Author's Note: This was just a O/S for the Summer Lovin' Contest at Rogue but I think I am going to go ahead and make it a story instead. This O/S took second place, and thank you to those who voted for it :) Enjoy!

Pen Name: SmexyTexi

Rating: RPR

Title: Unconventional Love

Fandom: Twilight

Pairings: Jasper/Peter/Bella

Summary: Bella is forced to spend three weeks of her summer vacation with her mother, Renee, in Florida right before her first year of College. Determined to make the most of her situation she sets out one night in the hopes of finding someone worthy of a Summer Fling. Instead she found something that she never expected to find. Love, in the most unconventional way.

Disclaimer: This is Stephenie Meyer's world, I'm just playing in it.


"We are preparing to arrive at our destination at Miami International Airport in ten minutes. The weather is perfectly sunny and not a cloud in the sky, temperature is at a toasty ninety-seven degrees. We hope you enjoyed your flight and thank you for traveling Southwest Airlines."

I buckled in my seat belt as the plane started to descend and tapped my foot nervously against the fake carpeted floor of the plane. Almost everyone I know says that take-off is the worse, but not for me. I hated the landing with a passion. I always had this irrational fear that the plane would dip too low or something while preparing to land and instead of landing gracefully on the runway, it would nose dive right into it, effectively killing us all.

Great thoughts to think while you're about to land, Bella! I scolded myself. I closed my eyes and clenched my fists and could feel my fingernails biting into the palms of my hands. I could feel the skin breaking from the pressure and knew I would probably draw blood, but right now I couldn't give a rat's ass.

"Are you a first time flyer?" A rough voice sounded from beside me.

I groaned, rather loudly and opened my eyes. I managed to make it almost the entire flight without talking to the 'I told my wife I was on a business trip, but I'm really here to fuck my Mistress' man beside me. He was wearing a cheap looking business suit with a faded red tie. His wife must have dropped him off at the Airport that would explain the suit, and the smell of cheap perfume that permeated the air around us.

"Oh no," I said looking at his face, which incidentally looked like hell. He had gray eyes that sported deep, purple bruises underneath them like he hadn't slept in ages and his smile looked forced, showing off his yellow, coffee stained teeth, "I had my 'flying' cherry popped at a very young age." I said, flashing him a fake smile.

Pervy Mcpervyson let out a small moan and sat up straighter in his seat. Is that really all it took? Fucking disgusting. I snorted and laid my head back against the head rest. I didn't need this shit, I had more important things to worry about. Although a quick fuck and release for me didn't sound so bad at the moment. God, where was Jacob when I needed him? Oh, that's right he was still at home in Washington, where I should be right now.

"So are you here on vacation?" My neighbor asked. Could this guy not take a hint?

"Definitely not." I muttered, keeping my eyes closed.

Please God, if there is such a thing, let this man shut the hell up, I prayed. Did that technically count? Were you allowed to pray to God using curse words? Or was that against the rules?

"We could make this a vacation." He continued on, in that raspy smokers voice of his.

That got my attention. Even if I hadn't of seen him slip his gold wedding band into the side pocket of his business suit, I never would have even given him the time of day. God, this guy belonged to the 'We are player-haters, but we suck at it' Club.

"Negative ghost rider." I replied easily unbuckling my belt and standing up.

It was time to blow this Popsicle stand and get the hell out of dodge. At this point I was willing to take on Renee over this douche bag. And that was saying something. Luckily Stewie here decided to drop it and move on. He stood up, looked me up and down once, licked his lips and stepped out into the aisle. I shuddered involuntarily and immediately felt...dirty. I was going to need a shower now. Fast. Fucking gross.

As soon as I was off the plane I took out my phone and turned it back on, walking over to the bag belt. My phone beeped three times alerting me that I had new messages. As I waited for the conveyor belt to start up, I looked down to see who had taken the time to message me.

Call me when you land. -Love Dad

Okay, I could take care of that in a second.

I can't believe you're ditching me this summer. I want pictures. Naughty pictures. -Jake

Ha. Not likely.

Have fun and don't forget to call me! -Alice

I called my dad to let him know that I had landed safely. I may be here against my will because of him but I couldn't bring myself to be mad at him. It's been me and him for as long as I could remember. It was him that cut my umbilical cord as Renee delivered me into the world, it was him that sat with me when I cried when Renee walked out of our lives, for the first time, when I was four. It was him that pulled my first loose tooth so that I could have the fifty cents from the tooth fairy early.

It was Charlie that bandaged up my scrapes when I fell, which admittedly was a lot, and it was Charlie that held me and rocked me as I cried when Renee kept waltzing in and out of our lives claiming that she had changed only to leave us again a couple of days later.

Charlie was there for me through it all. My first boyfriend, my first breakup, my first period, although I'm almost positive that we both wished he wasn't there for that. And now, here I was waiting on the most unreliable person in the world. My fucking mother. Renee. All because Charlie felt like I needed the closure from her. I was about to enter my first year of college and needless to say, he was worried shitless about me.

I don't know why he thought that seeing her would help me before I went off to college, but there was nothing I wouldn't do for that man. He was the one constant thing in my life and I owed him everything. Renee had been offering for me to visit her in Florida for a few years now. Claimed that she had changed for the better and really wanted to see me. So here I was, waiting at Baggage Claim for her.

I went and sat down in one of the blue, plastic chairs to wait. Guess I could text back Jake while I was waiting.

Not going to happen. -B

I kind of felt bad for the guy. Jake has been my best friend since we were little kids. As Renee came and went from my life, leaving me more and more broken each time, Jake was there to pick up the pieces. He let me fall apart in his arms when Charlie couldn't be there because of work.

We experienced our "firsts" together. Besides my dad and one of my best friends, Edward, there was no other man I trusted as much as I did Jake. When we were fifteen we lost our virginity to one another. To me, it was just an experience to have, and who better to have it with than the only other man that I trusted in my life? At least that's what I thought at first. Turns out it meant more to Jake and his "love" for me at that point turned into his obsession afterward.

I finally sat down with him and explained that it was just sex for me and if he wanted more than we had to stop. He insisted that it was just sex for him as well, but his actions said otherwise. Stupidly, I continued on with him. We were now going on almost four years of awesome, passionless sex.

Don't be like that babe. You know you want to. -Jake

And now, that was at an end. I sighed but didn't respond to that egotistical text message. I was glad that I decided to go to College in Texas. Jake had to stay in Forks to take care of his dad, so he was going to the local Community College, therefore giving "us" a break from each other. He needed to move on from me and find a nice girl to settle down with. He wanted something serious and I wouldn't and couldn't give that to him. He deserved someone better than me, I only hoped that when he found her he wouldn't forget about me. I know that I wasn't the nicest to him with all of this, but he was still my best friend.

"Isabella, sweetie!" I heard my name yelled from across the room.

I jumped slightly and looked up to see a woman standing across from me. She had brown hair, like mine, brown eyes, like mine and her smile seemed genuine, unlike mine. I hadn't seen Renee in almost four years and she looked worse than I imagined. Her brown hair was dull and her brown eyes were lifeless. Her skin was pasty white and she looked like she had one too many chocolate bars.

I sighed outwardly and stood up, stooping down to grab my duffel bag. Luckily, I didn't pack much in the way of clothes. I didn't plan on going out with Renee and was prepared to spend most of my summer vacation at the beach working on my non existent tan.

"Hello Renee." I said politely as she came and stood before me.

"I'm so glad you decided to come Bella." She gushed pulling me into a bone cracking hug.

I pulled away as soon as she let go of her death grip and shot her a glare, "Let's get one thing straight," I said menacingly, "I'm only here because Dad thinks I need closure from you. I'm doing this for him. Not you. I'm eighteen and legally an adult so do not try to tell me what to do for the three weeks that I'm here." I spat.

I almost felt bad for being rude. Almost. This was the woman who abandoned me and my dad. Her own daughter and husband for her own selfish needs, because she claimed that she wasn't ready to be a mother. If she didn't want me that bad then she should have kept her legs closed. I don't even know why Charlie was so insistent that I come here either, I mean she abandoned us both, not just me. Why was he not harvesting a grudge like me?

"Bella you are free to make your own decisions." Renee said, placing her hand on my arm as if she needed the physical contact with me to make sure I wasn't going to disappear on her, "I'm just glad that you are here and giving me a second chance."

I nodded my head but said nothing more, there was nothing more that needed to be said. This was going to be a long three weeks. The only thing I could hope for was that I would meet someone who would be interested in a summer fling. Someone who could put emotions aside and see that sex was just that. Sex. That there didn't need to be love involved to have a good fucking time. No pun intended. God, I sounded like such a guy, just needing my release in the physical sense.

I guess it was better than needing a release through shooting up or getting high or some shit like that though, right?


"Well how's it going with your mom?" Alice asked.

"I'm here, what more is there?" I asked her, setting the phone on speaker before placing it down on the bed and walking towards the window to look out at the beach.

"Yeah, I guess that's a start." She agreed, "Edward and I got the keys from the Landlord this morning and he already met some guys from the College who are going to help us move in the furniture." She added in, changing the subject, "Do you want the guys to go ahead and set up your bed in your room?"

"Yeah, if they could that would be great." I said appreciatively.

Alice, her boy toy Edward and I all went to high school together in Forks, Washington. We've all been best friends since I could remember, and they have been with me through thick and thin and we weren't going to let a little thing like College stand in our way. We all applied to the same schools and in the end we chose a school that would be far enough away for us to gain our independence, yet close enough that we could travel back home for the holidays.

So that's where my two best friends were now. Sitting in our new, three bedroom home that we were renting for the year so that we could all stick together. Growing up in a small town like Forks was something we didn't want to stray from. So we decided to go to UTT, University of Texas in Tyler. Population: About twenty one thousand. Tyler was bigger than Forks, but still small enough to bring that comfort that we all craved.

"Just make sure you're back for Orientation." She scolded, as if I was going to want to stick around here longer than what I had already agreed to.

I chuckled and walked back to the phone, "My flight is already scheduled," I reminded her, "You just be sure to pick me up at the Airport in three weeks."

"Will do babe, but I have to go, Edward wants me to start on some of the unpacking." She grumbled.

"Talk to you later my bitch." I said, hitting the 'End' button ending the call before she could retaliate.

I flopped down on the bed that I would be occupying for the next twenty-one days. Renee lived right off the beach, so I could see it from the bedroom window. The house was actually pretty nice. It had two bedrooms, a nice sized kitchen and living area, and a huge patio. I didn't know much about Renee and I planned on keeping it that way. As far as I was concerned this was just a mini vacation for me compliments of my father, and Renee was the roommate that I would just avoid at all costs.

I felt a pang in my chest thinking about Charlie. It was agreed that I would fly out to Florida for three weeks then fly directly to Texas to get settled into our new home before school started. I wouldn't see Charlie again until December when we went back home for Winter Break.

How many days would that be? I wondered vaguely. I was calculating the days in my head when I drifted off to sleep that night.


"Where have you been?" Renee asked as soon as I walked in the door.

God, I had never been down here in the South before and the heat was killing me. Sweat was dripping down in between my shoulder blades and my hair was sticking to the back of my neck.

I glanced over at the clock on the wall and saw that it was just after one in the afternoon. I had only been gone for about five hours. I woke up early and noticed the sun shining brightly just calling for me to come outside and enjoy its burning rays. I threw on my royal blue bikini and left before Renee had even woken up. I spent the entire morning walking around the beach and playing in the water.

"The beach." I said, opening the refrigerator looking for some nourishment.

It was crazy hot out there and I was parched. Next time I was going to have to bring some water with me or something or I might faint from heat exhaustion.

"Oh...Well there's this small shopping center right down the street from here," Renee started, "There's all kinds of stores and even a night Club, as well as a couple of Restaurants, if you're interested in maybe going sometime with me?" She asked, she sounded so unsure of herself.

"Sounds like it's own little town." I replied sucking down the bottle of water, there was no reason for me to be a complete ass to her. Yet.

"It really is." She said, enthused that I was talking with her. "It's all outdoors, but covered with palm trees so it doesn't get too hot."

I nodded along, still gulping at the water. I would have to go check it out tonight. For now though, I was tired and ready for an afternoon nap.

"I'm going back to bed." I said, throwing the water bottle in the trash can and walking past Renee. I knew that I was brushing her off and she wanted to spend some time with me, but I just couldn't do that right now. More than anything right now I needed Jake. I needed the release that he could give me to make me forget my problems. I knew it was wrong to use him like that, but he knew me better than I knew myself sometimes.

I was sometimes referred to as wild and crazy and a slut. And in a small town like Forks, the rumors pretty much stuck. After the shit with Adam went down I stopped sleeping around with the guys of Forks and settled on just being with Jake in that way. It wasn't something that I was proud of but at the same time, what could I do about it? It was all fucking true. The town of course blamed Renee and Charlie went to bat for me claiming that I had Mommy Issues, and to my astonishment Jake agreed.

At first I was offended as fuck, but as he explained his reasoning to me it all made sense. It didn't stop us from doing what we did or me needing the meaningless sex from him, but it at least put it into perspective for me. And he was right. I used sex to forget my problems. Sex to me made me feel like I was wanted for once in my life. My dad was great growing up, don't get me wrong, but I never had the love of two parents. I felt like I was still missing something. So...I tried to find it. After Jake, Mike, Tyler, Greg, and Adam I still hadn't found it. Whatever it was that I was looking for.


"She's gone." I sobbed into my hands, "She fucking left! After promising me that she changed."

"Baby, I'm so sorry." Jake said, wrapping me up into his strong, tanned arms, "You knew that this was probably going to happen though." He reminded me.

"I hate her!" I screamed, "I hate her so fucking much!"

I was fifteen and this was the sixth time Renee had walked back into my life only to run back out never once looking back. I couldn't do this shit anymore. I couldn't go through this again. Never fucking again, I promised myself. I looked up at Jake who looked heartbroken. Jake truly loved me as a friend and I loved him like a friend should. He was my rock and was always here for me after Renee would pull her Houdini trick.

"Make me forget, Jake." I whispered, looking him in his pained eyes, tears falling from mine. "I need you."

"What do you want to do Bells?" He asked me, "We can do whatever you want. Do you want to go see a movie?"

"No Jake." I whispered, shaking my head, "I want you. All of you." I begged him, "Please."

Jake just nodded his head and brought his lips to mine. It was comforting. Jake and I had been kissing since we were thirteen, of course not in front our dad's, but when we were alone it was something we did for fun. And it didn't hurt that he was damn good at it either.

He ran his tongue across my lower lip before parting my lips and pushing his tongue into my mouth gently. I moaned greedily into his mouth and searched for more. Somewhere while we were playing tonsil hockey, Jake lost his shirt, showing off his perfect six pack abs. Even at fifteen he had an impressive body. I eagerly tugged down his jeans not breaking apart from our kiss. There was no need for this to be gentle or loving. I didn't want that. I wanted to forget, and I wanted to get lost in him.

Jake grabbed my hips roughly in his capable hands and I was a goner. I freely gave him my virginity that night and unbeknown to me, Jake had given me his heart.

End Flashback

I woke up to the sound of waves crashing onto the shore and pelicans making a bunch of racket right outside the window. I could have gotten used to the sound of the ocean if it weren't for those damn birds. Tyler didn't have pelicans right? If so we were going to have to relocate.

I moaned and opened my eyes to see that the sun had already set and the darkness was beginning to take over, where the night life would most likely emerge. Seeing as how it was my first night in Florida I decided to take advantage of what the night life here had to offer. Best case scenario, I find someone willing to buy me a drink and make a friend, and worst case scenario...I don't.

I jumped into the shower that was down the hall from the room I was currently occupying and did a quick shave of everything. Walking back to my room, I pulled open my suitcase and brought out a pair of worn out faded blue jeans and my white blouse. The blouse was a little tight and showed a sliver of skin on my stomach since it didn't reach my pants. It didn't look trashy in my opinion, it was

After I dried my hair and put on a small amount of make up I realized that I haven't heard anything from Renee yet.

"Renee?" I called out, peeking my head out the door and towards the stairs.

No answer.

Huh. I grabbed my shoes and walked down the stairs. First thing I saw was a note on the kitchen table.


I am out to dinner with a friend of mine. We would have invited you but you were pretty much out of it. I'll be back tonight and I hope to talk to you then.


Mom? What a fucking joke. I snorted and grabbed my purse and cell from the counter and walked out onto the patio. I was most definitely coming back here after I explored some, but that didn't mean I was going to talk to her.

As I made my way across the sand of the beach the salty air surrounded me, covering me like a blanket. It was extremely humid out here, but with the right amount of cool wind, it was oddly comfortable.

I made my way to the street and could see a bunch of different colored lights up ahead. That must be where Renee was talking about. It only took me about fifteen minutes of walking until I came right into the middle of what looked to be Downtown of this city. There were buildings on either side of me that were, like Renee said lined with palm trees in the front. But what caught my eye was what looked like the only night club in this city.

I just hoped it was eighteen and up because I didn't have a fake I.D. On me that is. Walking up I saw that there was no line so I walked straight up to the big, bald headed man, who I assumed was the bouncer. Why were all bouncers big and bald? Was there some kind of rule that that was the way they had to be?

I handed over my license and was happy when he stamped my hand that just put a small 'X' on top. I might not be able to buy my own drinks, but at least I could go in. Walking in I could hear the bass pumping and saw bodies swaying in time to the music. It looked like the average night club.

Just take a look around then we can blow this joint and look around for something more, I told myself.

I couldn't even explain to myself why I was here. I didn't want to say that I was looking for a quick fuck because that made me sound trashy and just like a guy, but if I was being completely honest with myself I was holding out hope for one.

I made my way to the middle of the dance floor where bodies were pressed against each other, not caring of anyone's personal space. Perfect, maybe I could just dance along and have a good time before I left.

I didn't care what song was playing, all I knew was that if was fast paced and it was something that I could move to easily. Not caring if anyone was watching I made my way to the middle of the dance floor and let the music take control over my body. My hips moved of their own accord and the rest of me just went along for the ride. Dancing and sex went hand in hand to me. They were both things that I loved doing and I did them well.

Bodies were soon pressed against me and I moved in sync with them. I couldn't tell you if they were males or females or both, I didn't care to look. I ground my hips on the body parts stuck to me and on more than one occasion I had to forcibly remove wandering hands.

I may have been a fucked up person who uses sex as a stress reliever, but I wasn't easy. If you wanted me then you can bet your ass that you had to work for me. When the hands were removed I went back to dancing and grinding.

Bodies came and went from around me, but I didn't pay them any special attention. It wasn't until I felt two new bodies against me that caught my attention. These two bodies were pressed on either side of me and I could tell that they haven't been on the dance floor long. Their body temperature was cooler than mine and they didn't smell like the sweat that surrounded the air around us. I looked to my left and saw a gorgeous blond man with piercing green eyes. He was tall, extremely tall, I would guess at over six foot and had the face of an angel. That sounded so cliche but it was true none-the-less. He smiled suddenly showing me that he had a dimple in his right cheek.

Feeling the grinding from him in my hip I smiled at him and winked before turning to my right to see who was on that side. Getting ready to tell them to fuck off so I could have this God-like creature on my left, I opened my mouth only to close it right away. What the fuck? This man was just as blond as the other and was just as tall. The only difference was that he had piercing blue eyes, not green.

They each had their noticeable differences, but the one thing they had in common was that they were both wickedly handsome.

God must have a sick fucking sense of humor, I fumed to myself, there was no way in hell I could choose between them! I want them both dammit. The guy on my right smiled at me and continued to grind his pelvis into me while I started back to swaying my hips provocatively. I looked back to my left and saw Blond man number one looking at blond man number two and nodded his head and gave him a wink.

Fucking figures. There was no way that two men that gorgeous were straight. They were gay. Of course they're gay Bella! I scolded myself, like the fates would ever be that nice to me. I grumbled inwardly but continued dancing to the song. At least I would get one good dance out of the two of them before I went back to being by my lonesome. I felt two arms wrap around my waist and the guys leaned in closer to me, pulling me into them.

They switched it up and I watched as blue eyes went to my front while green eyes moved in behind me. We continued dancing like that throughout the rest of the song, one of them occasionally grabbing my hips into them. Green eyes even moved my hair off my shoulder and placed feather light kisses along my neck causing my girlie bits to tingle. Blue eyes moved his hands down to my ass and squeezed hard, his hands more than likely brushing against the crotch of green eyes.

Fuck me.

I moaned and moved my neck to the side as blue eyes leaned in to the other side of my neck and began sucking on my pulse point.

"Would you like to get out of here Darlin'?" Green eyes asked me from the side, licking on a spot on my neck then sucking gently where he licked. And fuck me sideways, his southern accent was like nothing I have ever heard before. My panties immediately dampened and I couldn't help but picture him in a cowboy hat.

"Fuck yes." I moaned in his ear.

I opened my eyes to see him look at blue eyes, communicating with him using no words. They each grabbed my hand and led me out of the Club and into the night. This might not have been the smartest move on my part, leaving with two strange men, but at the same time I couldn't bring myself to care too much. If even one of them fucked me to death I would die a very happy girl.

There were no words spoken between the three of us as we walked back towards the beach together. My arms felt tingly from the little shock like vibes going through my body. I have never responded like this to anyone before and it kind of freaked me out. My heart fluttered wildly at the thought of being with the both of them and it constricted tightly at the thought of not getting to be with one of them.

Did that make me sick? I know people have threesomes and shit like that and usually I'm not into that kind of thing, but with these two, I was willing to make an exception. But if they weren't into that kind of thing, how was I supposed to choose between them? I couldn't. I wouldn't. I was now at an all new level of sexual frustration, but there was something nagging me in the back of my mind that it was either both of them or neither of them. I wouldn't choose between them. It almost felt like I needed both of them.

"Are you a local here?" The man on my right asked me, giving my hand a small, reassuring squeeze.

I smiled back at him before replying, "No, I'm just here visiting a friend of the family's."

"How long are you here for then?"

"Three weeks." I said, looking straight ahead.

"Same as us." Blue eyes said smiling softly at me.

By now we reached the beach and the way the moon was sparkling on the water it felt like a setting in a cheesy romance novel. But it was beautiful. Suddenly green eyes picked me up around the waist and put me on his back, taking off with me down the shore. Instinct kicked in and I wrapped my legs securely around his waist and my arms gripped onto his neck.

I was so startled at first that I didn't react but I turned around to see blue eyes laughing behind us and chasing after us. I laughed out loud and clung tighter to green eyes. If blue eyes decided to tackle him then there was no hope in me not going down with him.

Green eyes ran for a couple more minutes before stopping and falling into the sand and pulling me down with him, both of us breathless from laughter. Blue eyes caught up with us a few seconds later and collapsed onto the sand beside us, adjusting me so that I was sitting in between them. I looked over at him and my breath caught in my throat. The way the moon was shining off of his golden hair made his eyes look impossibly darker. Suddenly his mouth was on mine, in a non gentle way.

His kiss wasn't soft and it wasn't unwanted. It was full of passion and need. I could almost feel his need for me radiating off of him and onto me. I groaned into his mouth as his tongue sought out mine, his hands gripping my waist firmly. I found myself straddling him, our chests pressed together. I jumped when I felt a second set of hands grazing lightly up the sides of my stomach beneath my blouse, and immediately relaxed as green eyes whispered in my ear.

"Is this okay, darlin'?" He asked.

I took my mouth away from blue eyes and gasped in some much needed air before answering him.

"Yes." I panted.

I threw my head back as blue eyes kissed up and down my neck and green eyes began unbuttoning the top few buttons on my blouse. I reached behind me and grabbed in between green eyes legs and felt his stiff member twitch as my hand made contact with its goal.

God, he was definitely packing down there. I moaned as blue eyes bit me sharply on the neck, bringing my attention back onto him.

I was stripped of my blouse and somewhere during that time both my guys lost their shirts. I looked down and saw the perfect, sculpted abs of the two boys and ran my finger down each of their chests.

I felt blue eyes shudder from my touch and green eyes' skin broke out in the goose bumps. I felt a little smug at the thought that I made them feel like that. Green eyes smiled at me as he opened his eyes and I was once again drawn to his trademark dimple in his cheek. That's what I was going to call him. Dimples. It sounded better than green eyes.

I was brought out of my thoughts as the guys both laid me down onto the sand with dimples hovering over me and blue eyes laying down beside me.

"Do you want us both darlin?" Blue eyes asked me, brushing a strand of hair away from my eyes so that I could see him clearly.

I stared into his eyes for a moment, trying to gauge if he was okay with that.

"I do." I whispered, "But I've never done...that before." I admitted shyly.

I certainly wasn't a virgin by any means, but I was a virgin to having two guys at the same time.

"Neither have we sugar." He said, smiling back at me. "There's just something about you..." He trailed off.

Yes, there was something about them as well. For once in my life, this didn't feel like meaningless sex to me. It scared me to be honest, but I have never felt like this before with a guy, much less two guys. What did that mean? And what would happen when our three weeks were up? Would I ever see them again? Would we continue this for the next three weeks or was this just a onetime thing?

My pants sliding down my legs brought me out of my musings. Those kinds of thoughts could wait until morning. All I wanted right now was to get lost in my two guys. Really Bella? My inner monologue voiced, Your two guys? They are far from Yours.

I sighed inwardly, how I wish they could be Mine.

"Tell us what you want darlin'?" Blue eyes demanded in his husky voice filled with lust.

"You." I answered immediately, not even having to think about it, "I want both of you."

My white thong was slid down my legs next and I could feel the cotton glide down easily. Where my clothes were, I had no idea and really, I didn't care. The sand scratched into my back and ass and legs but it was a good kind of scratch. It was painful to an extent but it wasn't painful enough to make me want to stop.

Blue eyes was kneeling at my head now and I could see his cock straining against his pants. I reached my right hand up slowly, seeing his eyes follow my hands movements. I went slowly so that he could stop me if he wanted to. I didn't want to do anything that he wouldn't like. My hand made its way to the zipper on his Levi blue jeans and I swiftly pulled it down then tugged his pants down along with his boxers, freeing his massive erection.

And holy shit, massive it was. I licked my lips in anticipation and saw a bead of pre-come leak out onto the tip of it. My hand wrapped around the base of his cock and I brought it down to my mouth and licked off the pre-come. I heard his sharp hiss and his low voiced "Fuck". At this time Dimples was using his fingers to explore my folds. I would have found it really embarrassing except it was dark out and I knew that he couldn't see much. That and he knew how to work his fingers on me. It was like he was worshiping my body with his fingers and I needed more.

Right when I sucked blue eyes' cock into my mouth, Dimples thrust his finger inside me, knuckle deep. I moaned loudly around the dick in my mouth which caused blue eyes to thrust deeper into my throat.

"Oh fuck!" He cried out.

I pushed down onto Dimples' finger, needing more friction down there. Dimples and Blue eyes got into a rhythm together where they were both thrusting their perspective body parts into me at the same time so I was riding a roller coaster of unrelenting pleasure. I felt my nipples being tugged upwards and downwards but I had no idea who was doing the tugging, yet at the same time I didn't care.

I took what little concentration I had left and put into the cock that was in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head, licking off the delicious pre come in the process. I relaxed my throat which caused him to go a little bit further in and I could feel the tightness of his skin on his shaft. It was such an erotic feeling, knowing that I was the one bringing him this pleasure.

"Fuck sugar, I'm about to come." Blue eyes moaned.

I leaned up slightly to take him even further into my throat then swallowed around him, which apparently took him off guard because the next second he moaned loudly and spilled his seed down my throat. I had to swallow quickly so that none escaped or I choked on it. He had the best tasting come I had ever tasted and I was already contemplating how I could get more of his come down my throat again.

Suddenly I was brought over the edge as my own orgasm ripped through me when Dimples tugged gently on my bundle of nerves. I could feel my juices running down my thighs and I was breathing hard through my nose.

I sat up quickly, being careful to avoid getting sand in my nether region, and pushed Dimples down onto his back.

"Your turn." I whispered at him, keeping my eyes trained on him.

I reached behind me and grabbed blue eyes' hand. He intertwined our fingers together and we both looked down on Dimples, who was looking at us with some emotion in his eyes that I had only seen once before with Jake. I did a double take and it was gone and in its place was unadulterated lust. I moved so that I was straddling his legs and blue eyes came and squatted behind me, wrapping his arms around either side of me like a warm embrace and taking my breasts into his palms.

"What do think about having the both of us in you at the same time sugar?" He asked pinching my nipples and making them stick out into the warm air, licking the shell of my ear and sending shivers down my spine.

"I've never done it...there before." I moaned, putting my head back so that it was resting on his chest.

"Let us do the work then." He offered.

I didn't say anything else, instead I nodded my consent and reached down to pull down the last layer of clothing that was separating me from Dimples. As soon as his pants were down his erection stood straight up at attention and fuck me, it was just as big as blue eyes, only thicker! I thought steroids were supposed to shrink the package, not enhance it!

"Here," Blue eyes said holding out something in front of me, "Put this on him and then slide that sweet pussy down onto his cock." He instructed.

I moaned at the roughness of his voice and reveled in the idea of him taking charge of this, especially since I had no idea how to go about this.

I took the foil packet out of his hand and saw that I was holding a condom. Thank God for someone thinking rationally tonight. I opened the packet and smiled down at my Dimpled man before slipping the latex onto his cock, which twitched as I rolled the condom onto it.

Once it was on all the way I hovered over him and placed him at my entrance as he placed his hands on my hips guiding me down onto him. We both hissed as I felt him stretching me. It was like I could feel him in my stomach.

"Oh God." I said, raising up slightly and sliding back down him, eager for the friction and the feeling of him sliding in and out of me.

"Fuck yes, Darlin'." He moaned, raising me up and dropping me back down again, over and over. I could hear the sounds of our bodies slapping together and mixed in with the sounds of the waves crashing onto the shore it made the experience that much better.

I was so into what I was doing with him that I forgot Blue eyes was still sitting behind me. I jumped slightly as I felt his hands grip my shoulders, "Are you ready for me?" He asked me.


"Lean forward." He demanded.

Dimples and I stopped our movements and he held me still while the God like creature behind me prepared my other tight hole for the invasion it was about to receive.

I did as he said and looked into the deep green eyes in front of me and was momentarily mesmerized. For the first time in my life I felt complete. Like just being with the two of them, the world made sense now. It was the strangest feeling, but one that I reveled in and didn't want to let go.

I felt him rub his finger against my tight hole back there and tensed on reflex.

"Relax." He whispered.

I laid my head on Dimples and felt him run his fingers through my hair, while leaving light kisses on the top of my head.

"Concentrate on me." He said, lifting my face so that I was looking at him once again.

He brought my mouth to his and coerced my tongue out so that we were tasting each other like it was the last time we would get to do so. I was so caught up in him that I barely registered Blue eyes stretching me out with his fingers to accommodate to his gargantuan size.

I briefly heard another packet opening and assumed it was him putting on a condom. I continued to kiss Dimples softly before we broke away from each other, gasping for air. I could get so lost in the two of them I forget how to breathe.

"You're going to feel a lot of pressure," Blue eyes said gently, leaning over my back, "But just tell me to stop if it gets to be too much for you and I will." He promised.

"Okay." I replied.

Slowly he made his way into me and holy hell, a lot of pressure was a huge fucking understatement. Inch by inch he made his way inside me until he was fully sheathed inside me, just waiting for me to tell him it was alright for him to continue. I whimpered lightly at the feel of him in me in that intimate place of mine. He was stretching me in a way that no man had stretched me before and it burned like hell.

After a couple of seconds getting used to his size it started to feel...arousing, surprisingly.

"Fuck, I can feel you man." Dimples said his eyes closed a look of content on his beautiful face.

"I can feel you too." Blue eyes responded.

"You can go now." I whispered, my eyes still shut tight.

Slowly they both began to move inside me and it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I was completely filled by their two cocks and I could even feel them rubbing against one another through my walls. It was the most incredible experience and I didn't know how I was ever supposed to live without this feeling again.

Dimples grabbed onto my hips tighter, digging his nails into my flesh, moving me at the pace that was comfortable for the two of them. I reached down and grabbed onto his abs, raking my nails down his front.

"Oohhh, fuck." He groaned out and thrust harder into me.

"Come for us." He demanded, "Now."

He brought his hand down to my clit and pinched it between his fingers, causing me to fly off the edge once again. I screamed into the hollow of his neck as my orgasm washed over me and I could feel my walls tightening around the two of them.

In unison they both growled and stilled their movements. I could feel the heat radiating from the condoms and knew that they both found their release as well.

I could feel a thin sheet of sticky sweat building in between Dimples and my body. My hair was sticking to my neck and we were all breathing hard.

We stayed like that for I don't know how long before I came to my senses and realized that we were still on the public beach and anyone could walk by and see us like this. That is if they hadn't of walked by already.

"I should probably be heading back." I whispered to no one in particular. I didn't want this night to end. I didn't want to lose them.

They each pulled out of me gently and helped me to my feet. We looked at one another and chuckled quietly seeing as how we were all covered in sand. The boys gently ran their hands down my body in the most sensual of ways ridding my body of the sand that clung to me like a second skin.

"I think we're going to have to rinse off in the water if we want any chance of putting our clothes back on." Dimples said, looking longingly at my body that was on full display for the both of them.

Each of them grabbed a hand and led me down and into the water. We went in and stopped as the water reached to my rib cage then they stopped and pulled me in between them. The water was chilly now with the sun not being out and goose bumps broke out across my skin. I was facing and staring intently into blue eyes, while all of our hands explored one another. Fingers were tracing my perky nipples and fondling my ass cheeks while my hands were running over the strong shoulders of the man in front of me.

One look into his eyes and I was lost among the sea of blue. He leaned down quickly and captured my lips with his, pushing his tongue past my lips and into the cave of my mouth. I sucked on his tongue lightly causing him to moan loudly, exhaling his warm breath onto me. I pulled away slightly so that I could tug on his bottom lip with my teeth. While he and I went back and forth, our tongues fighting for dominance, I could feel Dimples' hands sneaking around to my front, grabbing my skin roughly as he went, until he reached his destination at my breasts.

He tugged and pulled on my nipples making me cry out in pleasure. I broke away from blue eyes and turned my head so that I was looking at Dimples. With his hand he kept a firm hold onto my chin and leaned down and pressed his lips roughly to mine. It was like this was the last time that he might ever have the chance to do this with me and he was not going to take it for granted. Fingers were everywhere, all over my body and I knew not which ones belonged to who and neither did I care. I was lost in the moment and I never wanted it to end.

I leaned my head back so that it was resting on green eyes chest, panting heavily, while his fingers kept up their ministrations around my stomach and down my thighs. "As much as I want to do this again, I don't want to do this in ocean water." I breathed out. It killed me to say it, but for one there was no telling what would happen to me if we did it in nasty sea water. They let me go, and nodded in understanding.

"We'll walk you back." Dimples said, grabbing my hand and intertwining our fingers, much like Blue eyes had done earlier. I smiled at him and nodded as Blue eyes grabbed my other hand and did the same thing.

When we got to Renee's I saw that the porch light was on and there was a light shining out through the window from the kitchen. Throughout the two minute walk to Renee's house it seemed like they found new and inventive ways to just touch me. Whether it was pushing back some of my hair from my face, or running their fingertips over my blushing cheeks or kissing the backs of my hands.

Of course with me being in the middle, one hand in each of theirs all I could do was squeeze their hands periodically to convey to them that I didn't want this night to end either.

"Can we see you tomorrow?" Blue eyes asked me.

"Of course," I replied, pretending that this was nothing more than the summer fling that I had been looking for, "We still have three weeks right?"

The boys looked at one another then looked at me, their faces expressionless.

"We sure do."

With that, they kissed my cheeks and then strolled off into the night. As I closed the door behind them I couldn't help but feel a sense of longing. They left and it was like they took a piece of me with them, a piece that I didn't want back unless they gave it to me personally.

I was so fucked. I was in over my head and I didn't know what to do. What we did tonight wasn't just sex for me for once. It meant more to me and I didn't know how I was going to make it after our three weeks were up or if they would even want to see me again after this. I didn't know what their feelings were for me, but I highly doubted that they were as strong as mine were for them.

That and the fact that I didn't even get their names. God, that made me sound like a two bit whore or something. I was just so caught up in the two of them it didn't even occur to me to ask them for their names and in my defense, they didn't know my name either, or my age. Not that it mattered really, they looked to be in their late twenties and I was eighteen so there wasn't a problem there. Age didn't really matter to me, but that's not to say it wouldn't bother them.

Don't think about it, I scolded myself. We had three weeks to spend together and if they would have me I would make sure not a moment was wasted. At the end of our three weeks we would all go our separate ways and never see each other again. One thing I knew for certain though was that I would always look back on this summer as the summer that I finally felt fulfilled for once in my life.

I had finally found what I was looking for in the arms of two of the most passionate men I had ever met. It would definitely be a summer to remember. The summer I finally found love in the most unconventional way.

And with that thought I started the shower, stripped off my clothes, and sat down on the tiled floor and let the hot water wash away my tears.