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Chapter 1: The beginning

It all started here. In Virginia. In my room with the lights off and my music on. The inspiration I got the first time was like none others. I saw it in my mind and it came to life. I opened my laptop and started writing. It wasn't hard; the words were flowing out like a little river. It wasn't complicated I just needed to let my mind go free. This was it I knew it was right. Even if I knew that any moment my little brother could barge in and my inspiration would fly away. Even if I knew I could get distracted by my little dog sleeping next to me, I kept writing. I couldn't let go. I was cold, but I didn't want to get up, just in case, I would lose this small thought of something.

"Lily!" and that was it, my thought went lose and I lost it, all because my mother was calling me. My bedroom door slammed and I saw Joseph come in.

"Mommy said you needed to get your butt down in the kitchen your boyfriend is here." I couldn't believe he just ran in.

"I told you to knock first! And he isn't my boyfriend!" My brother giggled and ran out of my room singing

"Lily has a boyfriend, Lily has a boyfriend, Lily has a boyfriend" I was going to kill that little devil.

"Shut up Joseph. I told you he was just a friend." I screamed at the top of my lungs, while trying to sprint down the hall and up the stairs to the kitchen.

I stopped at the mirror checking my hair, to make sure it was still in place and I replied a coat of cranberry-Vanilla lip gloss. My favorite. Also Sam's favorite, the guy in the kitchen for those of you who are wondering. How I knew it was his favorite, well let's just say it's one of these girls' instincts. I appeared in the kitchen and I saw matter of fact that Sam was sitting at the Island in the middle of our kitchen. He was talking with my mother. As would say my best friend Riley, he was one handsome and hot guy. He was tall with shaggy dark hair and bright green eyes. Like I said earlier, he was just my guy best friend. Nothing more.

"Hey" I said. Sam got up and came up to me.

"Hey, how are you?" I was a bit surprised by how close he was, but let's just face it, he was Sam he was always like that.

"I'm fine, so what's up?" I asked, because I was starting to get curious by why he was here.

"Well, I really needed to talk to you and I couldn't do that over the phone, so I decided I would come to see to you." My heart started beating fast, what would be important enough that he couldn't call?

"Okay, well we'll go talk in my room then." At that moment my mom interfered.

"I wouldn't think so Birdie." Yes believe it or not, my mom called me birdie. She said my eyes, were big and shiny just like a bird. When she had told me that, I had answered her by asking her since when, had she seen a bird up close. Anyways let's come back to the moment.

"Mom, we aren't going to do anything, we are just friends, for god's sake!" I almost lost my temper, like I did every once in a while, well actually, I actually lost it a couple of times a day. I got that from my dad.

"I know Birdie, but still go in the living room please." She said gently.

"Mom!" I said as I stomped off to the living room, with Sam following close behind me.

"Sorry about that, my mom can be a little…" I couldn't find anything to describe her.

"I heard that Birdie" My mom yelled from the kitchen. Once again at that moment, my little brother came bouncing in. He sat between Sam and me. Sam laughed his low sexy laugh.

"Do you mind, Joseph?" I asked my little brother sarcastically.

"Let it go Lily, its fine" Interfered Sam. I looked up at him and smiled. I totally got lost in his green eyes for a moment. A strand of my hair came loose and slowly he brushed it off my face. I could feel my cheeks becoming a soft pink.

"Look Lily, I wanted to tell you something…" he said unsure what to say next. I looked at him once again and my heart skipped a beat. We were best friends for a long time and I guessed I secretly had a crush on him for a long time.

"MOMMY, LILY HAS A BOYFRIEND!" my brother yelled, breaking all the romance in the air. Sam started laughing and I yelled over him

"Shut up Joseph, I told you we were just friends…" At that moment Sam stopped laughing and Joseph left the room.

"Are we just that, friends?" Sam asked quietly.

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