The scene is sometime during the early morning Carlos shot's strait up on his bed "I can't believe this is happening again" he says to himself

he was exhausted but every time he went to sleep he had the same nightmare night after night and always woke up in a cold sweat he felt his face and then looked over towards Logan's side of the room

Logan shifted a little Carlos and Logan shared a room and Carlos knew Logan was a very light sleeper so he probley woke him up when he talked in his sleep while having the nightmare which he knew he did cause he had woke up in the middle of saying something before and Logan woke him up after he had been screaming in his sleep one time he looked over "Logan are you awake ?" there was no response he figured Logan was probley just as exhausted as he was he then felt his face and nightshirt it was soaked so was his face he decided to get up and take a shower before trying to go back to sleep he got up and started tip toeing across the room trying not to wake up Logan he went to open up the door to put on some clean clothes it was stuck he tugged at it until it came open and he fell back across Logan's bed and quickly got up hoping he hadn't woke up Logan but no such luck

Logan rolled over and saw where he was standing "What's going on ?"

Carlos looks at him "Nothing everything's fine now just go back to sleep"

Logan rolled back over facing the wall a few seconds later he fell back to sleep

Carlos then proceeds to go into the bathroom which separated Logan and his room from James room

After a while he is out of the shower and now back in his bed looking at the ceiling "Ok I can't take this anymore" he gets up out of his bed and enters the living room and walks over to the couch "Maybe a little TV will help me sleep he then turns on the stereo which is turned up loud instead of hitting the TV button on the remote he quickly turns it off but not before the door opens of Kendal's room and out comes a tired Kendal who turns on the light as James, Logan, Mrs. Knight and Katie proceed to come out of their rooms

Kendal rubs his eyes "What's going on ?"

Katie then adds "Yea what's with all the noise"

Mrs. Knight shots Katie a look then looks at Carlos "Can you not sleep again sweetie ?"

Carlos looks at them as he starts to back up back into him and Logan's room "No I'm sleeping just fine just thought I would take a little break" he sees everyone looking at him "You know from sleeping" they continue to look at him "Well goodnight" he then hurry's back into his and Logan's room as the rest of them just continue to look at each other