Micah's POV

"Jedediah! Mordechai! Jedediah, where are you?" I yelled out into the summer night sky. It was really dark and my only source of light was a flashlight as I walked around the maze like cornfield looking for my friends.

"You guys, where are you?" I yelled again more quietly as I looked around for any signs of the bonfire Jedediah was supposed to make. The sky seemed to get darker the more I walked. It was making me start to remember when Isaac and Malachi controlled everyone, well the kids, and made them kill their parents and all the adults. It made me shudder. I suddenly heard a little rustling noise. It must be the wind. I repeated in my head as I continued to walk aimlessly in the tall stalks of corn. I thought about that guy and his daughter that would be staying with Angela and I for a while. The girl, Deena, was definitely the prettiest girl I've basically ever seen, but she seemed uncomfortable around me. Maybe I made her uncomfortable. Every time I look at her she looks in another direction as if avoiding my gaze. Maybe she doesn't even like me. I was then cut off from my thoughts as I heard another rustling noise. It sounded louder this time. I flashed my flashlight at the source of direction of the noise.

"Are you there?" I asked not knowing that something evil was about to attack me. "Mordechai?" I called out, but I soon saw that it wasn't Mordechai. It was…Him. He growled at me as I quickly turned around and started to run away from Him.

"No! No, somebody help me!" I yelled hoping someone could hear me. He started to gain up on me as I turned around and walked backwards. Suddenly I stumbled causing me to fall to the ground. I quickly got up and started to make a run for it, but he soon started to electrify me causing me to fall to the ground again.

"No, No, No!" I screamed hoping He would go away. He was now right in front of me about to possess me.

"NO!"I screamed as he entered me. The pain was unbearable as I gave out one more scream.


Suddenly a scream erupted and everyone at the bonfire heard.

"Whoa what was that?" said one of the guys.

"I don't know" replied Mordechai although he sounded a little unsure. A little girl with curly read hair who was clutching a doll walked up to him.

"What do we do Mordechai?" she asked as she stared up at him.

"We wait"

"For what?" the guy asked Mordechai, who turned his head to look at the boy.

"For He who walks behind the rows to show us the way." Mordechai said.

"And what if he doesn't" Jedediah shot back cockily.

Mordechai looked at Jedeiah. "He will. Isaac said-" "Isaac is dead!" the boy shouted at Mordechai. "He told us that when there were no more adults, that we would see the truth. Well where is it?"

"It is written. A leader will come from the corn and make us as one." Mordechai replied back in monotone.

"There ain't nothing out there Mordechai except for a lot of corn. Stupid, old corn. Maybe that's your truth." Jedediah said causing mordechai to look really pissed off. "Look you can hang around if you want to, but the rest of us are getting the hell out of here." Jedediah said.

"NOOO!" a voice screeched. Everyone turned to see Micah walking towards them. He looked distraught and out of it as he slowly made his way towards them. He turned and looked at Jedediah.

"He who walks behind the rows shall not allow it! Do you really think this was all Isaac's doing Jedediah? Do you!" Micah yelled causing Jedediah to flinch. Jedediah kept his mouth shut as Micah walked past him.

"Who hear thinks this?" Micah asked everyone. "Were we not given signs? Was that not enough?" Micah asked everyone again.

"But they found them." Jedediah said to Micah. "They found us. Jesus Christ Micah they were our parents."

"They were adults! They were of that world and we have seen the way of the world and it is evil!" he yelled as he looked at everyone his eyes ablaze. "There is a power greater than all, and it is within us. But know it not, we have I eyes and see it not and ears but hear it not. I saw the light that came from the corn. He who walks behind the rows commands that we rid the land that all that defy the corn." Micah then stopped yelling and took a deep breath. "Go home and wait for a sign." Micah said before leaving as everyone else quickly followed.


I had gotten lost a little while ago and had somehow ended up in the cornfield. I exited one of the rows and saw a group of kids exiting from the corn as well. They were all holding flashlights. They didn't seem to notice me because of my all black clothes. As I watched them leave I felt a light flash across my face. I turned my head and saw a blinding light be shone into my eyes.

"Agh" I said as I covered my eyes with my hands. I squinted in the light to see who was trying to blind me.

"Micah?" I asked the dark figure. "What the hell are you doing?" I asked him.

"What are you doing out here?" he asked me with his flashlight still on.

"I got lost on my way out to get some air." I told him saying the first thing that came to my head. He smirked at me.

"Funny." He stated.

"So what were ya'll doing with the flashlights?" I asked curiously as I shifted my left foot in the ground.

"Nothing,it's just fun to play at night." He said simply as he lowered the flashlight from my face.

"Right. So are you heading home now?" I asked him hopping he was gonna say yes. He clicked off the flashlight suddenly. "Sure" he said before walking away. I quickly jogged up to him so that I could keep up. We walked back in silence and with me once again looking at everywhere except Micah's eyes whenever he would steal a glances at me. Wow, this was a very weird day.

It was 1:00 in the afternoon when I finally woke up. I brushed my teeth and combed my hair deciding to wear it down today. As I walked downstairs I saw a note on the fridge as I walked into the kitchen in a long sleeved olive green shirt and red boxers, which are clearly for guys, that I had bought on a dare two years ago. It said that my dad went out for a drive, Micah was hanging out with friends, and Angela was at the grocery store. Great, I'm stuck in the house with nothing to do. I decided to go out and roam around town. Before I got dressed I called my dad and told him I was going sightseeing and I would be back around three thirty. He said that he was happy that I was embracing this vacation. Yeah right. I quickly got dressed in a black short shorts with a black tank top. I wore a black bikini top under my top and I slipped on some black flip-flops and walked out the door. I looked outside as the sun was shining bright into the sky. I shielded my eyes with my hands as I walked along a bridged road as I was walking I heard someone call out my name. I turned my head to see that Lacey girl from yesterday standing under a water fountain in a purple and yellow bikini with shorts.

"Hey Deena, come join me!" she yelled. It was hot and the water looked refreshing as I looked down at my sweaty legs. I quickly ran around the bridge and by the waterfall where I was instantly splashed by lacey. It soon started into a water-fight war as we got each other soaked in water. Wow, I guess I made a new friend. Once we got tired we walked around town in our soaking wet clothes. Not that any of the guys minded. They seemed to enjoy the fact of two hot teenage girls walking around in non-existent wet clothes. After we walked around we were now fully dry from the sun as it dried off our clothes. That's when a police car and an ambulance flew past us.

"Whoa, what's going on?" Lacey asked me with confusion.

"I don't know lets go check it out." I said as I grabbed her hand and we started running after the car. After running for a total ten minutes we finally reached the police car's destination. It was an ordinary white house. I didn't know what was wrong until I noticed two pairs of legs sticking out from under the house. I put two and two together as I gasped. Her house had crushed the woman! I shook lacey's arm as I told her to look. As soon as she did she gasped at the sight of the old woman's legs ticking out from under her house. We were both in shock as we watched the men lift the house up and get the dead woman from under there.

" This is scary. I think I'm going to go home." Lacey told me. She gave me a hug good-bye as she walked back towards the waterfall so she can retrieve her moped. I turned around and was shocked to see Micah and about five other children there just watching with smirks on their faces as the woman was getting carried away. Was it me or did they just seem…..suspicious. Suddenly an old woman in a wheel chair came and started screaming.

"Oh my god, it's Ruby!" she asked, with a horrified look on her face. "It's Ruby! Who killed my sister?" she asked looking like she was on the verge of tears-and insanity. A police officer took her hand comfortingly.

"It was accident Ma'm." he said trying to reason with the old woman.

"No it wasn't. Not with those children around!" she said pointing an accusing finger to Micah and the small group of children behind him.

"She warned you." The old woman said looking around at the crowd of people, who had came to see Ms.Burns's unfortunate accident. "She warned all of you! What did you do to her?" she yelled at Micah and his friends, but she was looking directly at Micah. Micah turned and gave the woman a smirk as he simply stared back at her as if he was teasing her about her sister's death.

"Oh my god. Sheriff, I am not going to let this drop!" she said to the police officer in front of her. "Get me out of here." she said to the old man who brought her here as she tore her hand away from the officer. "You blind fools. You FOOLS!" she finally screamed as she was wheeled away. I watched as they lifted into the back of the ambulance truck. Suddenly my dad appeared in front of me. When did he get here?

"Look I want you to stay here while I go do something."He told me.

"Where's here?" I asked as I looked around in confusion.

"You know. Here! Wait why are you all wet?" he asked me as he looked at my damp clothes and hair.

"Oh I was swimming. There's this water hole down the way." I told him as I pointed down the road. "I met a girl named Lacey. We were hanging out." I said to him.

"Wait now hold on a minute. I don't want you hanging around these kids over here." He said to me. What? Yesterday when i returned home my dad gave me a long talk about how I needed to enjoy my vacation and make friends, and to stop acting like a whiny brat. Now he was telling me to stop talking to my new and possibly only friend. No fucking way. I scoffed.

"That's good ya know. first you tell me to enjoy myself and to make friend and now you're telling me not to. Why not?" I asked feeling myself getting pissed off with him for the fifth time in two days.

"Because I said so that's why." He said in a tone as if to say "case closed". Not even close.

"Why can't you trust me. Once!" I yelled but then remembering there were still people out here.

"No. You just do what I told you." and with that he walked away from me. I scoffed than slowly began to walk away when Micah suddenly started to walk right beside me. His hair I noticed was slicked back instead of how he wore it all messy when I first saw him. Nice.

"Another argument?" he asked me as he put his hands in his pockets.

"Yeaa, I can handle it, it's fine." I said. Something about the way Micah was suddenly talking to me just made me feel kind of weird.

"Ya know Deena, I used to have problems with my father to." he said with a small smile. It kinda looked like a smirk. "Adults are such hypocrites. It's like the moment a person turns nineteen they-they become this thing." he said while looking at me. I started to slow down my pace as I stopped walking and, for the first time since my first day, looked directly at him.

"What thing?" I asked with confusion.

"well with my father, if we listened to the radio. We sinned. If we talked to girls. we sinned. And every sin demanded beating...to chase away the devil." he finished looking as if it made him sick to think about his past life with his father. "And then one day, I caught my father, with the farm hand's wife," he said with a bitter smile. "sinning..most..vigorously."he finished with a bitter laugh. Oh my god, i thought feeling really bad for Micah, when suddenly something hit me.

"Were you glad when your father was killed?" I asked afraid of his answer. It made me uneasy. Micah then looked at me.

"The bible also teaches that, um, for everything there is a season." he told me. I felt sick. What did he mean by that. And why didn't he answer my question? He then turned away from me and walked back to his friends ,who were patiently waiting for him, and left. Into the cornfield. As I turned and saw my dad leaving with Dr.Appleby I decided to go back to Angela's place. Maybe I can have some girl-talk with her. She seems like she's nice enough to. I walked the whole way back, enjoying the cool summer breeze as it lifted my now curly hair into the wind. As I walked aimlessly around town I realized I was now where I was when I first saw Micah. A cold shiver ran down my back as I looked around to be anywhere but this spot. I turned around and saw a bingo parlor. It looked about alright in there i thought as I walked towards the parlor. As I walked in the parlor a blast of cold hair suddenly hit my face. It was sort of refreshing i thought as i sat down at an empty table by the window as I watched the elders play bingo. There was something oddly comforting about watching them as they shouted "Bingo!". As I watched the people play I didn't know Micah and his friends were right across the street until I heard a scream. The old woman from earlier was in the street as her wheel chair stopped right dead smack in the middle. Then it happened. A big eighteen wheeler came and hit the poor defense less woman. Once it hit her she came flying right towards the window. I just stood there in shock as her wheel chair hit the glass causing it to shatter. A piece of flyaway glass cut the top of my arm causing me to shriek in pain. I looked around at the terrible scene in front of me. The old woman was now on the floor dead, with a shock looked was plastered on her face. Her wheel chair was five feet from her lifeless body as it lay in the broken glass shards. An elderly woman grabbed my bad arm to examine it. She quickly sat me down as someone called for the police. The old woman gave me a rag as I sat at the table holding my bleeding arm. I turned my head and looked at the broken window when I saw Micah and his friends. They were all staring at the parlor with smirks except Micah. Micah was looking at me and my bloody arm. He had a look of guilt on his face. Why would he feel guilty? I thought. I quickly turned away from his penetrating stare. suddenly appeared beside me.

"Come on dear, I have to take you to my office to get you cleaned up." He told me as he slowly lifted me up to my feet as if I was a porcelain doll. I quickly got in his car avoiding Micah's stare as he drove me to a small little building that I'm guessing was his office. We walked up the stairs as he lead the way inside the building. The lights were off when we went inside and he quickly flipped them on as he lead me to a desk with two chairs. I sat down and tried to control my tears as he pulled the huge piece of glass that was stuck in my arm. Finally he pulled it out and sat it in a tin pan as he took a cotton ball and poured some peroxide on it.

"This may sting a bit but it will keep your arm from getting infected." he told me kindly. He suddenly took my hand on my good arm.

"If it hurts to much just squeeze my hand." He told me gently. I instantly smiled a little bit. Wow I've never met a man as nice as this one. I squeezed his hand a little as he put the peroxide covered cotton ball to my wound. It didn't sting that much i thought with relief. Finally he took out a guaze and rapped it around my wound.

"There you go, and here," he said while picking up a small jar filled with multi colored suckers. "Take a sucker." He said. I looked in and saw that there was only two reds left. My favorite. I grabbed one and took the other one out to.

"If you don't mind the red suckers are my favorite. Can you save this for me?" I asked him nicely. He smiled warmly at me.

"Sure. Here I'll put it right in the middle so no one will see it." He whispered to me as he stuck the sucker in the middle of the sucker filled jar.

"Thank you!" I said giving him a one arm hug. We said our good byes and I walked out of the building and descended towards Angela's place. As I walked in I was soon backed against the door by Micah.

"Micah! Jesus you scared me!" I told him as he just stared back at me. He then grabbed my wounded arm and examined it. The glass had left a scar on my arm starting from my shoulder all the way to the end of my biceps. He looked at me and for once he looked, guilty and vulnerable. I was about to ask him what's wrong when he gently dropped my hand then left me against the door to think about what just happened.

It was now Sunday and I decided to go to church while my dad and Angela stayed home doing god knows what. Micah was once again missing. I walked up to the old building that was the church. Once inside I saw the many pews and decided to sit in the back pew because I didn't know if my all black attire would be allowed. I was currently wearing a black silk dress ,with 3 quarter length sleeves to hide my wound, that ended at the knee with black flats with a little bow on the front my hair was up in a tight bun. As the ceremony dragged on I just noticed that Micah was also in the last pew on the other side. I watched in horror as he pulled out a small knife and started to cut the doll's face up. I couldn't tear my eyes away until I heard a scream. I looked forward as a man wearing thick black glasses started bleeding really bad from his nose. The blood was just squirting out. Everyone noticed as the man desperately tried to stop the bleeding. His wife was now screaming as the side of his face looked sliced up and more blood started to pour out of the man's face. I looked back at Micah and the doll and then at the dying man. Micah! He was doing this. As the bleeding man slowly got up and staggered towards the preacher, who's eyes widened in shock, asking him to help him. I leaped from my seat and ran towards Micah.

"Micah what are you doing? Stop!" I yelled at him surprised no one heard me. Micah then fiercely turned and glared at me for a moment. I looked back at the man. It was obvious he was now dead, because he wasn't moving. The was checking the man's pulse by pressing his two finger to the man's bloody neck. That's when Micah got up from his seat and pushed me out of his way as he dropped the wooden doll on the floor. I picked the doll up with shaky hands as I examined it's face. The doll's face was like an exact replica of the man's minus the blood. It was completely destroyed and cut up. I dropped the doll and ran out of the church in horror of what I just witnessed. As soon as I was outside I started to take deep breaths. I couldn't believe Micah would…no maybe I'm just hallucinating because this can't be real. Micah wouldn't kill anyone…would he?