After leaving the Headmasters office Harry, Ron and Hermione walked to the Gryffindor common room. When they reached the Portrait of the Fat Lady Harry asked, "Can we get in, we don't have a password."

"I am sorry but I can't. Headmistress McGonagall has asked me to send anyone needing sleep to the Hospital, this tower is a mess and not very stable." The Fat Lady said sorry that she couldn't help them out.

The trio turned back and made their way to the Hospital. Seeing them walk in Madam Pomfrey immediately began to fuss over them.

"I want to check you each for injuries then I want you to clean up and get to bed." Pomfrey scolded.

Hermione and Ron insisted that Harry get checked first because he was obviously about to fall asleep on his feet. So after an extensive check, with a lot of light scolding and healing, Ron helped Harry into the bathroom. He stayed with him and kept him chatting so he wouldn't fall asleep in the shower.

"You know Ron." Harry said, "I think we should tell your family, the Professors and Kingsley the whole truth. But I am going to ask that the public announcement be short some horcruxes."

"Yes, I would hate to have anyone else think they could make that many, we would just have another Voldemort on our hands." Ron agreed.

"I'm thinking we need to tell them Hermione destroyed the cup, you did the locket and Neville got the snake." Harry said, "That way each of you get credit for your part in destroying a part of Tom and then we can credit Ginny with providing the clues to Dumbledore so he could figure everything out."

"Are you sure," Ron asked, "We could just say Hermione and I destroyed the cup together, you know one less thing?"

"Hmmm, I guess, we should talk to Hermione about that." Harry said.

With that Harry finished up and dressed in the pajamas that Madam Pomfrey had given him. Then he staggered to the bed, falling asleep before he even hit the pillow. Ron went to get healed as Hermione hit the shower. After she had finished Ron told her what they had talked about.

"We'll have to see what the Minister has to say about that." Hermione stated, "But I agree with you, too much information here could be harmful."

Hermione stayed awake until Ron finished and she said, "Do you think one of us should stay awake and keep an eye on Harry?"

"Yes." Ron said "I'll watch first you go to sleep."

Hermione leaned over and gave Ron a quick peck on the lips and then she stretched out and drifted to sleep. Not long after Neville came into the ward and saw Ron pacing the floor,

"Why don't you get some sleep Ron, you look dead on your feet?" he asked.

"Hermione and I thought we should keep an eye on Harry, so I'm taking first watch." Ron stated.

"You think we need to, is he that injured?" Neville asked.

"Not injured, but he is tired." Ron grumbled, "I think a herd of Hippogriffs could run through and he wouldn't notice. I don't want someone coming in and doing something. They're still trying to figure out who's trustworthy in the ministry and who's not. I don't trust many of them."

"I know what you mean." Neville said "Hey, I could get a couple DA members to come up and keep watch so you can sleep too. I can take your watch when I get back."

"I don't know, everyone is tired and I don't want someone else to not get some sleep. You just rest now and I'll wake you in a couple hours." Ron said.

"No, really, I'm not that tired, I actually sleep a little down in the great hall. It's pretty quiet I saw Dean and Seamus sleeping a while ago, if they're awake now I can get them to watch too." Neville said as he left the room.

After another ten minutes Neville came back with Dean, Seamus, Bill, Fleur, Charlie, Ginny, Luna and Professor McGonagall. After Ron pulled each aside and used a security question to make sure they were who they said he went to sleep.

"We should take shifts in twos so we can keep each other awake." Charlie suggested, "No one gets in without security questions and no wands out for anyone but us and Madam Pomfrey. Don't take any chances. I slept part of last night so I'll stay awake now, you all can decide who will stay awake with me and the rest will sleep."

"I'm not ready to sleep." Ginny said, all the others but Professor McGonagall set up a watch schedule then went to bed.

"I'll be going back to the Great Hall now." Professor McGonagall said, "The largest number of people will be sent home then the rest will come here when they need. Do you want me to have the house elves get you anything?"

"Not for me, Ginny?" Charlie asked. Ginny just shook her head and she stepped over to Harry's bed and brushed a stray hair from his face.

Ginny sat on the bed beside Harry and watched him and chatted with Charlie. After a few hours they woke Dean and Seamus to take the next watch. Charlie told them all had been quiet and then found an empty bed. Ginny just stretched out on the bed she had been setting on, still facing Harry and slowly slipped off to sleep. Ron and Hermione woke a few hours later, both to rumbling stomachs and Mrs. Weasley and Professor McGonagall being asked security questions. They didn't have a good question for Molly so Ron spoke up. "When I was four, Fred and George did something to me that got them grounded for life?"

Molly chuckled, "They turned your Teddy Bear into a spider." He just nodded his head, Hermione just stared, shocked that Ron would use something like that in front of his dorm mates. He looked at her and shrugged his shoulders, "Not many people know that and anyone using polyjuice won't think to go back that far they would want recent stuff. Besides I'm hungry and they're bringing food."

Hermione chuckled and grabbed a sandwich and asked if Harry had woken up yet.

"Not since we have been on watch. Charlie and Ginny didn't say." Dean replied.

Others started waking up as they were talking and everyone sat down to eat. After a few Minutes Professor McGonagall told them what was going on.

"We are going to have a memorial service here in a week. That will give us time to have all the funerals." she said everyone nodded as she went on, "At that time all students will be allowed to gather their things from their dorms. I will be announcing that tests for all subjects but DADA and Muggle studies will be given during the first week of August at the ministry. All students will be invited to return even those who should have been seventh years this year. It will be hard for a few years getting everyone straight and I will be asking the older students to help the younger ones get up to speed quickly."

"What about our NEWTS," Neville asked.

"The NEWTS and OWLS will also be sat at the beginning of August. Once you take a NEWT or OWL you will not be able to retake it." McGonagal said smiling proudly, "You are being allowed to take which ones you want and save the rest for the end of the year. You can save them all for the end of the year if you want. Also, the clothing shop in Hogsmeade is coming to fit you all with proper attire for the funerals."