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Chey: Annoying boy. For those of you who are just tuning in, this is a sequel, so stuff from the other story is incorporated, but this is pretty standalone. All you really have to know is that Takahiro and Manami know everything, Hiroki knows that Misaki is dating his best friend, and Misaki found out he was pregnant in the last line of the story. Good, now you're caught up and you can read on:)

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Without further ado, Chapter One

"You wanna run that by me again?" Misaki asked, delicately.

"You are pregnant, Misaki-kun." Nowaki had told people they were pregnant, dying, crazy or just fine, but none of that had ever made him this uncomfortable. He looked out Usami-san, who was staring openly at him before looking back at Misaki.

"How?" the boy asked finally.

"I have no idea," Nowaki replied, dropping the formal doctor lingo in his non-subsiding shock. He got it back though and continued, "That would require some physical examination which I am very tentative to do since it would, in all likely hood, damage the fetus and your body in the process."

"Don't you dare," Usagi snapped, coming out of his own shock. He wrapped his arms protectively around the nineteen year old.

Nowaki nodded slightly and said, "Misaki-chan, what would you like to do?"

"Wh-what do you mean?" Misaki's mind had pretty much stopped working.

"Well, like all people who are carrying a child, you have options. You can have the child removed while it is still in the early stages of growth, at which point the hospital can test you to see why you got pregnant. Or, you can carry it to term and we can test you after."

Misaki sat there for a moment, trying to make his brain work properly. It wasn't happening though. "Can I think about it?" he asked.

"Of course, take a few days. Don't wait too long though to decide." He turned to Usagi. "He's free to go whenever you two are ready. Unless you would rather stay, Misaki." Misaki shook his head. He wanted to go home, now. Nowaki nodded and left. He stared at the wall opposite, letting the shock sink in. He didn't get it. How had the boy gotten pregnant? The only possibility was that the boy had female parts internally, and male externally, but that was pretty rare, and he'd never heard of a case where one of them had gotten pregnant. It was just abnormal. Poor Misaki-chan…

"Misaki, I—"

"I can't think about it right now. Can we just go home?"

Usagi examined Misaki's totally numb expression and nodded. "Okay. I love you, Misaki."

Misaki just nodded, and stared out into space.

The trip home was silent. Usagi wanted to strike up a conversation for the sake of relieving the tension, but didn't. He just watched his lover out of the corner of his eye. Misaki was staring out the window at nothing in particular. At one point, he was sure he saw Misaki's eyes flick downward, towards his stomach but it wasn't more than a half second before he was back to staring at the lights of Tokyo.

At home, Misaki said, "I'll make some dinner for you." He started for the kitchen.

"That's not necessary," Usagi replied, watching Misaki's back.

"Yes it is." Misaki tugged on an apron and grabbed a couple of pots from the cupboard.

"Misaki, really—"

Misaki slammed the pots down and the stove. "Yes it is!" he snapped, spinning to face the older man. Usagi stared, the boy looked on the verge of tears. "Just…just let me do it. Let me do something normal, something that isn't related to this weird thing in my body!"

Usagi flinched. He didn't want Misaki to think of their child as a 'weird thing.' But he let it go for the moment. "Fine. Then I would like octopus weenies and miso soup."

"Okay." Misaki went to the fridge. The rise Usagi had been hoping he could get out of the other man fell flat. He sighed and grasped the boy firmly, sliding a hand up his shirt. Misaki yelped and tried to scramble away. "What the hell are you doing?"

"What I usually do. You said you wanted to do what was normal."

"Attacking someone is not normal!" he yelled.

"It is in this place." Usagi kissed Misaki's cheek and dragged his lips all the way down to his collar bone, then licking the flesh there with vigor. "I love you, Misaki."

Misaki stood still for a moment while his lover ran his hands all over his flesh. He stopped trying to think about the thing inside him and what it would mean for him, for them, and focused completely on Usagi-san's expert touch. "I love you too," he whispered as he and Usagi slid to the floor.


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