The next morning everyone in the boy's dorm was awakened by Harry thrashing around and yelling in his sleep. James was trying to reach for him to wake him up when he ran into a shield and was stopped.

Ron shrugged, "I've not see the shield before but he has always been hard to wake from nightmares. The visions from Moldyshorts were worse than this though, he would wake up with his scar hurting badly and sometimes he even got sick."

Each of the boys tried to reach him to no avail, after a few minutes the girls entered with Ginny in the lead. James tried to stop Ginny to tell he there was a shield but she just ran straight through it to Harry. But Hermione and Lily were stopped like the boys. No one said a word as Ginny started to sooth Harry, his body stilled and his breathing evened out. Harry opened his eyes and hugged Ginny and thanked her. A little shocked that Ginny was successful Hermione started telling Lily about the nightmares.

"How did you get through the shield and get him calm? No one else could." Sirius asked.

"I didn't know there was a shield up." She shrugged then looked at Harry and he shrugged too.

They all went to get ready and headed down to breakfast. Once they all sat Hermione asked Harry about the nightmare. "Final battle." was all Harry said, but everyone got the idea of what had happened. After breakfast they all headed outside. Harry and Ginny were a little slower than the rest.

Talking quietly Ginny asked, "When will you tell me the other things? Is it more like what you have told everyone?"

"Anytime you want, I'll tell you." Harry smiled, "And no it's not more bad stuff. I just want you to know that when I was going to die you are the person I thought about. I thought about the kiss on my birthday and I could remember it in every detail, except that Ron didn't interrupt this time Tom did."

"Wow." Ginny said.

"There is more to it but it's basically about the same kind of stuff. I would like to give you the details after the others go back to their time." Harry grinned sheepishly.

Ginny smile hugely and nodded, then she leaned forward to share the first kiss in a long time with her boyfriend.

"That better mean you two are back together." yelled Ron from his position by the lake.

Harry looked at Ginny and asked, "Does it?"

Ginny nodded and they walked hand in hand to catch up with the others. The days continued with the teens spending time together getting to know one another. Occasionally someone would stop by to visit with the group and on the fourth day all the Weasley's came. The younger generation of Weasley's decided that a Quidditch match should be played, the Weasley's vs the Potters. On the Weasley's team they had Ron, George, Bill, Fleur, Ginny and Charlie. The Potters had Harry, James, Sirius and Remus. Since the teams were uneven Bill and Charlie decided to send Ginny to play on Harry's team. Ron was trying to tell them how good Ginny was until Bill interrupted.

"Ron, we know what we're doing. I'm sure we'll beat them Ginny's no better than we are." he stated.

Ron just shook his head and went to defend the goals. Remus retook his post as keeper like Ron, Sirius and George each took up a beaters bat. The other six took up chaser positions with the agreement that Charlie would seek against Harry when the snitch was spotted. Hermione tossed up the quaffle and the game was started.

Ron being the better of the two keepers was able to block a lot of the goals coming at him, but Harry's team obviously had the better chasers and the Weasley's were behind by 3 goals. Finally the snitch was spotted and the two seekers left after it. The rest of the players stopped to watch the battle.

"He's absolutely brilliant on a broom." James said in awe. Almost everyone agreed.

"He is, but Charlie really isn't giving him much of a run. Harry's holding back." Ginny grumbled.

"You're right. Why don't you give Harry a real run." Ron suggested, she grinned at her brother and took off.

She watched until she could get into the race and told Charlie to land she was taking over. Reluctantly he landed and the real seeker battle began.

After a few minutes of silence Bill said, "Ron, you were right she is the best chaser I have ever played with, who taught her all that?"

"She's a good seeker too, better than I ever was." Charlie said.

"Do you guys know that she started stealing your brooms when she was six?" Ron asked, "She would watch my lessons then sneak out at night and practice." His brothers all looked at him astounded and he continued, "I didn't know until this week. When she was telling James about it, I couldn't believe it. I bet she will be a professional player soon enough."

"Not Harry though?" Lily asked.

"No, he hates the attention." Ron replied, "He'll only put up with it for Ginny's sake."

"I hope she's not mad at us for putting her on Harry's team instead of ours." Bill said.

"I doubt it." Ron chuckled, "She would have volunteered if you hadn't suggested it. Besides, my bet is that she will be a Potter before two years are out anyway."

It was with quite a bit of a shock at Ron's statement that his older brothers watched Harry finish the match by catching the snitch just ahead of Ginny.

"Still undefeated," Ron stated, "as long as you don't count the matches where he was knocked unconscious."

After the Weasleys left that day James said, "You know Ginny, I played seeker in my 3rd year before I changed to chaser. I think you are just as good as I am, maybe we should have a seeker battle?"

"I prefer the action of a chaser to sitting around waiting for the snitch too." Ginny laughed, "I think I could spare you some time. Maybe tomorrow after we have rested?"

"How long have you been Harry's reserve?" James asked.

"Since my fourth year when he was banned by Umbridge, I played two games that year and then the next year I was chaser for two games and then seeker for the last. I really enjoyed beating Cho." Ginny said with relish. James looked at her questioningly and she explained, "Cho was Harry's first girlfriend and I didn't like her at all. I enjoyed beating her out during her final year."

"First you got to the snitch and then you got to Harry, that's a double shot." Sirius laughed.

"Actually it's the other way around." Harry said putting his arm around Ginny "Cho and I went out and broke up during my fifth, Ginny's fourth. I started noticing Ginny after my break with Cho in fifth and didn't get to ask her out for a whole year while she was dating Dean Thomas."

"So what did you play last year?" James asked chuckling.

Tension filled the room as Ginny looked at Neville and said "I don't want to talk about that."

"Ginny if you don't, I will." Neville said.

"Go ahead, I just don't want to talk about it," she stated.

So for the next several hours Neville talked about what happened in Hogwarts during the preceding year. Hermione and Lily were openly crying and the boys were trying to hide it by the time Neville finished.

"That was awful." Remus said "How did you stand it, how did you accomplish all that?"

"We just did what Harry would have done if he had been there." Neville said, "Harry defied Umbridge and started the DA all we did was continue it. I think I know now what you meant Harry. When you started the DA you said something about it always sounds cool from the outside but when you're fighting you just have to do it and make it through, being scared stiff the whole time. You have to do what's right not what's easy." Harry clapped Neville on the back and smiled knowingly at him.

On the sixth day at future Hogwarts during breakfast Professor McGonagall approached the group, "We know how to send you back and will do it just after lunch. You will arrive on Sunday after lunch, three days after you disappeared and won't remember any details from here. If I remember correctly you came back with a vague feeling, like everything turns out ok in the future. And I believe that James and Lily start dating, rather unexpectedly, shortly after they return."

The teens looked at each other and Lily said, "Wow, this has been a most illuminating trip. I really hate to leave."

The other three agreed. Harry thought back over the week, he was glad he got to see his parents slowly move together. He had seen the arguments too, but instead of hate in them he saw passion and thought, "just like Ron and Hermione." Finally he said, "I'm glad I got the chance to get to know you, I love you."

Then he hugged both his parents. Both Lily and James were wiping tears out of their eyes when they replied, "I love you too Harry."

"You know Prongs I won't be able to tease you about this later, so I will just have to get it all in before lunch." Sirius said.

Remus and Sirius spent the rest of the morning trying to tease James about being a sentimental old sap. It kept the group from getting to sober and soppy about the inevitable departure coming quickly upon them. At lunch no one felt like eating much and they just sat in a big huddle around Harry. Finally the time came to depart and after final hugs and goodbyes the four from the past left with Slughorn to be sent back to their own time.

Harry was very quiet after they left, he just sat holding on to Ginny. After about 10 minutes Slughorn came in with McGonagall and said, "They have been returned to their time."

"How can you be sure?" asked Harry.

"You're still here." He chuckled as he left.

"That's what I thought." muttered Harry the others look at him and he said, "If they had messed up I wouldn't be here this age at this time."

"So when you were holding on to Ginny like she could disappear at any second, you were worried that you might be the one to disappear?" Ron asked.

Harry nodded.