Well, this is my first fic, so bare with me. I've completed this chapter and am working on further chapters. As you know if you saw the movie (and if you didn't I would turn away now because I'm about to say something that would totally ruin it for you), Bo Peep was sold in a yard sale. I was inspired by the movie to write this story about Woody and Bo (possibly finding each other again!) after seeing the movie. I usually say I'm a reader, not a writer, but this time I decided to try it. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 1-Alone

She stood on the windowsill, admiring the beautiful summer night sky. She sighed, as she felt her tiny porcelain chest shatter into a million pieces. Again. Or, so it seemed. If she had a heart, she knew what it would have felt like to have it broken, over and over again. Every night Bo Peep spent without Woody was an like an eternity in a dark, cold, basement box, and her porcelain skin just couldn't take the cold, harsh temperatures. Ever since she was sold in that yard sale, Bo felt as though a whole half of her had been ripped away, and all she had left was a shell, with no life, or love, left inside it. The new girl she lived with was very smart, funny, and creative, but Lily's stories and adventures weren't half as exciting as Andy's always were. There was no handsome cowboy doll to save her and her flock from what was bound to be certain doom. Oh, Woody. Bo sighed again. Everything was so lonesome without him. Bo remembered, even as Lily found her at the yard sale and was taking her home, already the colors in her world seemed a bit less bright. Now, standing here on this windowsill, she felt as though she'd gone colorblind. Nothing seemed lit it was worth anything without Woody. Bo looked up at the starry summer sky and secretly wished, like she did every night, that Woody was looking out at the sky and could see the same stars as she could. She missed his warmth against her cold skin, she missed the way he would hold her; the protection of his arms and his touch made her feel as though no one could ever hurt her. She missed the loving, caring look he had in his beautiful chocolate brown eyes when he looked longingly into her blue ones. She missed the adorably way he would blush when she talked to him, and how he always made an effort to do things for her, even when Woody had more important things to do. She didn't feel as alive playing with Lily as she had with Andy. She tried to talk to the other toys in this new house but they, too, knew there was something distant about her. It had to have been at least six years since Bo had been sold, but she'd lost count. What did it matter? If she was going to be lonely it would hurt just as badly after five years as it did after five days. Without Woody, Bo was like a broken toy, but somehow, her parts were still intact.

"No one is getting thrown away!" he said, trying desperately to convince his friends that Andy still wanted them, that they were going to be alright. "Come on guys, uh, Slink, we need a staff meeting, come on, gather everyone up!"

"Uh, we are gathered, Woody…"

He looked out at the floor of Andy's room to see his very best friends standing there. Rex, the very brave Tyrannosaurus Rex, even if he had trouble showing it; Ham, the ever-loyal and trustworthy piggy bank; Mr. and Mrs. Potato head along with their three adopted alien children; his unwavering cowgirl companion, Jessie, who watched him with very proud eyes; his trusty steed Bullseye; and lastly, his best friend, Buzz Lightyear. Buzz and Woody had had many experiences together, without Buzz, Woody would not be the toy he was today. He means the world to him.

"Alright," he said, "no one is getting thrown away. Come on guys! We all know this job isn't about getting played with! It's about…"

Jessie cut him off, "Being there for Andy, yeah, we know. We're the only ones left! If you think he's going to take us to college, you're out of your mind."

"Ok, I know we've lost friends along the way, like Wheezy…and Etch…" Woody then heard Rex's voice speak up somewhat softly behind all the other toys, as if he knew he ought not to be saying what he was, "…Bo Peep?" Hearing her name stabbed at Woody's stuffing like a sew-up job gone wrong. He stopped thinking about the staff meeting. He stopped thinking about Andy going to college. He just plain stopped thinking. And he heard her voice, clear as if she'd said it right in his ear, "Woody!" It sounded as though she was scared, she needed his help.

He remembered.

Andy's mom's footsteps climbing up the stairs, into his room. The toys all scattered to their hiding spots. After loosing Wheezy and Etch, everyone was afraid of who would be next. Mom had a box, with two words, "YARD SALE" on it. With those two despairing words, they knew they would lose a friend that day. Andy's mom eventually left the room and went back downstairs. Cautiously, everyone came out into the open.

"Emergency roll call, repeat, Emergency roll call!" Sarge shouted. But his voice already seemed distant to Woody, as though it was playing from a TV down the hallway. Because what Woody saw, even before Sarge did, was that there was one very important face missing. Woody knew she was gone. His Bo, his love, had been taken to the yard sale. Thinking fast, Woody whistled for Buster and rode down to the yard sale. He dashed towards where his friends said they'd seen Bo taken but he was too late. Buster skidded to a halt as Woody saw a little girl carrying her away. Woody fell off of Buster and into the grass. Who had time to worry about grass stains now? He knew she was gone for good. The realization hit him so strongly, the wind may as well have knocked him halfway down the street. Woody would never see Bo Peep again.

Woody's mind eventually came back to the staff meeting, and Andy going to college, but he couldn't bear to put on the face of the strong, optimistic leader that these toys all knew and loved. Woody stepped off the pile of books he's been standing on, and wandered over to the window and looked up at the sky. Rex tried to apologize for bringing up Bo but Woody couldn't even hear him. Buzz told Rex it was all right, he didn't mean anything by it. For all Woody cared about he could have also been sold in a yard sale. Or gone to the Museum with Prospector, Jessie, and Bullseye so many years ago. It felt like a pair of scissors stabbed right through his fluff and stuffing all the way through his body. She was gone. He tried to forget her but something would always bring her back to his mind. He loved her, and she was gone. And who knows where she went. She could have gone right down the street, or she could have been given away as a Christmas present and be halfway across the country by now. The only thing Woody knew for certain, was that when she left, a part of him left with her. He wasn't the rootin' tootin' cowboy he used to be, and he wasn't sure he ever would be. Without Bo, he felt just—hopeless.