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Chapter One: This is How the World Ends

A violent scream tore through the air as yet another student was hit with a curse. As hard as students and order members fought, the death eaters poured in like rain, another two always replacing one taken down. Brilliant colours from hexes and curses flashed in the dark sky, and more bodies littered the ground.

I saw Lavender's body laying, twisted and mutated, on the ground. The patill twins, Fred, Luna, Blaise Zabini, Professor Flitwick, all lay dead on the ground. Their blood soaking into the grounds like radiant tears from the gods.

By the whomping willow stood Voldemort, whipping his wand around gleefully. Laughing as he killed more students. I felt vomit surge up my throat as I saw his childish glee as he slaughtered my peers. I don't know how long I was bent over, emptying my stomach, but each time I thought I was finished the deformed bodies of my friends drifted through my mind and I again bent to the wills of my body. The putrid acid eventually finished rising from my stomach and I straightened wiping my mouth. I immediately turned my eyes toward the whomping willow and out of the corner of my eye I saw Harry creeping up behind Voldemort, wand out and a determined look in his eye.

Acting on instinct I turned and quickly barked off another hex and quickly returned my attention to the scene playing out before me. Harry continued to creep closer to the death eater King, when all of a sudden the dark lord stiffened. Spinning around quickly, calmly speaking a curse and then seconds later Harry crumpled to the ground. A horrible keening noise seemed to be rising about the sounds of death and destruction. Louder and louder this painful moan rose, until I realized that that painful racket was being torn from my throat.

I feel to my knee's, tears blurring my vision as I waited, wanting for a spell to hit me. I would rather die now than become a slave of Voldemort's. He'd won, and there was no way I'd shackle myself to that monster. The waiting was unbearable and sweat started to trickle down my back, making the tension build. I couldn't understand how in the middle of a war I couldn't get killed. My shriek of pain from earlier started to catch on as people realized their hero had died. I heard the moan of defeat rise up from the weary throats of the side of the light. They knew it was over just as I did, they knew that as bad as it had been before, it would be doubly bad now. Wearily I opened up my eyes, looking for a worthy opponent to end this misery, and I found one almost immediately.

Bellatrix stood before me, cackling wildly brandishing her wand.

"Look at the little mudblood, already on her knee's? Oh, dear don't bother getting up, you have no chance of defeating me! Bellatrix, the mistress of the Dark Lord!" She laughed mirthlessly and leveled her wand at my face. "Prepare to die mudblood!" I watched her lips form the words and saw the green light leave the end of her wand, streaking towards my immobile body. This was the end for me, I would die here, and honestly I couldn't care less.

Despite my apathetic view on the remainder of my life, I couldn't help but cover my face. Looking death in the face was never a pleasant experience, no matter how dedicated one was to their cause.

Everything seemed to slow down as I watched that jag of green fly towards my face through my fingers. Memories from my life seemed to flash before my eyes. Images of Ron fondling me, saying that he didn't want to die a virgin. I deeply regret refusing him now. My parents in Australia, forever locked away with no memories of their former life or daughter. My newts that I never got to take, the career that I never got to achieve. My life is full of regrets, and I'll never get to fix them. All of this flashed before my eyes in less than a second.

Suddenly filled with the resolve to see my death proudly and bravely, I looked up into her wild eyes and raised my chin. I almost could chuckle ruefully because if Professor Snape could see me now he'd be mocking my 'gryffindor stupidity,' but I was determined for my last moments to be proud ones. The green light was almost at my chest when a large black heavy object pushed me over into safety. Stunned I looked over to see Ron's dead face grimacing at me in mockery, covered in blood. Our faces were inches apart, and sobs racked my body. Poor Ron, i'd... i'd. Poor, sad, insufferable Ron. Dead. I should have been dead right now, I should have already joined Ron in the heavens.

"Hermoine you could have been killed you insufferable little child! What were you thinking! You stupid fucking gryffindor, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" Professor Snape grabbed my shoulders and shook me roughly. I merely looked up at him blankly. Think? I didn't want to live, let alone think of living. "Her...Miss. Granger," I noticed a change in his voice and wearily looked up at him, "its time to take you to the Dark Lord, see what he has planned for you."

I looked up to him, panic beginning to set it. He'd saved me to bring me to his bloody master. Some spy he is, for VOLDEMORT! He'd been betraying the Order this whole bloody time. I started to struggle in his fists as he started to drag me up the hill towards his lord.

"I'm still you're little spy," He whispered cruelly in my ear and continued dragging me across the bodies of my fellow students. Carelessly he walked over their mutated bodies, pulling me behind him. Many times I saw the lifeless face of a fallen peer and wanted to stop to mourn, but Snape (bastard that he is) kept dragging me towards his bloody master. I started struggling in earnest before what he said finally hit me in the face.

Over the months that we'd worked together for the order, we'd began a sort of... rocky friendship. He was still snarky as usual, and I was still 'know it all', but we'd began to respect each other. I remember the one time he'd been called away to a Death Eater meeting in the middle of our potions time. I'd told him to be okay and he said that 'my little spy would come back all right.' Of course he was being sarcastic and moody, but since then it had caught on between us as one of our personal jokes.

If what he just whispered in my ear was the truth he was still spying, just keeping up his facade so that he could still work properly as a member of the order. Sneaky bastard of a slytherin, but I understood why he was doing it...my little spy, always thinking in the bloody right direction. I jerked my head up to look at him and gave him a slight nod letting him know that his message had been heard loud and clear. "I'm still for the light, and play along."

"Severus, who have you brought me?" A voice filled with cold triumph sounded roughly in the battlefield. While I'd battled his death eaters countless times, I'd never had the privilege of meeting their insane master. I started to raise my head but a cool hand gripped my neck tightly. 'Don't look up,' the hand sternly corrected.

"Why, if it isn't our fallen hero's little mudblood whore. How wonderful that you could join us in our celebrations. I can assure you that Lucious has been asking for you for quite some time. He will be pleased you could make it. Look up at me you little cunt! Crucio!"

Pain burst through my body as the unforgivable curse shocked through my body. It seemed as if my skin was being melted down, my nerve endings been electrocuted. My eyes rolled back in my head but I refused to scream. I wouldn't give this mad man the satisfaction of seeing me bow down to his power. The curse had progressed and I bit back a painful scream as someone shoved into my virgin pussy. Coupled with the curse, the rape was hard to bear and finally a scream tore through my mouth.

Hard boots smashed at my ribs, and a hot poker was being driven into me ruthlessly. Screams tore though my throat as it felt that fire was being lit on my insides. Each stroke of his hips, caused shrill screams to erupt from my mouth. Again and again he drove into me with insane pleasure at seeing me burn from the inside out. Dimly I could hear the grunts of 'mudblood bitch is so tight,' along with the moans of what I assumed to be Malfoy. Suddenly his thrust got jerkier and even more powerful. Tears streamed down my face as he came into me moaning with pleasure.

Vomit again surged up my throat, but a cold hand was placed over my mouth. I was forced to swallow my bile as I timidly opened my eyes. Lucious Malfoy was at the end of that cold alien hand and was smirking smugly down at me. Slowly he stood up and I could see my blood staining the inside of his thighs. More blood than just a virgins blood. He ripped me from the insides. Again bile rose into my throat and again a hand clamped down on my mouth.

"You vomit now bitch and I'll use my knife next time." I shuddered and looked away, my eyes falling on Professor Snape. His coal black eyes bored into me, I could feel his fevered gaze, although outwardly I couldn't discern a thing from them. Then again taking into account the fact that most of my brain cells had just been smacked out... well you can't blame a girl.

A cold chuckle emerged from the throat of Voldemort as he stared down at me with mixture of disgust and amusement.

"You were right Severus, her thoughts are amusingly logical. I definitely see the benefits that she will bring to our cause." At this my weakened body tensed and a muffled what emerged from my battered throat. No way in hell was I going to join this despot! He's killed millions of my kind and... my thoughts were cut off as a heavy hand landed on my cheek, quickly followed by a punch to the nose. I heard a loud crack, and a gush of hot blood gushed into my mouth.

Suddenly my hands and arms were pulled taught by a spell and I was quickly disrobed and on my back. I shuddered and winced with what might be coming. A sound whistled through the air and suddenly a flash of pure fire whipped across my back. Again and again the whip fell down to my back and I twisted and screamed. Finally it was done, and my back felt hot and numb as blood trickled down my sides.

"You will join us my little mudblood. I have seen to it." I shivered at the implications in his voice. His cold red eyes drilled into me and he make a small movement with his hands. Two bags were dropped at his feet, blood dripping out of them. "this my little mudblood," I tried to sneer that the endearment, " is how I will get you to our cause."

With a smooth wave of his wand the bags unravelled and the bloodied bodies of my parents crumpled onto the ground. I stared at them in disbelief before I fell shuddering to the ground. To... much...pain. A raged scream tore at my already torn throat. They... he... he killed them. I have no body left. Not one bloody person, except Snape.

"Yes my little mudblood. You don't have anyone left. You are alone. Oh wait," he paused and I felt him push his way into my mind searching for that last thought, "Severus it seems that the little mudblood have a school girls crush on you." Despite the cruelty i've already experienced at his hands, I had to blush as my darkest secrets were bared to these dirty men. " And since she seems to dote on you so much... you may-" he voice cut off as he crumpled to the ground.

Unbelievably Harry Potter stood behind him, shaking with the effort of the dark curse.

"You...you will never hurt anyone...ever again." He managed to say before he collapsed, and I welcomed the darkness as I too let myself fall into its welcoming embrace.


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