"Grimmjow, get your ass downstairs! Now!"

Ichigo grumbled under his breath as he bounced his son restless son, Momigi, in his arms. The tiny child bore Jaggerjack's blue hair but had Ichigo's eyes. He suckled his tiny thumb while looking up his father curiously. Momigi had awoken the two men early in the morning with his almost painful wail. Ichigo had been up ever since.

After Ichigo gave birth to Momigi, the two of them had been living together in their small two floor house. Three bedroom, two and a half bath with a big kitchen. At first, they were living in Hueco Mundo but Ichigo didn't want Momigi to get attached so Grimmjow was forced to get them a place in the living world.

Upstairs, the Arrancar stretched out in the large king sized bed. He sniffed the air and caught whiff of breakfast coming from downstairs. His son happy giggling trailed up after it. Grimmjow sat up, scratched lazily at his thick happy trail and climbed out of bed, naked.

Ichigo was just finishing up the eggs while Momigi rode on his shoulders when Grimmjow finally came down. "'Bout damn time…"

Being the "woman" of the house, he seemed to be the only one that did anything: He made breakfast, washed the dishes and the clothes, took care of Momigi, etc., etc…

"Hey sweetie." Grimmjow whispered into Ichigo's ear. He gave his husband's earlobe a small nibble as he pressed his body against Ichigo's back. The Arrancar slid his hands over Ichigo's crotch gently.

Ichigo blushed feeling Grimmjow's erection slide against the small of his back. "Grimmjow! Can't you at least put some pants on?" He roared. With a deep scowl, Ichigo pulled Momigi into his arms and turned around slowly. "Take your son."

The erection fell limp as Grimmjow frowned and reluctantly took Momigi. "Aww, look what you did Ichi!" He whined, jabbing a finger at his limp cock.

"Oh suck it up you pervert. I have to finish making breakfast." Ichigo then turned back to the stove.

Grimmjow pouted and looked at Momigi. "Mommy made daddy sad, Migi…" He whispered.

The little boy giggled and wrapped his arms around Grimmjow's neck. Although he was only a year old, he was strong. Momigi began climbing onto his dad's broad shoulders as he went into to the fridge for a cold bottle of milk.

"Hey, quit wriggling around squirt." Grimmjow said with a grin. He thought the boy got his strength from him but Ichigo just thought he full of himself… which was probably right. He pulled Momigi from off his shoulders and balanced the boy on his hip.

Momigi tugged the bottle of milk from Grimmjow's hand and began to suckle. "Uh, Ichi?" Grimmjow asked.

"Yeah, what is it?" Ichigo replied as he piled the scrambled eggs onto a large plate.

"Can babies drink cold milk?"

"Yes but it upsets their stomachs so it's not exactly good for them… Don't tell me, you already…" Ichigo turned to Grimmjow slowly. "I've told you hundreds of times to-!"

"Hey, don't get mad at me!" Grimmjow retorted. "He snatched out of my hands!"

"Then you're cleaning up whatever comes out either end."

Grimmjow cringed. "Fuck no! It isn't even my fucking day!" He wasn't good when came to taking care of Momigi. He often had Ichigo do it. It seemed to be the only thing he was afraid of.

Ichigo groaned loudly. He couldn't take much more stress from the Arrancar. The fighting was getting worse and it was always about the pettiest things. "Look, just sit down before I punch you in the face."

With a shrug, Grimmjow sat at the round kitchen table. Momigi sat comfortably on his thigh and carefully put the near empty bottle on the table. Ichigo grabbed the two plates of food from the counter and placed breakfast in front of them.

The plates were piled high with food. There were three pancakes, five sausage links and a fresh batch of scrambled eggs. Grimmjow licked his lips. "Why Ichi! I didn't know you could cook." He said sarcastically.

Ichigo gave the Arrancar a drool expression. "We've been living together for six months Jaggerjack." He paused. "Momigi, don't play with that!"

Momigi lifted his head just as he grabbed a hold of Grimmjow's barbed cock. Grimmjow merely laughed. "He's just as curious as his mommy." He picked up his son and gingerly put him in the high chair. Then, he began to eat his breakfast.

Ichigo grumbled irritably and grabbed a small bowl of peaches for Momigi. The child kicked his little legs in excitement. Kurosaki smiled at Momigi warmly. He sat comfortably on the tabletop and began to coax his son to eat. Grimmjow watched as Ichigo fed their child but eyes wandered to the plump ass displayed nicely upon the table. The heated gaze continued to wander over Ichigo's body. Well, that is until their eyes met.

Grimmjow retreated innocently from his husband's heavy set glare. "What is it Ichi? You're staring at me."

"You were staring first baka…" Ichigo said quietly. A little distracted, he missed Momigi's mouth and the last of the peaches onto and into the child's little footsy. "Shit!" Ichigo grabbed a napkin from the center of the table and quickly cleaned off Momigi's face. "And I just cleaned this too…"

Grimmjow felt a pang of sympathy as he saw the disappointment on Ichigo's face. "Uh… Do you… want some h-help?" The words slipped out on a numb tongue.

Ichigo turned to Grimmjow with a shocked expression but he hesitantly nodded. "Yeah. Could you put away the rest of the food while I go ahead and give Momigi a bath."

"But Ichi, you didn't even touch your food." That was very true. The nicely prepared breakfast had gone untouched. "Why don't I just do it so you can eat?"

"I'll eat later so please put it in the microwave or something." Ichigo pulled Momigi from the high chair and began to undo his son's now dirty footsy. "Unless… you want to help me?" When he said this blood rushed up to his face and his eyes drooped seductively at Grimmjow's lap.

A grin spread across the Arrancar's face. "Mmm, horny so early in the morning? I like that." He got out of his seat and stalked over to Ichigo. Careful not to hurt Momigi, he grabbed his husband and pressed their bodies together. Ichigo bit his lip feeling Grimmjow's crotch against his own.

"Time to clean you up, Migi." Grimmjow whispered. He picked up Ichigo bridal style – despite protest – and made his way up to the bathroom.