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Chapter Forty (WOOT WOOOOOT)

Usagi-san was right. How the hell is that even possible? Similar thoughts raced through the young man's mind before he shoved them all back and asked, "…Usagi-ani?"

Misaki and Usami Haruhiko stared at each other, as the architect loomed over his brother's lover, where he sat on the subway seat. Instinct taking over, he clutched Mikiko tightly too him and she squalled softly. "What are you doing here?"

It had been three days since Misaki had stopped staying in the apartment all the time, as per Usagi's instruction. He'd been in and out every day and Usagi had done nothing to stop him. It was odd, Baka-Usagi was usually pretty stubborn about such things, but he ignored it. He was just happy his lover wasn't being weird anymore. Well, no weirder than usual.

Now he just had to deal with the man's older brother's weirdness. It was a bit much since he'd been planning to meet with Takatsuki-kun later and he was weird enough and, more importantly, he didn't even know about Mikiko since it had been so long since they'd spent any time together. The out-of-the-blue meeting had caused Misaki mild amusement as he pictured the look on Takatsuki's face when he saw his Senpai carting a kid around. For all he was gay and in love with a man nearly twice his age, the other boy was pretty straight-laced.

"I'm on my way to a meeting," Haruhiko replied to the question Misaki had asked. "There was car trouble and this was faster than waiting for another." He looked down at the baby. "Is this…"

"Ah, yes." Misaki allowed Japanese politeness to take control now. "This is Usami Mikiko. Your niece."

"Mikiko." The word rolled off his lips as he stared down at the baby who blinked up at him and poked out her tongue. A slight heat flooded his cheeks.

Misaki smiled slightly. "Miki-chan, this is your uncle Haruhiko-san." He paused for a moment then, hesitantly, held out the baby. The part of his mind that sounded suspiciously like Akihiko railed against this idea, but Miki-chan might save the Usami family! That was what Misaki wished for, anyway.

Usagi-ani tentatively reached out and took her. He held her awkwardly for a moment before settling her in the crook of his arm. She babbled softly. "Shh," he hushed her before looking back at Misaki. "She's beautiful. Just like you."

Misaki blushed and looked away. "She looks more like your brother except for the eyes."

Usagi-ani quirked his lips suddenly. "Let us pray she does not inherit his personality."

Misaki grimaced. Akihiko had been antisocial through his childhood and then obsessively in love with someone he'd never have and then a man-child, spoiling himself rotten with intermittent moments of working himself to death after deadlines were missed. Raising a child like that would be a scary predicament indeed.

Mikiko started to squirm and Haruhiko handed her back before he dropped her. "I'll make sure she doesn't end up with Usagi-san's worst traits. But he's not all bad," Misaki defended him. "And," he said to Mikiko, "I won't let Usagi-san spoil you, either. No I won't." Miki seemed to pout at that and Misaki laughed.

A voice informed him of his stop and he quickly stood, reaching for his bag. "Getting off, already?" Haruhiko asked.

"Yep. I'm meeting a kouhai from high school for lunch. He's studying law at Teito University."

"Hmm, sounds like Akihiko. I'll see you."

"Huh, it sort of does." The train stopped and Misaki hurried to the doors and slipped out, leaving Usagi-ani behind. He started to cross the station but stopped dead.

Takatsuki Shinobu: well off, spent high school in love with someone unattainable, is obsessed with love, his sister was once involved with his lover, he's studying law at Teito and does well there, spent a chunk of his life oversees, stubborn as a mule…

Oh hell. Takatsuki-kun is a younger version Usagi-san. The only difference is that he isn't a writer. How had he never noticed this before? Misaki shuddered and tried not to think about it anymore. It was just too damn weird. He hurried to the stairs that led to the street above.

Back on the train, Haruhiko sat in Misaki's vacated chair and pulled out his cell phone. He pressed speed dial and lifted the phone to his ear. "Son," Fuyuhiko's voice answered on the second ring.

"I saw them."


Haruhiko sighed internally. "And they seem fine."

"Are you certain? According to hospital records, Takahashi-kun was brought in for malnutrition a while back." Haruhiko grimaced. He'd asked for those files privately. Either his father had done the same or gotten a copy from the ones he'd asked for. Damn it. Much as he wanted to be involved in Misaki-kun's life, he wanted his father as far from it as possible.

"Yes. Misaki is his usual self and Mikiko is…" he trailed off.


"She's perfect." He didn't elaborate. He wasn't sure he could.

Fuyuhiko leaned back in his office chair and stared vaguely out the window. "I guess I'm just worried about my first grandchild. You know, you could get going on that too. It seems so odd for Akihiko to beat you at something like this. Especially given his…situation."

Haruhiko bit back a comment he knew better than to make, even if it made him feel better. "Sir, I'll be getting off at the stop following Teito University. Please send the car there."

"Of course."

"Do you think Akihiko will be aware I've made contact with Misaki?"

"Only if the boy tells him. I doubt he will; Takahashi never tells him anything unnecessary. I think he worries too much for Akihiko's wellbeing. It works to our advantage."

"Yes," was all Haruhiko could manage.

"And we've been sticking to our itineraries lately so he'll not know you diverged unless Takahashi tells him. Come back to the office as soon as you can."

"Yes, sir."

Haruhiko's phone snapped shut.

To be continued…

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