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Back to the Present….

Ichigo sat in front Retsu with Momigi squirming in his lap while the six-month-old got his check up. They were in garden outside of the healer's bedroom, sitting on a cozy bench. The boy chattered away, babbling about nothing really. His blue hair had grown out nearly to his little shoulders. Ichigo had tried to cut it but his son refused profusely. "How's he looking Restu?" He had been a little concerned at Momigi growth in the past month or so and wanted to make sure it wasn't anything serious.

The woman smiled as she put away her stethoscope. "Momigi is doing just fine. He seems a bit more developed than most at this stage but you shouldn't be worried." She carefully picked up the boy and smoothed back his hair. "But the real question is: How are you doing Ichigo?" She sat next to the teen and put down the blue haired boy so he could go play. "You don't look well. Have you been getting enough rest? Is Grimmjow treating you properly? Or maybe…." She pondered, allowing the idea to stew for a moment. A soft smile appeared on her face seeing Ichigo's reaction; he stiffened up and knitted his fingers together. "Are you pregnant again, Ichigo?"

"I-I don't know what you're talking about." The Shinigami sputtered defensively. "It's nothing like that at all…" He did his best to hide his embarrassment. Was it really that obvious? "…. Just don't tell Rukia, okay? I don't want her telling everyone." Ichigo mumbled.

Retsu giggled and rubbed his back in a comforting manner. "My lips are sealed Kurosaki."

Grimmjow sprawled out on the large bed and stretched like a lazy cat. He had decided against waking up that morning because he knew Ichigo wouldn't be there. He felt his morning wood poke up into his stomach as he flipped over. "Shiiit…" He growled. Worse even was the teen's scent was everywhere. He contemplated whether to leave it until Ichigo got home so he could plow into him as soon as he walked in the door.

Grimmjow bit his lip at the very thought of it. They hadn't fucked in so long and it was making him antsy. And horny. "Fuck this." The Arrancar flopped over again and grabbed his stiff member. He began to pump at his cock with a tight fisted hand, trying to imitate the feeling of being inside his sometimes reluctant lover. He imagined Ichigo above him, rocking his hips slowly while riding his thick hard on. He imagined the teen's muffled moans as he tried to hold in his voice so that Momigi wouldn't hear them.

The Arrancar let out a low moan and a Cheshire grin broke the surface of his face. His hand kept going, faster and faster. His eyes rolled back in pure ecstasy as he imagined Ichigo climaxing and rubbing his still weeping erection against the older man's navel in the aftermath. Grimmjow came by his own hand with a grunt.

He sat up slowly and licked his fingers clean. The smell of semen was pungent, tickling his nose like a sneeze. Grimmjow made his way out of bed only to take a bath and get rid of the smell. Ichigo and Momigi came home soon after the Arrancar had slinked his way into the heated water.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Momigi called loudly from downstairs. The little boy had found his full voice only some weeks ago and all he ever did was yell for his parents or babble about his favorite animal: Emus. "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!"

As soon as Ichigo put him down, Momigi managed to run towards the stairs and crawl up to the bathroom. Grimmjow grinned when he saw his son open the door. "Made it back, heh? Where's mommy?" He asked after giving the boy a quick kiss on his forehead. Momigi pointed towards the door before trying to get out of his own clothes to join his dad in the bath.

Ichigo peeked into the bathroom, mostly to keep an eye on his son. Grimmjow caught the teen in his sight and sneered. "Welcome back, kitten."

Ichigo rolled his eyes and entered the bathroom, kneeling down next to Momigi to help get his shirt over his little head. "Don't call me that…" The teen had to grab the little boy again to pull off his diaper before letting him get in the water. "Could you grab him?" He asked half-heartedly. He moved about the bathroom, distracting himself from what was tickling the back of his mind.

Grimmjow watched his lover for a moment. His blue eyes tracked each little movement, almost like a predator assessing its prey. "Get over here." The Arrancar reached across the small bathroom to grab Ichigo by a single belt loop.

"Hey! Let me go!" The teen struggled to get away. Anything like this always leads to either sex or… sex.

"Quit struggling. I'm trying to be nice to you." Grimmjow grabbed Momigi with his free hand and plopped him down in his lap. He kept a good grip on Ichigo until he was at the edge of the tub and sitting. "Now, tell me what's wrong. I can't have you moping around when I'm feeling fucking horny so spit it out." His gaze wandered from Ichigo's annoyed expression down to the ass seated right in front of him.

Kurosaki shoved the older man farther away. "Don't." He groaned. It was true that he had wanted to talk. Not really with Grimmjow but it was a start. A small wet hand tugged at the edge of the teen's shirt. He looked down at his son who tugged again at his shirt. "What is it, Momigi?"

"In!" Momigi splashed in the water repeatedly, getting both men wet.

"Yeah, get in here, kitten! Not afraid to get 'wet', are you?" Grimmjow purred, grinning as the words rolled off his tongue. "I'll even help."

Before Ichigo could react, he felt the older man tower over him and wrap his strong arms around his waist. "Not in front of-"The teen was cut off by the gasp that rose to greet him. The Arrancar's wet hand had slid down the back of his pants to cup his ass firmly. His chest was pressed firmly against Kurosaki's back so Momigi wouldn't be able to see.

"Cover your eyes, Migi. Daddy needs to help Mommy with grown-up things…" Grimmjow said while rubbing his other hand over Ichigo's now splayed thighs. "Will you do that for Daddy?"

"Otay!" The little boy, already knowing what to do, closed his eyes and covered them with his hands like a good boy. He even began to hum to himself so he wouldn't be able to hear them.

"What are you doing?!" Ichigo hissed, trying to suppress his moans as the other man's hand continued to rub his inner thigh slowly, grope his ass firmly. He had grown so conditioned to the Arrancar's touch that his legs were shaking with anticipation despite the situation. "I told you, not in front of Momigi!"

"I'm not gonna do anything, kitten. Not unless you want me to anyway…. Now, tell me what's going on." Grimmjow kissed the nape of the other's neck, slowly moving to his shoulder. The dexterous fingers continued to tickle at the teen's inner thigh until there was a small bulge straining against his fly.

The feeling between his legs made Ichigo want to cry out. "I-I'm worried about… the baby…"His body shivered with each stroke to his thigh. The word 'baby' always made him a little touchy. He still didn't like the idea of sleeping with the man who was practically molesting him or the fact that he could have children with him. Shit, it was hard enough just to have the one!

"Oh? And what's got you so… tense?" The hand that was on the teen's ass slid up his other waiting thigh, still under his pants. It was enough to force a moan out the Shinigami, who arched his back into Grimmjow's firm chest. "C'mon. You can tell daddy what's wrong."

Ichigo clapped his hand over his mouth to hold back his voice further. "Wh-What if it doesn't go as smoothly as last time? What if…What if something happens?"

The Arrancar stiffened at the question. His brain was quick to register the change in Ichigo as the teen gave into his true feelings. Slowly, the hands that caressed the clothed thighs pulled back. "Don't think like that, idiot." Jaggerjack growled. He had known a long time ago that he had no choice but to keep Ichigo out of danger. It had become pure instinct. "It'll be fine, just like the first fucking time. Unless, you've got something that you ain't telling me about…"

Kurosaki rolled his eyes and quickly took advantage of the situation, slinking over to the sink so he could keep his distance. "No, you idiot."

"Have it your way then. But, since you're not telling me shit, you owe me a decent fuck." Grimmjow reached over Momigi's head and covered his eyes. "Now, where's my hug, huh?" He enveloped his son in his arms, smiling at the sound of an excited squeal.

Ichigo slipped out of the bathroom while the two of them played and snuck into the bedroom. That idiot had got him riled up and it was clearly evident. The teen flopped down on the bed, his hands reaching for the zipper of his pants. He felt shameful; it wasn't something he did very often by himself, not nowadays anyway. As soon as his hand was clasped around his still rising erection, he gasped into the comforter. He did his best to try to and get rid of it as fast as he could, but he hadn't felt this good in a while. Over the past few months, he had been doing his best to keep his distance from Grimmjow, or at least deter him in anyway. But now, he was at a loss for words as he rubbed the tip of his weeping member onto the bed.

Ichigo bit into the comforter to keep his voice down; he didn't want that horny cat pouncing on him from behind (something the idiot had tried before while he slept). His hand stroked up and down his shaft slowly. His moans were barely muffled by the blanket in his mouth. His head felt light and his knees were shaking, barely able to support his lewd body.

In the back of his mind, the Shinigami could hear Grimmjow's voice. It was almost as if that idiot was in the room with him. "Tell me how you like it, kitten." Ichigo bit his lip, rolling over onto his back. "Do you want me to fill you up?" The voice was as rude as the real thing.

'If you don't answer it, it'll probably go away…' The teen thought to himself. Even so, his other hand began to travel further south…

It was already past ten when there was a knock on the door. Ichigo was in the kitchen washing dishes while Grimmjow sat on the floor and watched T.V. Momigi was in bed upstairs, asleep of course. "Grimmjow! Get the door!" His voice was loud enough to travel through the small home.

The Arrancar groaned and growled as he got up from his comfy spot. He stomped over to the door, yanking it open fiercely. "The fuck do you want?"

Rukia shoved her way past Grimmjow and headed straight for the kitchen. She wasn't afraid of Ichigo's "boyfriend" anymore, not after she had seen how he was with Momigi. As she found Ichigo in the kitchen, Rukia snatched him away from what he was doing and dragged him upstairs by the arm.

Grimmjow didn't even bother; he was too pissed to even care. He slammed the door shut and sat back down to finish watching T.V. "Fucking crazy ass bitch…"

Ichigo had barely realized what was happening until he was in the bedroom. "Rukia, what the hell is this?!" The teen couldn't shout like he wanted to, not after what it took to get Momigi to sleep. "What do you want? Why are you here?"

She let him go and forced him to sit on the bed. "Why didn't you tell you were pregnant again?"

He stiffened up at the question. "D-Did Retsu tell you?" Ichigo had wondered if the woman had told the others about it before as well but he had never wanted to confront her about it.

"No, but thank you for letting me know." Rukia sat down beside him in her sundress. "Now, let's talk about your dysfunctional relationship."

He rolled his eyes at the mere mention of a relationship between him and that animal. "What is it now?"

"Why do you seem to be constantly in denial about your relationship? It's obvious you have feelings for that idiot. Or are you really just put up an act for your adorable son? Or are you just stupid?" Rukia spoke with a placid expression plastered on her face. She was completely serious. It was something she had wanted to ask after Ichigo had had Momigi months ago but never really got around to it.

"I'm not stupid!" Ichigo retorted, trying to shake off the other questions as if he had never heard them. He had never wanted to think about it and he certainly didn't want the questions shoved in his face. "And I don't fucking like him…" The lie slipped out but it felt almost forced. "H-He doesn't mean anything to me."

Rukia smirked at the teen's horrible display. "Get over yourself, Ichigo. If you didn't like him, then you would have left as soon as you found out you pregnant. You wouldn't have stayed. Not even for Momigi's sake." She pointed her finger in Ichigo's face with a wicked smile. "Now, fess up or I'll tell Grimmjow that you touch yourself when he's not home."

The teen's cheeks grew warm as his face became flushed with color. "I-I do not!"

"Hey!" There was a loud banging on the bedroom door. It was Grimmjow. "If you're going to keep fucking yelling, then go outside! You'll wake up Migi."

Rukia quickly stood up and rushed towards the door. Ichigo already knew what was going to happen; he moved forward to try and catch her before she opened the door. But, by the time he had gotten to her, she had already opened the door.

The Shinigami squared up with Grimmjow, her eyes stern and calm as usual. "Get in here and fuck your boyfriend." She then shoved past the Arrancar. Ichigo caught the hint of a devious smile on her face as she left the room.

"Dammit Rukia…" Ichigo hissed under his breath. He knew he couldn't get out of this, not without a fight. If he was lucky, he would be able to get away with just a blowjob. He knew that if that man so much as touched him he would lose his composure. He'd have to admit to what he had been denying since he had first come in contact with Grimmjow: That he enjoyed it

Grimmjow stood in the doorway, watching the girl as she left. "So…" The older man finally stepped into the room and walked right up to the teen. He gripped the doorknob a little before letting it go. "You touch yourself when I'm not home? Or do ya do it when I'm still here too?"

Ichigo scowled and glared up at Jaggerjack, though it was a bit half-hearted. "Shut up…And why the fuck-!" He was cut off by a swift kiss. It was like a switch had flipped; his entire body reacted immediately. It had been a month or so since either of them had touched each other intimately, if at all. There was no way he could escape this now. Ichigo's knees grew weak, but Grimmjow was quick to hold him up with hands that groped viciously and tore at the other's clothes.

Kurosaki found himself naked and on the bed soon after. He was in a sort of daze when he watched Grimmjow as he stripped out of his clothes. "It's been a while since I've seen ya like this, kitten." A grin spread across his face. "Now, I'm gonna fuck you til you pass out. Just like when we first met, remember?"

"You better fucking not." Ichigo growled. He didn't like thinking back to that day. But, if it hadn't happened at all, where would either of them be right now? Certainly not here. Grimmjow didn't give him enough time to even dwell on it; the Arrancar had his hands sliding up Ichigo's thighs gingerly. To Ichigo, it felt like a feather was being dragged up his skin. It left the teen with goose-bumps all over and moans passing past his lips.

"Do you like when I touch you here, kitten?" Grimmjow purred while his hands reached the apex of the boy's thighs and pressed his thumbs into the Shinigami's balls a bit harshly. The sounds pulled from Ichigo were almost too much for the other to handle. "And how about here?" Those hands moved once more to wrap around Ichigo's straining member.

"D-Don't…!" The teen involuntarily bucked his hips upward. He had been aching for this man to touch him but, time and time again, he had denied both their urges. Ichigo knew he would have to fess up to his frivolous emotions eventually. He bit his lip as he gathered himself enough to speak. He sat up and reached to bring Grimmjow's face up to his. Then he said something that left the older man flustered. "I-I love you…"

Grimmjow stared at Ichigo for a good, long while. His cheeks turned almost red and his mouth repeatedly opened and closed, as if he wanted to say something. "Fuck…" He sat down, scratching his cheek nervously. It wasn't really an emotion he liked to talk about unless it was Momigi. But Ichigo? Did he honestly feel that way? This was obviously way too much fucking thinking. "God fucking damn it…" Grimmjow ravished Ichigo with his kiss, holding the other's head in his hands. "Why did you have to say that?" He only pulled away for a moment and traced his tongue eagerly over the roof of Ichigo's mouth. "Now I just want to fuck you even more."

Grimmjow was quick to pounce. He ground their hips together and felt Kurosaki shiver underneath him as the barbs of his cock poked at the other's. "Do you really mean it, Kitten?" The Arrancar moved down to the teen's throat, biting the exposed flesh so he could leave hickeys all over.

"Mmm! Y-You idiot! I wouldn't say it if I didn't m-mean-" He was cut off by a great moan that rose up from his chest as Grimmjow pressed his fingers deep inside. It was almost animalistic and it was enough to drive Ichigo mad. "Just fuck me, okay?!"

"Whatever you say… Ichigo." Grimmjow spoke while he pulled up to look down upon his lover. He rarely called Ichigo by his first name, ever. "Whatever you say…" He squared his hips up to Ichigo's and pressed the head of his dripping cock forward into the teen's twitching entrance. He was a little surprised with how easily it slid inside but he loved listening to Ichigo moan. "So you do play wit yourself."

"It's your fault. Now shut up and move." Kurosaki knew he was blushing but, at this point, he didn't care. He just wanted to feel good. Now.

Grimmjow chuckled at the teen's impatience. "Yeah, yeah…" The Arrancar sneered as he snapped his hips forward, rewarding himself with Ichigo's cry. "But I'm not gonna hold back." He grabbed a hold of the other's long limbs and placed them on his shoulders. He leaned forward and started up a steady rhythm.

Ichigo couldn't hold back his voice as the barbed member slid in and out, leaving him writhing, gripping the sheets to keep himself sane. "Fuccckk…!" He bucked his hips to meet Grimmjow's thrusts and watched the stars flash across his vision.

"Easy kitten." Grimmjow purred. He leaned over and kissed Ichigo, splayed thighs slipping from off his shoulder. His thrusts became slow and drawn out. It was more than enough to make the teen sigh at the never-ending pleasure that seemed to climb up his spine like a chill. "Don't want to wake Momigi, do ya?" The Arrancar chuckled at first but he soon felt Kurosaki tighten around him, enough to make him wince.

Ichigo covered his mouth instinctively, yet, a single moan rose out of him like a departing soul. His entire body had stiffened at the remark and it left him feeling every inch of Grimmjow throbbing member that continued to move. He hadn't even thought of it until the idiot had mentioned it. What if Momigi could hear them? The teen let out another strangled moan as his lover took hold of his shaft. "N-Not there…"

"What was that kitten?" A smooth voice in Kurosaki's ear questioned. Grimmjow grinned when he heard another whimper as he began to stroke at the cute little thing between his fingers. "You want me to fuck you harder?"

"Please don-!" It was already too late. Ichigo had lost the good fight. He was nothing but putty in this man's hands. And Grimmjow was more than happy to have a little fun…

Ichigo woke up under the sheets feeling gross and sweaty. How long had been there? He had passed out after the second round… He sneezed loudly and groaned in the small aftermath. "Great… Just great."

"Mommy, mommy!" Momigi's voice made the teen sit up even though it ached, pulling at every muscle. Ichigo watched his son open the door clumsily. The boy was quick to climb up on the bed and sit in Kurosaki's lap.

"What is it, Migi?" Ichigo asked quietly. There was strange scratchy feeling in the back of his throat that made it hard to talk. He'd have to get a mask so he wouldn't get Momigi sick.

The little boy pointed towards the door, pushing his hair out of the way just slightly. Standing in the doorway was a shirtless Grimmjow with a bowl in one hand and a bottle of pills in the other. "Ya hungry?" The older man smiled and put the items down on the nightstand. Ichigo was dumbfounded by the sight of the delicious looking soup.

"Did you… make this?" The Shinigami wanted to try it for himself. It smelled like chicken and celery but he could also see the carrots and potato chunks floating around in the broth.

"I got the canned stuff from the pantry. And you better eat it too; Momigi helped to make it special." Grimmjow said as he grabbed his son by the seat of his pants and put him on his shoulders. He then handed over the pills. They were typical cold pills, nothing you couldn't get from a regular store. "And take those too. I'm gonna need you healthy so you don't have to put up with my shitty cooking skills."

Ichigo glared at the older man when heard the cuss word. Momigi was quick to pick up on words and it was bad enough that he was already cursing like a sailor if he didn't get what he wanted. "You better not fill his head with nonsense while I'm sick…"

Grimmjow snorted. "Can't make ya any promises kitten." He leaned down and kissed Ichigo briefly before stepping back. "Now eat your soup before it gets cold. I don't want to have to put it in the microwave."

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