Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or Daybreakers. They belong to their beloved creators Stepenie Meyer and Michael and Peter Spierig. Well, here it is the final chapter. I hope you enjoy it.

Stupid Pixie

Always has to Ruin Everything

Emmett's Point of View

I was still upset with my Rosie. I could not believe she would do something like that. I knew that she would eventually go out and replace it. In the mean time, I was upset with the fact that I would not get to know how the movie was going to end until tomorrow. I hate it when I have to wait for something.

I was about to switch the television to the game-playing mode; when I noticed Alice started to look like Phoebe Hallowell from the show Charmed. Grinning from ear-to-ear her usual expression when it comes to have a very delicious premonition in her opinion. Usually, they are premonition that our own personal Phoebe knows we are willing to die to find out. Edward was looking rather strange, it seemed as he was having another of his silent conversation with are lovable but annoying pixie of a sister. It always boggles my mind because Phoebe never is annoying with her on the show, but then again if you keep getting premonitions that always pretty much end badly; it would put a downer on your personality too. Edward and Alice were silent and in the conversation for almost twenty minutes when I gave up with the game I was playing, my curiosity having been perked.

"Will you two stop that? Just tell us already. I know that Phoebe has seen how the movie is going to end." I rattled off, out of frustration.

"Alright. But don't you want to wait for Renesmee and Rosalie to get back. They're going to bring back something you're going to enjoy." Stupid cryptic pixie, always wanting to be superior by never saying what it is; right off the bat.

I glared at her just before responding, "NO!"

"Fine!" Alice huffed, "I'll tell you."

"So, does it end with a happy ending?" I asked.

"More or less." Alice responded cryptically. Then, she began to recount how the movie ended. It started with Eddy tricking Christopher into drinking; his tainted blood, which resulted in making Christopher being a mortal human. After noticing, Christopher angry begins to attack Audrey and Eddie, when Elvis comes into the room and saves the day by shooting a wooden spike into Christopher's chest. Of course, Audrey and Eddy walk off into the sunrise and lives happily ever after. I started laughing as the result of the usual ending being reversed.

"Well, darn it. I could have predicted that one." I said at the let down.