Okay, yes this is another one of those awful Authors note, but its kinda important for the future of this story…

So there's this other website called "Wattpad" and I have been on that site for a while now and its all about reading stories… just like "Fanfiction" in a way. Some of you might of heard of it or maybe not. Anyways my point is that, I started uploading my story "What girls really want" on there. I changed its name on Wattpad it's now called: "The Game of Love". My user name is: "domiie14"

The thing is that, I went back to chapter 1 and made a lot of changes and made it a lot better too. If you are interested on checking it out please do. It would be really appreciated. So if you really like my story and want more info on the context and characters, just check it out on Wattpad because I added details and all.

So maybe if you go please, Comment and Vote!

If you are interested or not on going on Wattpad, please comment below so I can see if I need to continue the story on here for some of you or if I can just upload it all on Wattpad!

The point of this Authors note was just to tell you I have an account on Wattpad with the story (that changed names) and I just want to know how you all feel about it…

If you want to check it out search "Wattpad" in google and then on Wattpad in the search link, type in: The game of Love by domiie14

Thank you my dears, for your time! :D