definitely not a request, but a statement.

Slowly and deliberately, Tony placed his other hand on the dark locks falling across Ziva's beautiful face, enjoying the silkiness and smoothness of her wavy hair as he ran his fingers lovingly through her tresses.

Her eyelids begin to flutter closed as Tony's lips finally caressed her own.

The kissing grew stronger and deeper, until soon their passion took hold of them both, leading them to a place closer then heaven. They took their time exploring each other's bodies with their hands, fingers, lips, and everything else, both wanting to remember this moment for a very long time to come.


Ziva couldn't remember ever she had feeling this happy before and she wondered if Tony could really be the one for her. She stroked her hand lovingly through his messy hair, as his head rested upon her breast and shoulder.

Their first time was full of lust, passion, want, need, desire, and most of all, love.

Could it be that love which was making Ziva feel so happy ever since she had woken up, feeling the sun warming up her bedroom and her skin? Not once had she been able to stop smiling or even stop herself from feeling Tony all over as he slept.

It seemed like nothing could stop the feeling Ziva was feeling right now. Nobody would dare to step in to break them apart, to ruin this finally happy union.

Gibbs had even given them his permission, and Ziva had seen a rare smile, which looked more like a grimace from the lack of usage, tugging at his lips as he did so. He was happy for them and that was enough for her to be content with.

"What are you smiling about?" Tony's voice cut through Ziva's memory, forcing her back to the land of reality.

"What is so wrong about me smiling?" Ziva glanced down to find Tony watching her.

"Nothing's wrong. It's just that it has been a while since I've seen you smile so much," Tony said. "Tell me-"

Ziva cut him off suddenly by claiming his lips with her own, the urge to do so having become too much for her to handle. Placing one of her hands on his handsome face, while her other hand rested on his shoulder, she kissed him long and passionately.

"Because I love you, Agent DiNozzo," Ziva said with a smirk after she finally came up for air, her hand still resting on his cheek while the other is propped her head up for support. "Is that not something worth smiling about?"

"That's a first. Someone smiling because they love me." Tony shifted around onto his back. "Well, I guess that is something worth smiling about."

"You guess?" Ziva took the opportunity of Tony lying flat on his back to lay on top of him, covering his entire front with her body. "Now that is much better. Do you not agree?"

"I can live with it," Tony wound his hands around Ziva's waist as he smiled, then lifted one up and threaded it through her mane.

Just as they were about to lose themselves in each other, again, Ziva's cordless phone on the bedside table beside them decided to ring.

Ziva sat up to tell the caller to bugger off, and they both groaned at the loss of contact.

One of Tony's hands drew lazy circles on her hip, while the other was still lodged in her mane of dark wavy locks as Ziva reached for the phone.

His eyes were torn between watching her face or to gaze longingly at the view which she was carelessly showing off for him and for him alone. Many men would give many things to see what he had the chance to right now, and still more for the chance to sleep with Ziva David.

"Ziva speaking. How can I help you?" Ziva's free hand was toying with the strands of hair on Tony's muscular chest.

Ziva heard nothing but heavy breathing on the other end and then complete silence. She hoped that it was just some kid making a prank call and not something much worse. She was just about to place the phone back on its hook, when an electronic voice came over the line. It said three words, and three words only, but it was enough to startle her.

"He is mine. . ."

To be continued. . . . . .

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