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The brake lines on her car were severed. Her brakes wouldn't work; no matter how hard he foot pressed the brake peddle down. She knew what this meant and was overcome, not by fear for herself, but fear for another soul, a soul much dearer to her than her own. What would happen to her little girl sitting in the back seat of the beat up Ford Focus, obliviously reading her Harry Potter book with so much interest that the woman wasn't surprised her daughter hadn't seen the buck that had leaped out in front of the car? The same buck that they were zooming straight towards on a sharp bend over a plummeting cliff, which dropped over two hundred feet while speeding at 40 miles per hour. The same buck that she had to either, chance their lives against and hit the poor thing or swerve and possibly topple off the edge of the cliff. Either way was extremely dangerous and probably fatal but she had to decide. There was no stopping the car. The inevitability of this was that they were going to hit something, whether it's the buck or the guard rail. Why not try to save at least one life?

She had split seconds to decide, choosing haphazardly and foolishly to swerve away from the dangerous animal. The little girl, who was secured in her 12-year mandatory car seat, was jolted to the side, simultaneously knocking the book from her feeble hands and looking up in fear, shock and confusion as she clutched, desperately at her seat with dire need.

What was happening? The little girl thought, Mommy? Mommy?

The woman's heart broke to see such fear in her eleven year old baby's eyes but there was nothing she could do. It was all happening too fast. The car smashed into the guardrail, crippling the front bumper before the back of the car was flip skyward, rolling them over the rail and plummeting over the cliff edge. They were falling, hard and fast and surely, to their deaths. The little girl was shouting, screaming now for her mommy and all the woman wished, craved she could do was unbuckle her seat belt and crawl into the back-seat and hold her baby girl one last time before they hit the ground but she was frozen in diabolical abhorrence. The woman couldn't move, holding the sides of her seat in anticipation of impact, nor could she tear away her eyes from the violet orbs locked with hers, sealed with terror in the rear view mirror.

As she looked into her daughter's eyes, she could help wondering when she'd hold her again; when she'd be able to kiss her with all her might; when she could see the exhilarating excited glint in her eyes whenever she came home from school with new stories of her adventures. But then...she never would. She'd never be able to do any of that stuff again and it's all her fault. She's taken both hers and her daughter's life away and that was unforgivable. Horrific. Her little girl won't be able to go to school or see her friends again. She won't be able to hug her daddy again. Her daddy won't be able to tuck her in at night because he loves watching when pure contentment and peace graces her face as she fall into unconsciousness.

The little girl's trembles could be seen clear as day by the woman. There was nothing she could do. Their fall seemed to take eternity, eternally sealing them in terror, fear and the nagging regret to have just hit the stupid buck. Perhaps then, hers and her daughter's chances of living might have been 40%, instead of a measly 10%. The woman had no choice at all but to watch as the last distances between the car and their doomed stop diminished before her eyes as the car crunched against the hard ground. The woman's head snapped forwards, colliding with the steering wheel as her daughter's screams echoed around in her head.

The lone thought that soared through her mind was, Erik, forgive me!

Some time later…

Her head hurt. Her mind was blank. She couldn't remember.

She and her mommy were driving back from having a nice picnic in the mountain range and she had taken her Harry Potter book for the trip there and back. She wouldn't read it when they got there because that was hers and her mommy's time together and she loved her dearly. She'd give up anything to spend time with her mommy. Why does her head hurt so much? She thought. Where's mommy? Where am I?

She tried to remember but it hurt too much. The pain in her head was annoying but not as much as the beeping she could hear in the distance. And what was that whooshing sound? She couldn't figure it out. She tried to move, well, anything but her mind wouldn't cooperate with her limbs. Why couldn't she move? What was going on? Her mind was becoming stressed and she was scared, immensely. The beeping sound in the distance sounded in time with her heart, which she found peculiar but she ignored it and concentrated on trying to move. She wanted so desperately to move; to know what was going on. Why wouldn't anyone tell her? Where was everyone?

That's when a voice infiltrated her mind. It was like an angel's voice- so soft and filled with so much compassion, even mixed with anxiety and fear for some reason, that it calmed her down some. "Nurse Petunia. Put the Crash Team on standby."

Crash team? What was that? What were they crashing into? That seemed like a weird thing to say. Crash. For some reason, that scared the little girl; terrified her. The beeping in the distance became even more frantic and then the voice, so much gruffer than the first, spoke out with anxiety and worry. "What's happening, Doctor?"

"I need you to leave the room, Mr. Meggan." the angel requested.

"What? Why?" the gruff man asked. There was something about that voice. Did she know it? She felt like she should know it, maybe even more so that any other voice. It made her feel safe and loved but the fear saturating it scared her to no end and the beeping accelerated. It was starting to hurt now. What was happening? The little girl was scared past comprehension and she couldn't make sense of the situation.

"Sir, please? This isn't something you should be seeing." the angel warned the gruff man.

"Please, what's happening to my daughter?" the man begged and what he called her struck a nerve. Daughter? What did that mean? I know that word but...Daddy? Was that her Daddy? She didn't know. She couldn't remember but the feeling of knowing his voice still remain. Perhaps he was her Daddy. That thought made her gasped, whether physically or mentally, she didn't know and in her mind, she was shouting out to him,

Daddy! Daddy, I'm here! Look at me, Daddy! What's happening? Where am I? She shouted. When there came no response. She became more frightened and very confused and hurt. Daddy, why are you ignoring me? Did I do something wrong? Am I in trouble? Is that it? Daddy, why won't you talk to me? I won't do it again, whatever I did! I'm sorry! DADDY!

"Doctor, do something!" Daddy begged and she felt a warm hand grasp, what she knew, was hers. He squeezed and squeezed but she couldn't do it back. She couldn't show her Daddy that she was alright. She was alright, wasn't she?

Even thinking that, her mind began to slip into a darkness she's never seen before. It rattled her more and the beeping sped again. She could see the edges of her mind being invaded by the darkness, swallowing her whole without any hope of resurfacing. One more second...her mind went blank...the last thing she heard was that the beeping had finally stopped; had finally taken the annoyance away. Though, the constant buzzing wasn't much better...

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