AN: Sorry had to changed everything, and thank you Ulyferal for the help with this story I couldn't done it without you, thank you.


It was night time in Megakat City and in the shadows a female kat in her early twenties was clutching a kitten tightly in her arms. Bleeding from a serious injury to the chest, she was having a tough time breathing. She paused in a dark alley to try and catch her breath.

'I have to get my kitten...ugh,' she spatted out blood which interrupted her train of thought for a moment then worry and fear pushed her to begin moving again, 'I don't have much time left,' she muttered breathlessly to her kitten who slept undisturbed in her arms.

Three hours prior...

"Wake up," a cloaked figured growled in her ear suddenly.

Waking groggily, the exhausted she kat snarled, "keep your tail on, Dark Krud." She struggled to her feet and stood glaring at the huge tom. "What the heck do you want with me at this late hour," she demanded, realizing it was after eleven pm.

He ignored her question. "Now that you're up, I came to tell you I have no need for your services any longer," he rumbled coldly.

"Finally...wait...what's the catch," she asked suspiciously then looked around herself hurriedly. "Where's my kitten?" She demanded, fear and anger in her voice.

"It's staying with me."

"NO! You can't do that...I...I won't let you!" She screamed, terror clutching at her heart.

Dark Kat just stared at her coldly. "I'm giving you your freedom! Why would you want to be saddled with that thing? Either you leave your kitten or I kill you and the kitten is left without you anyway. I don't want you softening my future minion, so choose...stay and die or leave here alone!" He said flatly.

She stared into his cold, implacable face and shuddered. It was a terrible choice. 'I have to do something. I can't just leave my kitten in that creature's care,' she thought, frantically trying to come up with a plan. Suddenly, she remembered something, it was risky but it might be her only chance.

Swallowing nervously, she pretended defeat as she asked, "alright, you win but could I have just one more night with my kitten before I go?" She kept her head bowed and prayed.

Dark Kat stared at her thoughtfully, but didn't fear this female could do anything about what he planned, so what was one night lost anyway? "Agreed. Don't think to trick me though," he warned coldly then handed over the bundle he had been hiding behind his back like a sack of potatoes, shoving it into her arms and giving her one last hard look.

She nodded her understanding, not daring to say anything more. Satisfied, Dark Kat turned and left the room, closing the door behind him. Hugging her kitten close, she retreated back to her filthy bed and carefully checked her it over. It was unharmed and sleeping. Relieved, she made for the door of her room, pulled it open slowly and looked out, no one was around. Dark Kat had disappeared somewhere within his hideout.

Taking a deep breath for courage, she slipped out of the room and made her way carefully through his hideout, avoiding the creeplings and ninjas, until she reached the outside. Looking around, she murmured to herself, 'alright, here goes nothing,' then began running, never looking back.

Some two hours later...

Running halfway across town, staying to all the shadowed ways to avoid being seen had exhausted her, but she had succeeded in reaching within a mile of Enforcer Headquarters.

'Almost there,' she thought, relieved to be reaching safety, but was unaware that she had not escaped unnoticed as she'd hoped.

"Stop or I will kill you!" A voice warned from not too far away.

Shocked and frightened, she turned her head to see one of Dark Kat's minions had followed her and was aiming a gun from the end of the alley behind her.

'No! I'm so close...mustn't let them get me,' was her only thought as she ignored his command and fled out of the alley as fast as she could.

Five shots fired from a silencer, with only the sharp 'phut' to indicate anything had happened raced toward her. Three bullets struck the alley walls but two managed to strike her dead on.

"Ahhh..." she screamed, stumbling but managing to keep her feet, turning the corner onto a well lighted street and just ahead was a welcome enforcer cruiser had parked and the pair of officers were getting some coffee at an all night stand. Her shooter stopped at the alley mouth and hissed angrily at the sight of the enforcers, then turned to run back down the alley before he was seen.

Present moment...

"Bill!" Sgt Taskar shouted to his partner who had his back to him, "call a bus..." He dropped his coffee and ran down the sidewalk.

His partner turned to ask, "what for...holy Kats! This is enforcer unit ten, need a bus at Fourth and Lexor stat!" He shouted into his radio as he too ran down the sidewalk.

Sgt Taskar was just reaching the female he'd seen staggering down the sidewalk, blood dripping from her chest and over the bundle she clutched tightly in her arms. Her legs collapsed under her just as he got close. He leaped to keep her from hitting the hard cement sidewalk.

Holding her gingerly in his arms, Sgt Taskar tried to stop the bleeding with a handkerchief from his pocket while trying to offer the victim comfort. "Easy...just try to breathe slowly and hold ambulance is on its way...try not to die, your kitten needs you."

She gave him a sad smile then winced in pain as she raised her kitten up to the officer. "Doesn't matter about me...cough...take care of my the letter in its blanket," she managed to gasp out.

The officer's face was grim as he asked gently, "who did this to you?"

Blood spilled from her lips as she choked out, "Dark...Kat…" Her breath went out in a sigh and she went still.

His partner was at his side looking down anxiously and watching for the ambulance. "Is she okay?"

Sgt Taskar looked up, a sad expression on his face, "she's gone." He gently laid her body on the sidewalk then took the crying kitten into his arms.

"Shhh, easy little one, we'll take care of you."

Less than twenty minutes later...

"This is Kats Eye News with a shocking report. Earlier this evening, an unknown female was fatally shot. She died in the arms of the enforcer patrol that had found her and her one month old kitten, held tightly in her paws..." Ann Gora was saying in her mike as she stood a short distance from the scene.

Behind her, Commander Feral was getting a report from his officers on what had happened. He'd been sound asleep when he got the call about the homicide. Normally, his night shift would handle this but he'd been told Dark Kat was involved. That had gotten his attention and him out of bed at nearly two in the morning.

The kitten was mercifully quiet and sleeping once more in Sgt Taskar's arms while he and his partner made their report. His eyes strayed to where the body of the female was being zipped into a coroners bag.

"So this female had no ID, was shot twice in the body, and left a note with her kitten before she died...have I got this right, sergeant?" Feral asked, his notebook out as he checked what he'd written down.

"Yes sir. Here's the letter she left and her last words were 'Dark Kat' when I asked her who shot her," Sgt Taskar said grimly, handing the note over to his superior.

His face grim, Feral took the note and quietly read it. Folding it up again he sighed and stared unhappily down at the kitten. He hated complications and this kitten was a big one. Apparently, the dead mother and her kitten meant something to Dark Kat and he would have to find a way to prevent that creep from finishing what he started with this little one. But where could he hide it where no one would find it.

"Kitten Protective Services would have been the right place but under these circumstances...," he mused aloud.

"He'd look there first," the sergeant agreed grimly.

Feral glanced at the officer speculatively but the sergeant raised his paws.

"Uh uh...sorry sir but I have two kittens of my own!" He objected quickly.

His Commander sighed again, thinking furiously on where was safe enough for this kitten then came up with the most unlikely of places and an even more unlikely pair of toms but it could work, despite how much he disliked the idea.

"Alright, I'll take it from here. Say nothing to no one about the kitten and I'll find a safe hideout for it, " he said gruffly to the two officers. They nodded gravely back and watched the powerful tom gingerly take the tiny bundle into his massive arms.

"Go back to your patrol," he ordered. They hurriedly took off avoiding the news crews that tried to stop them.

The ambulance, fire department and coroner's van had all departed. As Feral headed for his own cruiser, he was halted by Ann Gora and her camerakat.

"Commander Feral! Can you tell our audience what happened here tonight and what will become of the orphaned kitten?" She demanded, holding the mic to his face.

Scowling and making sure the kitten's face stayed hidden, he barked, two words he was famous for, "no comment!" Sighing in annoyance, Ann backed off knowing full well the Commander would not be saying anything more.

Feral climbed into his enforcer cruiser holding the kitten carefully against his chest. He wished he had a carseat as he would have to hold the kitten and drive, not a good thing but it couldn't be helped. Closing the door on the nosy press, he started the engine and drove off.

Megakat Salvage Yard...

Chance Furlong was sound asleep and his partner, Jake had only just gone to bed after doing some late night work on his weapon's designs, a couple of hours ago.

Their sleep was rudely interrupted by a loud horn honking in the yard. Chance jarred awake, nearly falling out of bed as he tried to gather his wits. The horn continued to blare. "What the heck! Who the hell would be here at this hour?" He growled aloud, grabbing his alarm clock and noting it was just after three am in the morning.

He stumbled to his feet and dragged on his clothes. As he dashed out of his room, his partner was already halfway to the stairs that lead down to the garage. He pounded after him so that both of them arrived pretty much at the same time at the ground floor.

Jake quickly disengaged the security system and unlocked the door, flipping on the outside light.
He stepped outside with Chance on his heels, both staring in consternation at the sight of Feral standing next to his rig, holding something in one arm against his chest.
Eyeing him with anger and suspicion, Chance stepped forward, arms crossed over his chest belligerently. "What the heck are you doing here at this time of night, Commander?"

"Yeah! To what do we owe this unexpected visit," Jake growled.

What Feral said next shocked the two of them, leaving their mouths gaping. "I need," the big tom said unhappily, still thinking this wasn't a really good idea.

Jake was the first to break the sudden silence. "Crud! Why the heck would you want our help?"

"Because I have an offer you can't refuse. I'll drop a quarter of the debt you owe me if you'll do this favor for me," Feral said grimly.

"And just what do we have to do to earn this special deal?" Chance asked suspiciously.

"All you have to do is take care of something very precious," Feral said moving from around his vehicle and deposited the small bundle into the surprised tabby's paws.

Chance looked down into the warm pawful and stared in shock at a tiny face. His head jerked up and stared at Feral in questioningly shock.

"You're kidding?" He blurted.

"I wish I was. This little ones mother was murdered on the street by Dark Kat. I don't know yet why he did it. All I do know is he will be looking for this kitten and there is no where I can leave it that it wouldn't be discovered. Believe me, if there was I certainly wouldn't be entrusting such a precious cargo to you. However, I really don't have a choice," Feral explained. It's either you or the orphanage where it will endanger the other kittens just by being there."

The two toms could only stare at him then back at the kitten then at each other.

"Uh...what do you think Jake. I mean we're not the parenting type but we can't let something happen to it either," Chance said, feeling really out of his depth here.

Jake grimaced then sighed. "No, we can't abandon it." He looked up into Feral's concerned face and for the first time realized this was very hard for the Commander as well. "Okay, Commander we'll do it but keep your offer we don't want to be beholden to you for doing what's right.."

Feral sighed and nodded. He pulled an envelope from his coat and handed it over. This was left by the mother.

Jake took it and read, "so his name is Grey Pawson."

"By the way, you need to officially adopt him so that no one suspects anything," Feral added.

Chance rolled his eyes, "oh now wait a minute..." he objected.

Feral shook his head and said firmly, "take or leave it!"

"Uh, this implies we are taking this little guy as ours for good and I'm not so sure that's in his best interest, Commander," Jake chimed in.

"I don't care. For right now, to keep him alive, this is what we have to do. Adoption will keep anyone from guessing where he came from. No one knows about where he is but me. Dark Kat will be a threat for his whole life. Give me another option and I'll take it!" Feral said sincerely.

"Uh..." Chance looked at his partner, helplessly.

Jake's shoulder's slumped in defeat. He hated being back into a corner but it seemed Feral was right, this kitten's life was in their paws no matter how much it complicated their lives from now on.

"Okay, you win Commander."

"Trust me! I don't feel like I've won anything. I still have to figure out why a she-kat is dead and how Dark Kat figures into it," Feral said sourly. He turned away and went back to his vehicle, climbing in then starting the engine. Giving the pair one final look through his window, he left the yard.

Watching the cruiser leave, the two stood there in disbelief for some minutes before finally walking back into the garage.

When Jake had locked up and reset the alarm, they stood and stared at the bundle in Chance's arms.

The kitten was a gray-white color with red stripes on its tiny arms and a thatch of red hair on its head.

"Looks like we're parents, buddy," Chance said quietly, unsure what to do now.

"Yeah, looks like it. Hello...son," Jake said, still shaken by this turn of events.

Little Grey Pawson had found his way into the hearts and lives of two of the most important toms of the city. It's new life would be very interesting from now on