Has it been only 3 years since that day?

Since I lost everything I loved, the only one I admired.

She's gone, she was taken from me, a fate so unfair, yet inevitable

He her name was... No it hurts too much... the mere thought of it alone

His name... I will never forget... it fueled my rage, it gave me purpose

I had plans... ambitions... to cause him pain... hurt.

So many fights, my energy weapon, chain scythes of sorts,

I carved through the competition, I was no longer the man I once was

I had not grown stronger... but cold... vengeful

Not the man she fell in love with,

But it brought me to him...

Crownless King...

No More Hero...

Travis Touchdown...

I would kill him.

On this very rooftop, where my beloved was killed... but I may join her...

No, I Would kill him


But I fell one sidestep short and his beam connected, piercing my gut,

Then withdrawn, a hole in its place, blood slipping through my palms,

I fall on one knee and I regret everything, I had failed her.

I fall on one hand and another knee, my vision fades, but I hear something... It's that melody... her melody... our song

He knew the song... did he know who I was?

My hand gives way and as I depart I mutter "Margaret... I'm sorry".