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Sam woke up to the smell of coffee, and the sound of SpongeBob SquarePants on the TV. He sat up and stretched, looking around at the room. You could definitely tell that a kid was staying there. Crayons littered the floor, a bowl of cereal lay on the table, and there was a teddy bear that was lying right beside Austin on the floor. Sam stood up and stretched, wondering where Dean had gone. Austin looked up at Sam and smiled. "Morning Sammy," he said, cheerfully.

Sam rubbed his eyes. "Hey Austin. Do you know where Dean is?" he asked. Austin nodded and pointed outside. Sam looked at the window and smirked. "Thank you," he said. He walked outside to see Dean cleaning his car and he leaned against the banister. "Dean, you left a 4-year-old boy, alone, in our hotel room. You do realize that I'm going to be the one cleaning up the mess, right?" he asked.

Dean looked at Sam. "Aw, come on Sammy. You like everything to be neat anyway," he said, smirking.

Sam rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Just don't expect me to clean up after him after we leave out of here," he said, walking back into the room. Dean always got his way, never failed. Dean began to go into his own little world. "Come on boy," his foster dad said, dragging Dean through the house by his collar. Dean screamed and screamed. He didn't want to go into the closet.

He wanted Sammy and daddy. He screamed and began to fight, the way that his real daddy told him to whenever he needed to get out of a tight bind. Unfortunately, he just got a slap to the leg with the belt. He started to scream again, continually fighting. He worried about his little brother. Was he okay in the foster home that they had put him in? He suddenly felt the breaking of bone as he was slammed against the wall, and the closet door was closed and locked.

Dean hated that man. He pounded on the door until his little fists were sore and he couldn't pound on it anymore. He gave up and curled into a ball, holding his shoulder. He was a bad boy. He was a very bad boy. He could hear the man screaming as he walked down the stairs not to let him out of the closet, apparently to his foster mom. He began to hyperventilate, and rock back and forth. If only he could be with his daddy again. He'd protect him.

Dean was snapped out of his reverie as Austin sat on top of the roof of the Impala. "Are you my new family?" he asked. Dean looked at him and smirked, scoffing.

"I don't think Sammy's ready to have kids yet. He hasn't quite gotten over the crying through sex thing," he said.

Austin covered his mouth and gasped. "You said the 'S' word. I'm telling Sammy on you," he said. Dean chuckled. Was he ever like that. "You do that, and I'll tell Sammy who got peanut butter in his laptop," he said. He smirked. Austin shook his head and jumped off the roof.

"Whatcha doing?" he asked.

"Washing the car," Dean replied.

"Can I help?" Austin asked.

Dean looked at him. He shrugged. "I don't see why not. Just be careful. She's my baby, alright?" he asked. Austin nodded and grabbed a sponge as Sam walked out of the room. "Sammy, I got him, you go and clean the room." He smirked. Sam shook his head. "I don't think so. Dude, we gotta get going. There's a case right under our noses," he said.

Dean looked up at him. "But, what about the kid?" he asked.

"We can leave him with Bobby. Come on dude, Austin's not going to want to ride in the car with us all the way to Las Vegas," Sam said, whispering. Dean shook his head. "Look, the kid and I, we have something in common. I'm not letting the kid outta my sight. Especially, considering what he's been through," he said. Sam's face fell.

"You're kidding, right? You do realize that we're still hunters, right? I mean, we've got jobs to do," he said.

Dean looked back at Austin and then at Sam. "We're not leaving the kid behind. And that's final. If we go to Las Vegas, he goes with us. If we go on a hunt, he goes too," he said. Austin looked between the two guys and covered his ears. "Please don't fight! Bad things happen when grown-ups fight," he said. Dean looked at Sam and then bent down to Austin's eyelevel. "We're not fighting buddy. Now, why don't you go get your teddy bear and your crayons and meet us in the car?" he asked.

Austin nodded and ran off. Sam looked at him. "Sam, I mean it. We're taking the kid," he said, getting into the car.

"Aww, that's so cute," Sam said, laughing.

"Shut up," Dean said, glaring at Sam. "And get in the damn car bitch."

"Jerk," he said, getting into the passenger side. Soon, Austin came out carrying his clothes and everything and smiling.

"Okay, I'm ready," he said.

Dean started up the car and chuckled. "Off to Las Vegas, baby," he said, driving off. Austin was happy, he was in the back seat, and he finally felt safe. He knew he could trust these two men. Even though, they did fight a lot, he knew he could trust them. Austin yawned and fell asleep in the backseat, causing Sam to look at Dean. "Don't say it Sam."

"I wasn't about to say nothing," he said.

He looked at him. "Yeah. Right. Go ahead and make a crack of me being a good father," he said. Sam lifted his hands up in a sort of surrender and Dean looked out the window. "Roll that freakin window up, you're going to give us all a damn cold." Dean was being snippy. But, could anyone blame him? He was after all, repressing a really bad childhood memory.

He stared out at the road. His foster dad was driving, Dean in the backseat, seated beside him was a shovel and a rope.

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