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"Man, you're sure no one lives here?" Sounded a very worried and prepubescent voice that seemed to originate from a shadowy thicket of woods.

"Come on, you know no one's lived up here since the 50's. We just need like two more shots with an unoccupied house and we'll finish the assignment!" A much more mature sounding and looking boy tripped out of the woods with a camera tripod leaned against his shoulder. The weaker child came stumbling out behind him holding a video camera in his hand, the red recording light shining bright in the twilight.

Panning to his best friend beside him, he zoomed in on the large formation of zits on the northern side of the boy's face. The boy was thankful that his underdevelopment granted him clear skin, but he did wish the more desirable aspects of puberty would come along.

"Can you get that out of my face man? We really have to stop fooling around. We only have, like, twenty minutes of light left then we need to get back."

The larger boy swiped his hand at the camera, causing the weaker boy to spin and accidentally hit the zoom. The camera's view captured a large tree on the side of the property. Zooming up to14x he could see something swinging. He figured it might be some sort of game meat that someone strung up – he wouldn't put it past the folks in their area to do something like that. However, something about that meat seemed different: it didn't have fur and the flesh underneath wasn't pink. It looked burned. Bringing his camera clad hand down he squinted to see further into the tree. In the background his friend was babbling about camera shots. As he walked farther away from the source of the babbling, all he could focus on was the ominous creaking of the rope holding the unusually blackened meat.

The larger boy suddenly noticed he was standing alone and turned to find his camera man completely ignoring him, staring at a tree.

"Hey nerd!"

Upon receiving no reply, he moved towards the smaller boy.

"Hey!" He called out.

Then his ears were assaulted by a blood-curdling scream.

Temperance Brennan slammed the passenger door shut in tired frustration. As she crawled into bed the previous night, she didn't envision being awoken at two in the morning with news of a new case. Her partner, Seeley Booth, had been trying to make her laugh during the ride down, but it hadn't worked. She wondered if any of the jokes he tried on her actually made others laugh. Redirecting her thoughts, she focused on the scene before her. She saw Cam and a few crime scene techs, but no remains. She also noted Sweets speaking with two teenage boys whom she presumed had found the bodies.

"Why is Sweets here?" Booth questioned, his tone suggesting he didn't have the patience to endure a psychologist's presence at the moment.

"It's about how the bodies where found." Cam replied.

"But the bodies were found in a – wait, did you say bodies?"

"Yes. Two high school students discovered the remains of several corpses in advanced stages of decomposition in a tree." As Booth came to terms with the amount of work ahead of him and his partner, Brennan joined her team.

"Cam, am I needed here?"

"Two sets of remains are almost completely skeletal. I figured you'd like to take a look at them before I sent them to the Jeffersonian." Cam said as she carefully adjusted the body of a barely decomposed victim, most likely the most recent woman to go missing.

"Actually Cam, I think I'll wait until the remains are at the lab. I really wish you simply would have told Booth the conditions of the victims before we came all this way."

Cam shrugged. "Sorry, you usually like to examine the remains in their…natural habitat."

Brennan nodded in understanding. "Though I am accustomed to sleep deprivation, if it isn't necessary, I'd prefer to avoid it. My assessments can wait." She turned to Booth, "Okay, take me home now."

"Bones, we just got here. Don't you at least want to look at the bodies?"

"No. I work best once I've gotten enough sleep, which I haven't yet." She raised her eyebrows as she turned on her heel, "Let's go." She yelled over her shoulder while making her way to the car they had so recently vacated.

"Geez Bones." Booth groaned, slowly trailing after her.

Digging in her seemingly bottomless bag, Temperance searched for her cell phone. Pushing her arm in a little bit deeper she finally found it and punched in a number from her speed dial.

"Wendell, take x-rays of the victims teeth. Once Cam gets DNA, run it through the databases. And don't let Angela touch the skull until I get the chance to examine it."

"Yes, Dr. Brennan." Wendell replied.

"I'm going to get some more sleep, but I'll be in soon."

She hung up leaving him awkwardly left with a dial tone. "Okay, see you later, Dr. Brennan."

Head in hand; elbow on table, Wendell's position gave something away. He was very bored. The DNA samples for the first victim where still being run and he had finished x-raying all of the victims' teeth. Finally one of the databases registered a hit.

"Holy...Hodgins! Hodgins, you're not gonna believe this!"

Booth and Brennan entered the Jeffersonian, hopeful that the DNA match would simplify the case. As they walked into Angela's office, they saw the "squints" standing around the computer screen.

"That the victim?" Booth asked, tilting his head slightly towards the screen from his place in the doorway.

"Woah! Way to sneak up on us. But yeah, it is." Angela smiled awkwardly and Booth sensed that the team was hiding something.

"So, what can you tell me?"

"Well. We got a match - "

"I can see that." Booth scoffed.

"Her name is Keira."

"And…" Dragging out the climatic find of the first victim's identity wasn't really going to make the case go by any faster.

Unlike her usual demeanor Angela struggled with her choice of words. "Well, Booth, you…uh, you have the same last name."