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"Regular People Thinking"

It seems to me like the great and very good authors on fanfiction have the ability to take challenges that might seem lame and tune them into something special that's what I hope to do with this challenge. Another thing I have decided to delete my other story because I didn't have much interest in it after a while hopefully it will be different taking on someone else's challenge.

Chapter 1 Midoriko

Naruto Uzumaki stood on a hill looking down at a random village with a small shard of a jewel in his hand, the village he was looking at wasn't a shinobi village quite the contrary those days had past, yes they'd past about a thousand five hundred years after he defeated Madara and the other tailed beasts in combat of course he had some help which came from the previous Kyuubi, I say previous because as Naruto lay dying from a near death blow delivered by Madara the Kyuubi panicked giving Naruto all of its power what the fox didn't realize was Naruto already possessed a tails worth of chakra without its power. When the transformation died down Naruto stood before Madara a ten tailed demon, giving him more than enough power to defeat Madara it also gave him the chance to restore order to the world by doing one simple thing which was to leave the world so no one would be tempted to try to use his now great power with the rest of the bijuu gone.


Naruto watched from the shadows as one thousand five hundred years past and as he watched he noticed two very important things, one humans slowly but surely lost the ability to use chakra until the time came where they hadn't even heard of it, the second was demons became normal most were low level demons but demons none the less. The low level ones Naruto allowed the humans to handle themselves but the ones he thought would cause great damage he dealt with himself, his plan was to destroy the demons then get out of sight unfortunately for him a group of humans saw and dubbed him Inari the fox god because he help the humans before disappearing that people began to worship him.

The trend continued for fifty years until one day when he went to get some fish from a lake he was approached by an incredibly beautiful human woman with long black hair that stopped at her lower back, the top half of her body was clad in a grayish battle armor, finally she wore a long red battle dress. The woman stood in front of Naruto who simply glanced at her before turning back to the fish he'd caught causing the woman to scoff in anger at his lack of disrespect, this caused the woman to ignore his incredibly powerful youkai and approach him then almost cockily put her hand on his back expecting his youkai to purify only to watch in horror as he simply continued to gather his fish.

The woman seeing something was different about this demon drew her sword which was now covered in her purification aura and sliced at Naruto's head, as she made contact she noticed her sword didn't even penetrate his long blonde spike hair. The woman now worried the demon in front of her may be to strong gathered every bit of her spiritual power and sliced at him one last time, this time she aimed at his neck piercing it but not enough to do any real damage exhausted the woman fell to the ground stunned that she couldn't do anything against the monster that now stood over her as the thought of death passed through her mind as she lost consciousness.

Two hours later the woman awoke and put a hand to her throbbing head then noticed that she was lying on something incredibly soft she also noticed that her armor and clothes had been removed leaving her exposed. The woman started to sit up until a noise caused her to lay back down and pretend like she was asleep, once the door opened she noticed the demon from earlier walking toward her with something in his hand afraid he might try to violate her she started to get up only to find the demon running something cool and wet over her forehead which helped her a great deal with her headache.

The woman started to relax until her survival training kicked in causing her to strike at the demon's face with her hand which didn't faze him in the least. The woman looked the demon in the eyes and realized that he wasn't going to hurt her which surprised her since her teacher told her that all demons were bad though the demon in front of her caused her to rethink everything she had learned only to be broken out of her brainstorming by someone talking to her.

"I'm sorry demon what did you say?" The woman said looking at it. "Your name what's your name?"

"It's Midoriko."

"That's a beautiful name mine's Naruto though most humans refer to me as Inari."

Hearing what he referred to himself as made her realize exactly why she couldn't defeat him, even among Miko he was a god and though they would never want to kill him since he killed other demons the powerful Mikos did want to have a chance to battle him to see where they measured up. "I'm sorry great Inari-sama I didn't know it was you."

"Please don't call me that call me Naruto."

Midoriko nodded excitedly only to have it turn to nervousness again, would he decide to kill her for attacking him for the simple fact he was a demon or would he simply find her to weak to kill.

"I see that you are troubled Midoriko do not worry I take no offense to you attacking me earlier, to be truthful I was quite impressed you are the first demon or human to reach my body in over five hundred years." Naruto said causing Midoriko's eyes to widen in shock and awe at how one being could be so dominant for so long.

"Thank you for the complement Inari I mean Naruto-sama."

"You know Midoriko you could help me out, you see I have no doubt that you have a powerful teacher but being that I am a demon I could show you things you're teacher couldn't dream of."

Midoriko was once again shocked not only had she managed to impress a great demon but she was going to be trained by him as well though she didn't want to be ungrateful.

"I accept your offer Naruto-sama but I don't want to be a burden." Midoriko said.

Naruto waved her off as he left the room while explaining that her training would begin tomorrow and that she would be wise to get some sleep. The next day before they started Naruto asked Midoriko what she was doing in a area know for demons which she explained was the place she decided to began her journey to slay demons, with that Naruto showed Midoriko where and how to deal with demons she was drawn to, causing the young Miko to ask what he meant Naruto explained that she was drawn to powerful demons while weaker demons are drawn to her.

Naruto then showed her how to spot good demons who would mean her no harm, when asked what the difference was Naruto explained that if she foolishly went after demons who posed no threat to her she would needlessly be wasting her spiritual powers, he then gave her an example having her fight a powerful evil demon Midoriko was able to pull out the victory though she was very tired Naruto then picked her up and took her to fight a powerful good demon that was able to defeat Midoriko because of how tired she was. Faced with the logic Midoriko reluctantly agreed that Naruto was right, though Naruto knew it would take her some time to be able to recognize between good and evil demons but she would be able to in time.

Year One

The first year went by slowly at least that's how Midoriko felt every day as Naruto had her practice with various different weapons so should the need ever arise or she found herself with a weapon other than her trusty sword she wouldn't be at a disadvantage, once he felt she'd made some he moved her to what he called sensing training where he would blind fold Midoriko then attack her while forcing her to rely on her natural miko powers, at first he would flare his youkai wildly making it easy to pick up where he was, but the deeper she got into that training Naruto would flare his power less and less.

At the end of the year Naruto told Midoriko she had done well and it was time for her test something that surprised the young miko, encouraged by Naruto's praise Midoriko went with Naruto to the site where the test would take place when they arrived Midoriko noticed they were at the base of a mountain that had youkai coming out of it. Naruto explained to Midoriko as he blindfolded her she would be tested in the two subjects she'd learned so far.

"But I thought you said that I was doing great." Midoriko wondered out loud causing her demonic master to smirk at her. "I did but you need to be tested properly see if you simply train with me your body and mind understand that I'm not going to kill you but now you will be fighting against demons that will want nothing more than to kill you and devour you for your miko powers."

With that said Naruto gave her a bow and arrows then slammed his fist into the side of the mountain causing hundreds of demons to come out, as the demons exited the mountain they noticed Midoriko's powerful aura and changed their course heading right toward her. Midoriko heard a loud boom then felt a great deal of the youkai that was in the mountain coming at her, calmly she sensed where the demons were before shooting them with her arrows. As she continued to destroy the demons Midoriko felt some of the demons separate from the rest and moved toward her from her left side, feeling that the demons were coming at her straight on had weakened she turned her attention to the demons coming from her left.

Midoriko easily destroyed a great deal of them but could feel that a few had somehow gotten away her, knowing they were now to close to get enough arrows out to kill them she reached for her sword she kept on her waist only to find something else. Midoriko panicked slightly as she tried to id the weapon only to realize that it was a battle axe a weapon she'd worked with on the first part of her training, knowing it was too late to complain she used the axe to destroy the five demons that had gotten away from her earlier.

Naruto chuckled as he looked at the exhausted miko who collapsed the moment she felt all the demons had been destroyed, with a chuckle Naruto smiled as he picked the miko up and carried her back to his home that was hidden by an illusion of a cave. Midoriko awoke several hours later in a daze as she looked around and saw food next to the thing she was lying in that Naruto called a bed, as she ate the food Midoriko remembered what happened earlier causing her to stand up albeit woozily before walking out of the room to find Naruto sitting on a chair.

"Well hey there sleepy." Naruto said with a grin from ear to ear. "You switched my sword with a battle axe without my knowledge are you trying to get me killed?"

Naruto smiled as he put his hands up in surrender, "Now now you know I wouldn't try to kill you I just wanted to see how you would react when you were caught off guard and I must say you handled it magnificently."

Midoriko blushed slightly while backing off Naruto and took a seat next to him, "So now what?"

"Now we move to the second phase of your training which will be to strengthen your spiritual energy." Naruto said as Midoriko nodded.

Year two

Naruto explained to Midoriko that in order to strengthen her spiritual power she would need to oppose a force a great deal stronger than herself, luckily for her one such force stood before her. Naruto calmly surrounded himself in a tails worth of power before telling Midoriko she'd have to use a weapon surrounded by her spiritual power to get through his barrier. Midoriko unsheathed her sword then covered it in her spiritual energy before thrusting it forward only to have it stonewalled by Naruto's youkai, Midoriko looked at Naruto who smirked at her as he encouraged her to try again.

Naruto laughed as Midoriko sliced at his barrier he knew she wasn't ready to cut through a tails worth of power but that wasn't the point, the point was to see exactly where her spiritual power was and if he had to be honest she was stronger than a good deal of demons in this time, the problem was she wasn't even close to purifying Shukaku's power if he could get her to Nibi's power she'd be able to take on any demon of this time without any problems. Naruto ordered Midoriko to stop then had her surround herself with her own spiritual energy, "Okay Midoriko what you're going to do is sit here in this spot until I come for you at no point should I feel your power waver at all or you will have failed."

Naruto ignored Midoriko's complaining as he headed back to his house, leaving said miko outside as it started to rain. Naruto smiled as a day went by and not once had he felt Midoriko's power waver he could feel her power growing slowly, figuring she could last two days without any food Naruto watched the miko from a tree for most of the day. When the second day came around Naruto could feel Midoriko's power still rising which confused him when she attacked him a year ago he determined her power and she wasn't this strong, what could have changed so much between a year ago and this moment.

Once day three came Naruto found himself sitting behind the miko whose concentration hadn't faltered in the least, "Naruto I know your there is there something you want."

Naruto ignored her focusing instead on her steadily building power which had become a great deal stronger in the past two days, he estimated that if her power kept building at this rate she'd have the ability to purify Shukaku's power in four more days he also knew she was doing this with sheer force of will on the count of while he was focusing on her he could hear her stomach growling.

On the fourth day Naruto came out of his house with some fish only to find the miko he'd been training unconscious probably from the lack of food, as he carried Midoriko back to the house the thought of how powerful she could be at the end of this year or the next which excited him, it seemed like the only two students he'd ever trained were on their way to great things.

For the next week Naruto continued to train Midoriko and Midoriko continued to get stronger, by the end of the week Midoriko's spiritual power had become strong enough to purify Shukaku's level of power which excited Naruto to no end. Once he gave Midoriko a two day rest Naruto had her attempt to break through a barrier of youkai only this time he strengthened it to Nibi's level of power.

As Naruto watched his student attempt to get through his barrier he noticed the same type of determination that he possessed back when he was growing up. "Midoriko stop!"

Said miko stopped then watched as her demonic sensei dropped his barrier and walked her over to a pond that was close to the cave. "Alright Midoriko I think you needed a break from physical training instead we will focus on your mental training."

"What do you mean?" Midoriko asked as Naruto led her to the edge of the pond then sat her down. "Simple I want you to sit here and meditate."

"And this is going to help me how?"

"Simple you may come up against a demon that won't attack you physically but mentally and should that day come you'll need not only a strong body but a strong mind."

Seeing that Naruto hadn't steered her wrong yet Midoriko closed her eyes never noticing Naruto moving behind and placing his hand over her head. 'I'm sorry Midoriko but you'll never realize your full power unless you do this.'

In Midoriko's mind the miko find herself sitting in a beautiful field surround by a black sky and clouds that didn't move, "Where am I?"

"Your mind of course where else would we be." A voice said causing Midoriko's head to whip around revealing herself with a smirk standing there.

"Who are you?" Midoriko asked.

"You know you ask foolish questions." The second Midoriko said as she put her hands on her hips. "I'm you at least the real you, you keep hidden from the outside world."

"What do you want?"

"For you to listen to me first is the obvious question, what do you think you're doing?"

"What do you mean?"

"What do I mean, I mean taking advice from that demon although handsome he is still a demon which means he should be our pet something for us to show off before taking back home."

"But Naruto isn't like the other demons we were thought to fear he kills other demons."

The second Midoriko closed the distance between herself and her counterpart then pinned her on the ground while hissing at her, "Take him down then maybe we can have some fun with him once he's learned his place of course."

"What do you mean fun?" Midoriko asked.

"Must I spell it out for you?"

Catching on to what her counterpart was saying caused the miko to blush as she began to think about the handsome demon in the way that her other side suggested. "No I can't that type of behavior is unfit for a miko such as me."

"I know that's what makes it exciting the fact that we shouldn't be doing this but look around no one knows where we are so no would know if we decided to…" The second Midoriko said only to be told no in stern matter by her counterpart. "Well you left me no choice."

Midoriko wondered what her counterpart was talking only to stop when she saw her very own blade above her face. "Don't worry everything will be different when I take over I'll even let you watch the fun I have with that demon."

The second Midoriko said as she brought the sword down only to be blocked by Midoriko, kicking her other self off Midoriko leapt for the blade only to have it stuck in her left shoulder. "I have no idea why you are even a miko its clear to me and probably the demon that you have feelings for it and here I am offering you a change to have it yet you refuse."

"Because you're not me and it doesn't matter what you say." Midoriko said as she threw her counterpart to ground after wrestling the sword away from her.

"I guess you win the only problem is you can't get rid of me because I'm you I'm what you want." The second Midoriko said as the original Midoriko drove the sword through her heart then watched as her evil counterpart turned into some type of red energy and went into her.

Midoriko opened her eyes then looked up to find it was dark outside, looking around Midoriko attempted to locate Naruto but instead found what looked to be a injured two tailed cat demon limping toward her, alarmed the miko jumped up only to feel a hand on her shoulder. Midoriko turned to see Naruto shaking his head before heading toward the small cat demon which started to back up only to yelp and fall to the ground in pain. "This is a great chance for you to differentiate between good and evil."

Glancing at the small demon Midoriko approached it although slowly before picking it up and examining it to find that it had a hurt leg, Midoriko began to check to see if it was broken only to interrupted by a large demon jumping out from the trees. "You human give me back my meal and I will consider letting you live."

Midoriko looked down at the demon in her arms then back to Naruto who smiled at her encouragingly, she then turned around and put the cat demon down before drawing her sword causing the large demon to roar in laughter only to stop as its head was cut off. Midoriko watched as the demon's now headless body hit the ground before glancing back at her demonic teacher who was wiping his right hand off which caused the demon cat now back in her arms to meow happily as it brushed against Midoriko's large bust.

"Well that was funny but I think it's time we rest for the evening, oh and make sure to bring our new friend." Naruto said as he headed back to the cave with the miko following.

As Midoriko made her away to her room Naruto asked her to wait while he unsealed something then gave it her before explaining that it was something for her to sleep since she had been wearing her battle clothes to bed in which the miko thanked him for, as she put the demon cat down said demon cat watched as Midoriko went to her room and waited until she opened the door to her room before darting between the legs of the miko while staying out of her view. Midoriko shut the door to her room then held up the article of clothing Naruto had given her and found it to be quite thin, deciding Naruto hadn't done anything lewd or perverted since he'd been teaching her she chose to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Midoriko took off her battle armor then miko clothes revealing her naked body before slipping on the thin fabric which was dark blue in color and came down to her upper thigh, shocked at how short the piece of clothing was Midoriko considered taking it off but decided it felt too nice against her skin. Midoriko made her way to her bed before laying down with a sigh, Midoriko let her mind replay some of the events that happened over the past year and a half along with how far she'd come at least according to her demonic sensei.

The cat demon crawled out from its hiding place five minutes after Midoriko went to sleep and looked around before jumping on to the bed landing next to the head of the sleeping miko, the demon snuggled against the side of the miko's head before resting only to get back to its feet moments later. The cat demon moved its away under covers moving over the large mounds of the miko causing her to moan softly as it made its way to her well toned stomach before circling twice and coming to a rest enjoying the body heat the miko was giving off.

Over the coming months the training of Midoriko continued and just as Naruto thought her power kept increasing almost at an alarming rate, the same could be said for the cat demon who surprised both Midoriko and Naruto by transforming into a larger version of itself after being enveloped in fire then ripping a demon who was attacking Midoriko apart. Naruto quickly complimented the demon cat on its disguise before suggesting to Midoriko that she allow the demon cat to accompany her when her training was finished that way she wouldn't have to use all of her power, something she agreed to though only after a face licking from the demon cat. As the end of the year approached Naruto decided it was time for Midoriko to take her second test, so he led her and her new partner to an open field before turning to them. "Alright you two it's time to test your strength and the best way for me to do this is to fight you myself."

Naruto watched as the cat demon transformed to its true form then commanded the two to attack which they did, as they attacked Naruto could already tell what the last part of training would be for Midoriko and her partner. Naruto easily dodged their attacks frustrating both of them causing the two to make mistakes which left them open for Naruto to take advantage of, seeing that they wouldn't be able to touch him anytime soon Naruto stopped the fight and explained to them the final part of training would be teamwork for both them along with agility training for Midoriko.

Midoriko was disappointed that she wasn't able to touch Naruto but that was replaced by embarrassment along with a blush as Naruto hugged her before explaining that once she was agile enough he might actually have to break a sweat when fighting her causing Midoriko to hit him in the chest. With that over the final part of Midoriko's training began and to be honest it wasn't as bad as the other sessions, except for the fact she was incredibly sore after the first month of training but Naruto simply explained that she hadn't used those muscles that much he also told her that it would have been a good idea for her to have listen to him when it came to stretching, that was something she did before every section from then on.

Halfway through the third year Naruto stopped Midoriko's training explaining to the miko that there was nothing left for her to learn, Naruto gave her some scrolls he'd made copies of over the years they included stretching pose and fighting styles he thought she might become comfortable with over time. Midoriko on the other hand couldn't believe this day had finally come she wanted to tell herself that it wouldn't have any effect on her but inside she knew that was a lie the demon she would be leaving tomorrow had done more for her than her own parents, leaving him was something she couldn't even fathom.

Naruto noticed the look on the miko's face which made him happy that she'd miss him as much as he was going to miss her, so like any good sensei he decided to tease her about it, "What's with that look huh Midoriko, you going to miss me that much."

Midoriko blushed upset that Naruto was the only being that could make her do that, "Of course I'll miss you you've taught most of the things that I know and as a thank you I would like to teach you the arts of a miko."

"I accept but are you sure it's not deeper than that?" Naruto asked joking with the miko.

Midoriko stared at Naruto unsure of what to do, had he found out how she really felt about him or was he just joking with her, "Actually it is."

Naruto stopped before looking down at the miko whose face was now completely red reminding Naruto of a certain Hyuuga. "What do you mean?"

Midoriko couldn't take it anymore staring into Naruto's big confused blue eyes just caused her to lose control of herself and lunge at him taking him off feet then softly putting her lips to his. "Naruto I know you're a demon and everything in my mind tells me that I should hate you but my heart tells me that I love you, when you aren't training me you treat me like a normal woman that's something I haven't been for a long time."

"Midoriko I don't know what to say."

Midoriko honestly didn't care if he knew what to say what she cared about was being treated like a woman and she had a strong suspicion that Naruto could do it, leaning in for another kiss Midoriko ran her hands through Naruto's hair before turning her attention to his whiskers which she loved and had always wanted to rub.

Naruto was completely caught off guard by Midoriko's assault at the beginning but regained his senses quickly until she began to rub his whiskers the way she was, he knew Midoriko didn't know but when he became the Kyuubi his whiskers became not only real but incredibly sensitive. As Midoriko continued to rub his whiskers Naruto could feel his strength leaving as his sex drive rose, until he could no longer take it and pulled the miko against his chest before vanishing with her in red flames only to reappear in his bedroom.

Midoriko feeling something odd pushed off Naruto's chest to find she was in a room that was painted red and had things she'd never seen in it, though she wouldn't get the chance to find what it was because Naruto pushed her on to his bed before continuing their make out session. Midoriko moaned as ran her hands over Naruto's arms and chest feeling how solid he was, only to blush as he broke the kiss then took his shirt and pants off revealing his muscled body to the miko who stared wantonly, seeing this Naruto took her hands and placed them on his chest before sliding them slowly toward his rod.

Naruto smirked then took her hands off of him before crawling on top of her while taking off her battle armor leaving her in her miko clothes, seeing the huge blush on Midoriko's face Naruto decided to tease her a little more so he slowly put his hands into her robes and groped her left breast causing her to moan loudly as he rubbed he nipple.

"Please Naruto I'm a miko and I've never done such things before." Midoriko said as Naruto opened the robe then lowered his head to her breasts and took the nipple into his mouth causing Midoriko to gasp as she wrapped her arms around his head pulling him as close to her chest as he could possibly get.

Naruto filed the info of Midoriko enjoying have her breasts teased in the back of his mind for future reference and maybe blackmail for when they were alone, though right now it gave him the chance to undo her sash to her pants. Once Naruto pulled back Midoriko opened her eyes to find herself completely naked in front of Naruto who was staring at her causing her to attempt to cover herself only to have Naruto lick her stomach while moving south.

Midoriko shivered as her demon lover lowered his tongue then bucked forward when he licked her outer lips, drawing a yell from the miko since she'd never felt anything like that the feeling only became more intense as Naruto put his tongue in her which resulted in her trying to push his head further between her legs. When Midoriko realized she couldn't make Naruto go any faster she started to buck her hips forward only to have Naruto grab and hold them in place, knowing there was nothing she could do Midoriko's upper body thrashed around the closer she got to her edge.

"Please Naruto-kun go deeper." Midoriko said only to feel Naruto take his tongue out of her, thinking she'd done something wrong Midoriko started to apologize only to feel the most wonderful thing she'd felt in her life.

Naruto smirked he knew he had her so he decided to tease her even more and took his tongue out of her in favor of her clit which earned him a loud yell before being splashed by her juices, as Midoriko recovered Naruto wiped her essence from his face then licked it off her lower lips earning a shiver from her. Naruto quickly moved back over Midoriko so that they were face to face then kissed her allowing her to taste herself, once he was finished Naruto broke the kiss and laughed as he listened to Midoriko mumble something incoherent.

"I know I know you're a miko and you shouldn't be doing these things but if you weren't doing this you wouldn't get what I'm about to give to you." Naruto said in between kiss on her jaw line.

Through half-lidded Midoriko looked up at Naruto who was giving her a big comforting smile, only to feel something poking at her entrance. Naruto slowly pushed himself into Midoriko knowing how painful the first time was until he came to her barrier, suggesting that she holding on to something Midoriko grabbed onto Naruto's shoulders he then counted down and quickly pushed through her causing her to scream out in pain while wrapping her legs around his waist.

A minute later Midoriko explained that she didn't feel the pain anymore which was Naruto queue to start moving which he did but started out slowly allowing Midoriko to soak up all the pleasure she was receiving, about two minutes after he first started moving Midoriko asked him to move faster which he did.

"Naruto it feels so good I feel so good no longer do I care if I'm a miko just please don't stop!" Midoriko yelled causing Naruto to smile a moment ago she wasn't supposed to be doing this but now she didn't care which made him laugh.

Naruto kept thrusting into Midoriko igniting a fire in her that she'd never felt before Midoriko attempted to meet his thrusts the best she could, seeing this made Naruto realize she wanted a more active position so he rolled them over so that she was on top before nodding at her. Midoriko seemingly got the idea because she started moving her hips back and forth with a little bit of assistance from Naruto, once she got the hang of it she began to change it up at one point she rotated her hips and at others she bounced up and down causing Naruto rise up only to be pushed back down with her hands on his shoulders. Confused Naruto noticed the gleam in her eyes and realized that this was her form of payback from what he did to her earlier, he knew that he could always overpower her but it wouldn't be fair so like she did he sat back and allowed her to do what she wanted until he felt himself reaching his peak. "Midoriko wait stop!"

Ignoring Naruto, Midoriko experienced her second orgasm causing her to constrict around Naruto who could no longer hold it and let out a batch of semen inside the miko who placed a shaky hand on her forehead before falling forward unconscious with her demonic lover still inside of her. Naruto sighed as Midoriko moaned and nuzzled his cheek before resting on his chest with a content sigh, knowing that he could control whether or not Midoriko became pregnant Naruto decided to leave her the way she was and drifted off to sleep himself wondering what was going to happy between Midoriko and him. The next day Naruto awoke to find he had morning wood which wasn't anything out of the ordinary but was different was the black haired miko rocking back and forth while running her hands over his chest. "Naruto your awake I'm so sorry for being such a lewd woman but when I woke up I felt you move inside of me, that's when I realized I wanted to remember the feeling from last night."

Naruto started to respond but was squeezed by Midoriko's womanhood resulting in a groan, Midoriko leaned down and kissed Naruto lovingly on the lips before starting to continually rub his whiskers. Naruto realized at that moment he was beat he'd never had his whiskers rubbed the way Midoriko had done the night before or at that very moment. Midoriko smiled inwardly happy that she had some type of control over Naruto even though she would have gladly did this even if his whiskers weren't sensitive, looking at her lover's face Midoriko allowed the smile she was wearing to grow bigger before making a move to bounce on Naruto only to feel him release in her while his rod moved over her g-spot causing her to cum as well. With a smile Midoriko shakily placed her arms on Naruto's chest using them to keep from collapsing on him.

Midoriko sighed contently as she got off of Naruto who got off of the bed and helped her to her feet, "Naruto I've decided that I don't want to leave you even though it's my duty."

Naruto sighed he knew this would come up especially now that they'd had sex, he wanted Midoriko to know that he didn't want her to leave either. "I don't want you to leave either but you have to the humans need you."

Midoriko stared at Naruto who was able to use his years of willpower to withstand what he would describe as a puppy dog pout, realizing she would be able to change his mind Midoriko suggested that she begin teaching him the art of a miko while limping noticeably out of the room with her clothes. Naruto simply shook his head he really didn't want Midoriko to leave but he did want her to do what she was destine to do, if that meant sacrificing his feelings for her then so be it he'd done it many times before.

Two months later Naruto had learned everything Midoriko could teach him, Midoriko explained that the training would usually take a lot longer but since he didn't have miko powers she could only take him so far. Naruto thanked her as she stood in front of him ready to set out on her journey, once they made sure she had everything the two stared into each other's eyes before Naruto leaned down to kiss her only to have her turn her head so that he kissed her on the cheek instead.

"I'm sorry Naruto I just don't want to have any type of contact like that unless we are together and since that is not the case I think a simple goodbye sensei will do." Midoriko said as she turned and left with the demon cat meowing back at Naruto from Midoriko's shoulders.

Knowing how difficult it must have been for Midoriko to spend two months with him after they'd made love he simply waved back to the cat demon who he'd become as fond of as he had of Midoriko.

Flashback Over

Naruto turned away from the village he was staring at before making his way toward his new destination while looking at the shard in his hand that made him smile, the shard was apart of Midoriko's soul which made him happy to be near it. Naruto heard years after Midoriko left him that she'd died in a great battle with a lot of demons which also made having the shard he held hard to look at, he knew that had he just let her stay with him like she wanted she would still be alive today that was something he still hadn't gotten over but he was dealing with it.

When he heard of what Midoriko did he decided to leave the jewel with the humans seeing as it would have been a constant reminder of his failure, but he vowed should the humans make a mistake with the jewel he'd take it his guilt be damned. Once demons realized they could use the jewel more of them went after it forcing the humans to place in the protection of another miko he heard was named Kikyou, after checking her out he found she was strong enough to watch after the jewel.

With the jewel under the protection of Kikyou and the youngest child of his first student he retreated back into the shadows, until he heard of Kikyou's demise then the shattering of the jewel which brought him back to the shard in his hand, it angered him greatly that the humans would let this happen. Naruto knew he wanted to find all of the shards so he could bring Midoriko back to life the problem was the curse that was said to be upon the jewel, now Naruto wasn't worried about that he just wanted an expert someone who knew the jewel and who better than the originator of the jewel herself.

Naruto smirked as he made his way toward his destination, only to stop when he smelt his first student's eldest son and changed course so that they would cross paths he also disguised his scent so that he wouldn't be avoided. 'I'm sure Midoriko won't mind if I take a small detour.'

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