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I wanted to get to 10,000 words on this story like I did with my Sekirei story since I hadn't updated in a while. However, I fell short about a 1,000 words. Now with this story done I can start focusing on The Daughter of Naruto Uzumaki. FYI I don't have to be back at school until Jan 9 so you will definitely see a new chapter of that story unless something happens to me.

Okay now some have wondered why Sango acted the way she did with Naruto. You have to remember Sango doesn't like demons she's basically in control of Kirara. She doesn't see Shippo as a threat. And Inuyasha is basically controlled by Kagome. So Sango can deal with these demons. Also Sango herself acts out of character when it comes to Kohaku that is a proven fact. She took Inuyasha's sword and left the group at a disadvantage. Basically when it comes to Kohaku for Sango you are either with her or against her.

Some asked if anyone would recognize Midoriko this chapter. That is a YES and it might not be the person you expect though for some people it might. On a more personal note I really do appreciate any fans of any of my stories. That's why when it's been 2 or 6 months since I last updated and people are frustrated. I understand where they are coming from but at the same time they are saying this story is good I want more.

Oh and green was just the first color that popped in my head for Naruto's fur color. I wanted to be different than most people going red or orange that it is my favorite color.

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Chapter 4 Meetings

Sango and Kagome groaned as they slowly opened their eyes. Upon regaining their senses the memories of what happened before they were put to sleep came rushing back to them. The two made an attempt to stand up only to find their arms and legs were tied, to make matters worse they'd been disarmed. As they looked around they noticed Kohaku in a clearing not ten feet from them showing Shippo how to use his Kusarigama.

"Kohaku, Shippo you're alright!" Sango yelled gaining the attention of the two boys.

The two boys made their way over to Sango and Kagome who pleaded with them to untie them, only to receive no's. Kagome was completely shocked she could understand the no from Kohaku as he might have been under the control of Inari. However, the no from Shippo hurt her feelings as she looked at him as a second brother maybe even a son. Shippo forced himself to ignore the hurt look on Kagome's face, as Inari promised him no harm would come to Sango or Kagome.

"I can't believe you Shippo after everything Kagome and I have done for you. You won't untie us so we can save our lives." Sango said making Shippo feel even worse.

"Stop sister, Shippo has done nothing wrong. Inari-sama isn't going to hurt you. In fact before you showed up he was going to let me come to you to let you know I was no longer under Naraku's control!" Kohaku yelled at Sango.

"Because you're under his control,"

"Enough you've changed sister."

Sango stared at Kohaku as though someone just hit her. How could he say she'd changed when he was the one following a demon around willingly? At that moment Sango vowed she would break whatever control Inari over Kohaku no matter what she had to do. Kagome looked at Sango then back to Shippo and Kohaku. Neither one appeared to be acting differently though she couldn't really speak for Kohaku.

Kagome looked back to Shippo whose eyes had filled with tears at the way the two women in his life thought of him. Kagome started to apologize only to stop when Shippo ran away from them crying his eyes out. Kohaku glared at the two girls before chasing after the fox demon. As Shippo ran into a forest looked around for a place where he could just go to be alone.

What Shippo ended up finding was a huge green demon. The demon proceeded to grab Shippo around the tail. Feeling as though he'd betrayed his friends Shippo didn't struggle, instead he simply cried as the demon lifted him toward its mouth. Shippo watched as the demon put him in its mouth but just as its teeth came down on him Shippo felt himself on the ground. Through watery eyes Shippo noticed Midoriko picking him up, hugging him close to her heart while stroking his hair.

"Aw what's wrong with my little fox boy?" Midoriko asked the site of the boy crying breaking her heart. "KK-aaa-g-oo-mmmm-eee and SSSSS-a-nn-ggg-o don't llll-ike mmmm-e anymore."

Midoriko sighed as Shippo did his best to wrap his small arms around her. Midoriko saw Kohaku enter the forest however, as he started to come over Midoriko waved him away. Five minutes after Kohaku left Shippo stopped crying although he never let go of Midoriko. Midoriko did her best to get the whole story of what happened but Shippo kept saying he didn't want to get either of them in trouble.

Midoriko couldn't help but smile at Shippo, even though the two girls just hurt him he still thought of them. After many promises from Midoriko that neither Sango nor Kagome would get in trouble. Shippo explained what Sango said and how disappointed Kagome was with him after he told her he wouldn't untie her. As Shippo gave his explanation he kept his head down so he wouldn't face Midoriko. Eventually said priestess placed her finger on his chin guiding it upwards so they were looking in each other's eyes.

"Shippo you did nothing wrong. In fact I only know one other demon that's as strong as you." Midoriko said with a smile. "Who,"

"Why your idol of course,"


"In fact when I look at you I imagine he was just like you when he was a child."

Hearing this resulted in a blush from Shippo causing Midoriko to nuzzle Shippo's face while ignoring the fox demon's attempts to push her away. The two continued to play for a couple more hours until Midoriko thought Naruto would have made his return to their resting spot. As Midoriko and Shippo made their way back to the spot, Midoriko attempted to carry Shippo in her arms like a newborn which Shippo would have none of. The two continued to play their game until they reached the resting spot. As they returned the pair found Naruto and Kohaku cooking the fish, Naruto left to catch earlier. When the fish was done Naruto put some off to the side for Kagome and Sango while promising to teach Shippo his method for catching fish. As they started to eat Naruto said he needed to get Kagome and Sango so they could eat as well, only to receive a nudge from Midoriko.

Shippo jumped up from his place on Midoriko's lap before explaining if he wanted to be more like Naruto he would have to face his problems. So Shippo gave Naruto the okay to get Sango and Kagome. Midoriko looked at Shippo worried he was attempting to take on responsibilities he didn't need to in order to be more like Naruto. It wasn't until Shippo gave her a wink did she feel slightly better about him facing the two girls. However, Midoriko did place Shippo back in his original spot on her lap just in case he caught nervous he'd know she was right there. It didn't help Shippo with the embarrassment factor when Kohaku started laughing at him.

Of course that stopped when Midoriko gave Kohaku a look resulting in Kohaku finding his fish to be the most interesting thing in the world. When Naruto returned he had both girls over his shoulders with Sango the only one complaining while Kagome was surprisingly quiet. Once the fish was divided up everyone began to eat except Sango and Kagome who refused to eat unless Kohaku or Shippo fed them. Midoriko immediately said no, however Naruto told her they couldn't just let them starve. As they ate Midoriko could feel the glares Sango was giving Naruto and decided to call her on it.

"What's your problem little girl?" Midoriko asked.

Sango started to answer but the words froze in her throat as she looked at the woman who asked the question. Kagome noticed the look on Sango's face so she followed her friends gaze to the woman. She remembered was in the cave just outside the demon slayers village. Sango quickly accused Naruto of bring Midoriko back to the land of the living to be his slave to which Midoriko laughed.

"You foolish girl he brought me back to the land of the living because I died before my time and the most important thing he loves me." Midoriko answered stunning everyone except Kirara.

"Impossible he's evil." Sango responded.

"Evil is he. Tell me would someone evil train me, have a special night with me then tell me I couldn't stay with him because I was destined to help humans."

"Midoriko what do you mean by a special night." Shippo asked causing Naruto and Midoriko to blush.

"I'll explain it to you when you're older Shippo."

Sango stared at Naruto in disbelief she couldn't believe what Midoriko just said. However, Sango was positive Midoriko wasn't under any demonic influence. At that moment, Sango began to understand the mistake she'd made but to put to bed any lingering doubts about Inari needed to know for sure.

"Kagome do you see anything demonic about Midoriko?" Sango asked almost praying Kagome found something. "No she's clean."

"Demon I…"

"His name is Inari-sama, sister." Kohaku said.

"Inari I'm sorry for accusing you without any proof. My brother and Shippo tried to tell me you weren't evil and I refused to listen. Shippo I'm sorry for treating you so badly earlier. Kohaku I should have listened to you. It's just everything that happened with Naraku then Hakudoshi said you were under Inari's control. I was just tired of my brother being used as a pawn."

"Shippo I'm sorry to I shouldn't have gotten upset with you." Kagome said slightly jealous of Midoriko.

"Don't worry about it. Kohaku has actually been helping me and Midoriko out quite a bit. It's been such a very long time since we've been in the world we needed someone to guide us." Naruto explained as he untied the two girls.

"So where are you heading?" Sango asked while looking at Kohaku.

"We are going north."

"You can't if you keep going north you'll head directly to Mount Hakurei."

"Inari-sama you, Kirara, and me can't go to Mount Hakurei without being purified." Shippo explained.

Midoriko chuckled causing everyone's attention toward her. Especially if she and Naruto were in love why would she laugh at him being purified?

"Midoriko-chan why are you laughing," Shippo asked. "I'm sorry Shippo-kun it's just what you just said was funny."

"What do you mean funny?" Kagome asked.

"Naruto can't be purified."

Sango's mouth dropped while the piece of fish she was eating fell out. Kohaku suddenly had bug eyes and Shippo simply stared over at Naruto not as surprised since he believed his idol could do anything. Kagome stared at Naruto hoping she could tell if Midoriko could tell the truth. However, Kagome soon noticed something strange about Naruto's demonic aura. Naruto noticed Kagome was staring at him, looked into her eyes. The two having a silent conversation when Kagome realized what was different about Naruto.

"You use to be human." Kagome blurted out. "It's been so long ago I don't even remember what it's like."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Midoriko asked.

"It just slipped my mind. Midoriko's right though one time during a training session years ago she hit me with a purification arrow and nothing happened."

"Not to change the subject but I was wondering if Kohaku was going with you?" Sango asked. "You still don't get if Kohaku wanted to leave right now he can."

Sango turned to Kohaku excited about being reunited with no strings attached to her brother. The excitement turned to sorrow as Sango noticed a look in her brother's eyes.

"Sister I love you but for the moment I feel my place is by Inari-sama's side." Kohaku explained hoping Sango would understand.

"And my place is beside you." Sango retorted.

"Sango what are you saying?" Kagome asked.

"If you'll let me I wish to travel with you."

"I don't know our group seems like it's getting bigger every day. Besides don't you have friends who might miss you?" Naruto reminded.

Sango stared at Kagome while her thoughts drifted to Inuyasha and Miroku. Sango cared for her friends out of all of them she knew she'd miss Kagome the most. Though from day one she made her goal clear and everyone knew of it.

"I will miss them but my place is with my brother."

"Fine I'll take the rest of you back to your friends tomorrow." Naruto said.

"I want to stay as well." Shippo yelled out. 'Well he's not going anywhere. No way Midoriko's going to let me get rid of him.'

Kagome started to say something hoping it would change Shippo's mind but in the end knew she couldn't. Inari was Shippo's idol. Plus, Shippo developed a quick bond with Midoriko. Kagome knew everything was changing. After tomorrow she'd be separated from three of her friends.

"Look let's just get some sleep and if you all feel the same way tomorrow then we'll discuss it." Naruto said.

With this everyone finished their food before going to bed. Sango moved close to her brother, Kagome moved with Sango, Kirara snuggled with Kohaku, while Midoriko held Shippo with Naruto holding Midoriko. As Naruto lay with Midoriko he glanced over everyone there. If Naruto was honest with himself he didn't want his group to become too big because it meant more people to worry about. Another problem for Naruto was Sango he realized she cared for her brother. However Sango was quick to anger especially when demons were involved. Naruto also knew there had to be a clear leader. Kohaku realized Naruto was the leader and Midoriko would follow Naruto anywhere. It was easy for Naruto to image Sango fighting him on things she felt would be too dangerous for her brother. Still Naruto smirked he'd deal with these problems as they arose allowing his experience of different situations to handle any problems which would cross his path.

Naruto awoke with the break of dawn his senses allowing him to tell when the shift between night and day began. Sitting up Naruto stroked Midoriko's hair causing her to moan while pulling Shippo closer to her face. Naruto quickly downed the leftover fish. Then started his clean up which he halted as a familiar scent hit his nose. The scent riding on the winds of the west caused his eyes to turn black before resuming their normal color. The instant they did Naruto ran westward determined to find the source of the scent. Using his speed Naruto ran into a clearing 2 miles from the rest site. As Naruto entered the clearing he saw a white haired woman wearing regal robes with fur wrapped around her shoulders ember eyes and a moon shaped crescent on her forehead facing him with her head turned. When she turned completely around she saw Naruto staring at her the same way he did when they first met.

"Well the great Inari what do I owe this pleasant surprise?" The woman asked. "Inukimi you bitch I should crush your throat."

"For what not following your orders when it came to my child, I am Inukimi mate of Inutaisho I do what I want when I want."

Naruto roared as he again used his speed this time to cover the distance between himself and Inukimi. Naruto grabbed her by the throat. The two still moving until Inukimi's body hit a tree which splintered upon impact. Inukimi grabbed at Naruto's hand hoping her poison claws would force him to let her go. This would have been a good idea if her claws could pierce his skin.

"Don't forget who taught your mate every single thing he knew little girl. The only reason you're still alive is because my student loved you. However, he would be disappointed with the way you raised Sesshomaru." Inukimi taking all this abuse decided to defend herself. "I raised my son to be like his fat…" Inukimi was stopped midsentence when Naruto increased the pressure on her neck.

"Finish that sentence and you'll be joining my student in the afterlife."

"Tell me why you didn't raise him, really it's not like I could have stopped you. Better why didn't you raise Sesshomaru's half breed brother?"

"I always found that amusing about you Inukimi even when facing death you're disrespectful to the end."

"Your not going to kill me if you were you'd have done it centuries ago."

With this Inukimi began to laugh albeit strained while still gripping at Naruto's arm. Tired of the constant attitude he received from Inukimi. Naruto knocked her out just as he did with Sango and Kagome before tossing Inukimi over his shoulder. As Naruto made his way back to the rest site a smile crossed his face, it seemed as though he would get to meet his student's youngest child all grown up.

At the Rest Site

Midoriko awoke feeling slightly cold. She soon realized the reason for this was Naruto wasn't holding her. As she sat up Midoriko she noticed Shippo twitching slightly in his sleep which she found cute. Looking around Midoriko noticed the fish was gone causing her to shake her head at Naruto and his antics. Once Midoriko woke everyone up she told them to gather their things. Before asking anyone who made a decision last night if they'd changed their mind. Sango and Shippo both expressed their interest in staying again. The latter of the two Midoriko was ecstatic about. As they gathered their things, Midoriko sensed a second demonic aura much larger than Shippo's heading toward them. However, there was something odd about the aura. Turning toward the direction the aura was coming from Midoriko watched a half demon and what she figured to be a monk jump out of the forest.

"Miroku, Inuyasha you're here." Kagome said as Midoriko stared at the two new arrivals.

"What the heck ar…" Inuyasha started only to stop as Miroku directed his attention to Midoriko.

"Excuse me but might I ask who you are?" Miroku questioned.

"Isn't it obvious?" Midoriko responded still getting use to waking up.

"You're the bitch in the stalagmite that threw me out of that cave."

As Inuyasha finished his statement a sword flew by his head cutting his cheek while taking some hair with it. Inuyasha looked at the sword imbedded in the tree behind him then turned around to see Midoriko had an arrow lined up with his head. Having been challenged in battle Inuyasha drew Tetsusaiga to get a little bit of payback on Midoriko. Midoriko ducked a swing of Tetsusaiga then created some distance. With distance she fired an arrow at Inuyasha's feet causing the ground to explode. As Inuyasha hit the ground he watched Midoriko swipe her hand over the mirror on her belt resulting in an axe appearing which she attacked Inuyasha with. Midoriko used her spiritual powers to surround and strengthen her axe allowing her to weaken the demonically powered Tetsusaiga with every strike.

Inuyasha knocked Midoriko to the ground only to have his feet kicked out from under him. Allowing Midoriko to get back to her feet and free her sword from the tree. Inuyasha growled as Midoriko came at him with her two weapons. The biggest reason Inuyasha was upset was Midoriko's spiritual power kept canceling out Tetsusaiga's transformation. Eventually, Inuyasha was forced to use his Blades of Blood and Iron Reaver Soul Stealer. Though neither of these attacks worked because of the control Midoriko had over her spiritual powers. Midoriko would simply create a bubble of spiritual energy around herself to deflect Inuyasha's demonic attacks. Frustrated he couldn't use any of Tetsusaiga's attacks because Midoriko didn't possess a demonic aura. With nowhere else to turn Inuyasha attacked wildly with his claws which didn't help him as Midoriko defeated him without the use of Tetsusaiga.

"I don't know why you attacked me but I'm not going to kill you. I'm going to let him deal with you." Midoriko said to Inuyasha as Naruto came into the clearing.

"Who is that some weak demon?" Inuyasha asked.

"You recognize her kiddo?" Naruto asked directing Inuyasha's attention to the woman on his shoulder.

"Inuyasha who is she?" Miroku asked. "Inukimi she's my step mother."

Everyone stared at the unconscious woman except Midoriko. She was smiling at the look on Naruto's face as he dropped Inukimi to the ground roughly. Naruto ignoring Midoriko made his way over to Inuyasha who stood up.

"So I'm some weak demon am I? If you think of me like that maybe I shouldn't have saved you from those demons when you were younger." Naruto said as Inuyasha's eyes narrowed. "What are you talking about old man you never saved me?"

"Sure I did remember you were being chased through the forest by a pack of demons. You hid under the ledge of a cliff. Tell me how long you waited to come up."

Inuyasha thought back to the night in question. Inuyasha remembered every part of the night the demon in front of him spoke of. However, one thing always stuck out to him about that night. He never climbed back up to the top he eventually cried himself to sleep and when he woke up he was against one of the trees in the forest. Inuyasha stared at the demon in front of in shock.

"Sorry it took me so long to help you out. I was distracted by this shall we say woman." Naruto explained as he kicked Inukimi on the side.

"Wait your saying you saved Inuyasha when he was a child." Miroku slightly questioned.

"Of course, you know his father was my student. From what I've seen both his sons remind me of him in same way. But that's a story for another time we need to get moving to Mount Hakurei."

"I'm staying with my brother. Just as I said I would last night." Sango blurted out surprising Inuyasha and more importantly Miroku.

"If Sango's staying I'm staying as well." Miroku said causing Naruto to cough.

"This is what I was concerned about the moment Sango said she wanted to travel with our group. Shippo and Kirara coming with us isn't a big deal. Midoriko can watch over Shippo and Kohaku can keep him company. However, there might come a time where a decision is made you don't agree with and I can't have you disrupting the foundations of this group." Naruto explained.

"Are you trying to keep me and my brother apart?" Sango asked.

"I'm saying I don't want too many people in my group. Before today there were three now there are seven that's too much."

Sango quickly bargained with Naruto. She offered that only she joins his group along the Shippo and Kirara. Miroku jumped in restating his case that he would join if Sango did. Kagome then suggested that they join groups which Naruto quickly shot down again. Sango turned to Miroku telling him, when she first joined the group. She made sure they all knew her goal was going after Naraku for killing her brother. She later added freeing Kohaku to that list, but now that he was free she just needed to kill Naraku. Naruto sighed then laid the law down in terms of who could join. He would allow Sango to join and no one else.

Sango apologized to Miroku if this hurt him. She then made her way to Kagome giving the only other female in her former group a hug. Sango gave a nod of respect to Inuyasha before moving to stand with her brother. Shippo also gave Kagome a hug before sticking his tongue out at Inuyasha. Naruto looked over the group in semi-acceptance. He was still irked about the problems Sango could potentially cause but for he would ignore it. Naruto nodded to Inuyasha's group before grabbing Inukimi's foot dragging the female dog demon as he walked toward the direction of Mount Hakurei. Midoriko confused as to why Naruto had so many problems with the woman who was currently getting drug through mud.

Naruto explained to Midoriko that she was the mate of his first student. Surprising Midoriko as she had no idea Naruto had a student before her. As they walked Naruto could sense Inuyasha's group following them. When he confronted them they explained they were going after Naraku and they were already on the path so it made no sense to go a different way. Eventually, Naruto relented allowing them to travel with them until they reached Mount Hakurei. Naruto told them however, that no matter what happened after Mount Hakurei they would not be traveling together. As Naruto addressed Inuyasha's group, Inukimi opened her eyes. Sitting up she looked around noticing humans and in her opinion weak level demons. Her eyes would soon fall on two people that made her blood boil.

The first obviously being Naruto, the very thought of him made her want to bring her lover back to life and rip his throat out. The second being Inuyasha, as he was the constant reminder of her lover's infidelity in her mind the world wasn't big enough for the two of them. As Inukimi stood up she noticed dirt and mud on her beautiful clothing. However what almost made her almost transform was the fact she could feel dirt in her hair. Angry though still rational enough to understand she couldn't take down Naruto. Inukimi launched herself at Inuyasha hoping to take her anger out on the poor half demon that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

With incredible speed to everyone except Naruto and to a certain extent Midoriko, Inukimi slammed Inuyasha into a tree. Inukimi made a move to rip out her step son's throat only to be stopped by what seemed to be the bane of her existence. The female dog demon had known Naruto long enough to know when he was playing or not. She could tell had she moved her hand any closer to Inuyasha, she'd be ash before the half demon was hurt in anyway.

"I hate you." Inukimi said as she turned to Naruto who smirked at her.

"Payback if it wasn't for you, Inutaishowould never have challenged Ryukotsusei. I told him that I would deal with Ryukotsusei or to wait until I finished the training we'd started. But you had to get in his head all because of your jealously." Naruto said resulting in a howl of anger from Inukimi.

"Don't you dare speak of that."

"Don't tell me what to speak puppy. I'll tell everyone here the whole story."

Inukimi opened her mouth to say something only to get a look from Naruto telling her to test him. Inukimi started to leave only to be grabbed on the shoulder by Naruto. The fox demon told Inukimi that if she left his lips might get a little loose. Naruto then instructed Inukimi that she would be traveling with him until he'd had enough of presences. Again Inukimi wanted to argue only to be stopped in her tracks. With a growl Inukimi started to walk only to be stopped again by Naruto who explained she'd never been punished for trying to kill Inuyasha when he was a child. Inukimi immediately yelled she would never apologize for doing what needed to be done.

Naruto allowed a large smile to spread over his face and surprising agreed with her. However, an apology to Inuyasha seemed like heaven compared to what Naruto did next. Naruto would take out a long rope then tie it loosely around Inukimi's neck. Naruto then told her to walk. Inukimi stunned that someone would actually do this to her began to move as though she'd been hypnotized. Inuyasha like his stepmother couldn't believe what was happening. Myoga told him stories of how Inukimi could stand up to his father in power. Thus making Inuyasha extremely wary of Naruto to completely own Inukimi like this meant his power must be unbelievable.

Midoriko interested in why Naruto was doing this decided to get some answers, "Naruto what's going on?"

Naruto gave Midoriko a small smile before pulling her into him and giving her a long kiss. When the kiss was over Midoriko sighed then leaned against Naruto.

"I don't mind telling stories while we walk. Hey kiddo if you want to hear a story about your old man you'd been move closer. I'll let you all know why I dislike the pathetic demon in front of me so much."


Naruto sat outside of a hut yawning and eating pocky. He remembered Itachi use to give him some wherever he'd take him to the Third Hokage. The two would always much on separate pieces together before going to see the old man. Naruto could feel multiple presences leave the hut. Using his speed Naruto easily made his way in the hut to see a beautiful pregnant woman with long black hair looking at the floor sadly. However, when she looked up her sadness disappeared as her lover's teacher was standing in front of her. The first time she saw him, he appeared to her as a fox kit. Of course her believe that he was a normal fox and his cuteness caused her to snuggle him against her breasts.

When he eventually transformed he told her she had nothing to be ashamed of, with a wink added. Her beloved Inutaisho would explain who he was. The urge to slap him was quickly replaced with a bow. To her he was odd but Inutaisho thought the world of him. In fact when she and Inutaisho were alone he told her he looked at Inari as his father.

"Inari-sama how are you? Please forgive me for not bowing." The woman said.

"I never wanted you to bow to me in the first place Izayoi. Now how is that kid coming along?" Naruto questioned.

"It's good, very active. Actually Inutaisho told me you could tell me the gender. He told me you told him the gender of his first child. He told me he doesn't want to know the gender of this one."

"That's why I'm here. All I need to do is touch your stomach and I'll be able to tell you."

Naruto touched Izayoi's stomach then after five minutes he took his hand away from her stomach. He then told her she was going to have a boy, her very own Inutaisho running around getting into trouble just like his father. Izayoi smiled shyly then asked Naruto if he would look out for her son. Naruto gave her a nod then suggested that he give her a gift through Inutaisho. Naruto gave Izayoi a pat on the head resulting in a blush from the princess before leaving. Naruto quickly made his way out of the village toward the western lands. With his speed he arrived fifteen minutes after he left Izayoi. Upon arrival at Inutaisho's home, Naruto walked in to see his student surrounded by the demons who lived on his land. With a shout of 'sensei' the demons knew it was time to leave.

"I didn't think you would make it sensei." Inutaisho said only to receive a slap on the head from Naruto.

"Baka did I not tell you I would be here. When have you ever known me to go back on my word?" Naruto questioned hotly.

"Never sensei,"

"That's right now why am I here?"

"A couple of things sensei, first I believe Sesshomaru is prepared to face you in order to test his powers, second my subjects were just telling me how concerned they were with Ryukotsusei. I've been trying to decide whether or not I should deal with him."

"Good thing I got here in time to help you out. You won't be facing Ryukotsusei."

"But sensei I'm ready I've worked on everything you've showed me."

"Look you may be an important demon now but I am still your teacher. The demon who knows your skills better than you do and I just don't think you're ready yet."

Inutaisho was about to give in when he heard a voice from behind him, "I think he's ready and as one of the demons who lives in this lands. I believe Ryukotsusei should be taken care of as soon as possible."

Inutaisho turned around to see Inukimi standing behind his throne. Inukimi nodded to Inutaisho who smiled at her in return. His mate had been extremely sore at him, when she found out about Izayoi. However, now it seemed like she was prepared to stand by his side when he would needed her most.

"You see sensei Inukimi thinks I'm rea…" Inutaisho noticed his sensei's eyes flash gold then he had both himself and Inukimi pinned against the closest wall by their necks.

"First don't you ever contradict me again you or I'll cover the world with your ashes. Second I don't feel comfortable about you facing Ryukotsusei so you won't. This is my decree as your sensei disobey it at your own peril."

Naruto walked off to find Sesshomaru while Inutaisho roared in anger. The dog demon couldn't believe that his sensei didn't have faith in him, the one demon above all the rest who he took on as a student. Inukimi watched as thousands of thoughts ran through her mate's head. She had lived long enough to read any demon with the exception of Naruto. Right now her readings told her that Inutaisho wanted to prove to his teacher, the demon he idolized that he was worthy of his attention.

"Do not pout my love. Simply go out and destroy Ryukotsusei then your master will see that he has made a mistake." Inukimi cooed.


"No I want you to show him that you are a more capable demon than he gives you credit for. Tell me do you wish to bring a child into a world where Ryukotsusei roams. He might destroy the child just as a warning to you."

"But I've never gone against sensei before."

"When we explain it to him, he will understand. You are protecting your land, your pride and most importantly you are protecting your family."

Inutaisho stormed out of the throne room. He then made his way to his armory and grabbed Tetsusaiga. However, as he grabbed Tenseiga the sword refused to move from the wall it was on. Inutaisho paused for a moment as he looked at Tenseiga and wondered if the sword was trying to tell him to listen to his sensei. Still pumped up from Inukimi's speech, Inutaisho over powered Tenseiga before leaving the castle his mate smiling in the background as she watched him off. Meanwhile, Naruto entered the courtyard to find Sesshomaru waiting for him. The moment he saw the boy, Naruto growled this was not what he'd envisioned for the first child of his student.

"I've see you've grown young puppy but what makes you think your prepared to take me on." Naruto said.

"When father was actually paying attention to me before he left mother to be with that human, he trained me to face you in combat he told me it would be the most defining moment in my life. However, all I see before me is an old demon who would be lucky to lay a finger on me."

"Do you want me to kill you?" Naruto asked with a chuckle.

As Naruto prepared to test Sesshomaru he felt something he'd been dreading since he heard of Ryukotsusei, that being his student fighting him. Turning around Naruto began to make his way to where Ryukotsusei was before he could hurt Inutaisho. However, the moment he turned he felt Sesshomaru move toward him. Already enraged his student didn't listen to him turned around and punched Sesshomaru in the jaw with such force he was actually afraid he'd broken the boy's neck. Realizing he couldn't leave Sesshomaru in the condition he was in Naruto healed him with his power, while making sure Sesshomaru didn't remember anything about this.

Naruto quickly left Sesshomaru laying before heading out the courtyard. When he arrived in the throne room he noticed Inukimi sitting on Inutaisho's throne. Naruto figuring Inukimi had something to do with Inutaisho disobeying him formed a Rasengan and hit Inukimi on the midsection with it. It had been centuries since he last used the jutsu but it just seemed to be fitting. Naruto ignored Inukimi's smoking midsection and now topless appearance in favor of chasing after Inutaisho. When he arrived at the battle he noticed the two large creatures clawing and biting each other. From where Naruto could see Inutaisho was definitely getting the worse of the encounter though Ryukotsusei was far from fresh. Naruto was tempted to transform kill Ryukotsusei then step on Inutaisho until he begged for mercy but he chose not to.

His instincts as a teacher nearly kicked in a couple of times as his student was knocked to the ground several times each time it appeared harder for him to get back up. As Naruto continued to watch the battle his anger rose. Naruto knew there was no possible way for Inutaisho to stop Ryukotsusei unless he used a sealing technique he'd taught him a hundred years ago. Naruto watched Inutaisho hit the ground for a tenth time however, time he wasn't getting back up. Naruto expected this to be the end of his student until Ryukotsusei did something which angered him to no end about villains. That's right Ryukotsusei began to monolog about what Inutaisho's death was going to be like and how he proved him with nice entertainment. This of course allowed Inutaisho to regain enough strength to pierce Ryukotsusei's heart with his claw.

Naruto watched as Ryukotsusei fell back against a rock formation. At first glance Naruto didn't think Inutaisho had pierced Ryukotsusei's heart. However upon a closer look Naruto realized Inutaisho just barely got enough of Ryukotsusei's heart to seal him. Normally you'd have to get almost the middle of the heart however, with Ryukotsusei so exhausted from fighting he was weak enough for the claw to keep him sealed. Inutaisho immediately laid down still in his true form. He began to wonder how he was going to explain his wounds to his sensei. With as injured as he was there was no way he could stand up to his teacher not to say he could if he wasn't injured but at least then he could take the punishment he'd be sure to receive.

Looking around Inutaisho saw the one person he feared in the entire world looking up at him. Not wanting to seem like he was lording over his sensei Inutaisho transformed back to his human-like form. Inutaisho stumbled toward his teacher who simply stared at him. The two were no more than two feet away from one other. Inutaisho took another step only to have his legs give out on him causing him to fall. This wasn't something new to Inutaisho as he'd been tired after finishing training with his teacher thousands of times. However those times when he fell his sensei would catch him, this time his sensei stepped to his left allowing his student to hit the ground face first.

"I told you, you weren't ready. You just became powerful enough to defeat that panther demon." Naruto said not enough looking at his student as he addressed him.

"But sensei I di…" Inutaisho started only to be grabbed by the neck and lifted off the ground.


Naruto threw Inutaisho to the ground his anger at a level it hadn't been at in years.

"Go home get your wounds treated."

"What about Izayoi and the child."

"As punishment for disobeying me you will not be permitted to see the birth of your child. I will bring Izayoi and the child to you after the birth has taken place."

Inutaisho roared in anger at his sensei who simply vanished in a swirl of fire. Inutaisho willed himself to his feet. He knew he'd brought this on himself, however this was a punishment from his sensei he would not accept. Inutaisho knew that disobeying his sensei a second time could result in a painful death but it was worth to see his child and Izayoi. Inutaisho took off needing to see his eldest son first.

Flashback over

"Did you teach me any of the same things you taught Inutaisho?" Midoriko asked.

"Of course he didn't. My old man was a demon there is no why you could do any of the same things he could." Inuyasha said earning him a glare from Midoriko.

"Every student is different Midoriko. For you to be powerful I had to teach you certain things." Naruto answered attempting to defuse the situation between his lover and his first student's son.

The group was still stunned at the story while Inukimi scoffed. Inuyasha began wondering why his mother had never mentioned Inari to him. Seeing his story had taken a good deal of time up, Naruto asked Kohaku where they were. Kohaku told him they were about halfway to the Mount Hakurei. Naruto noticed Inuyasha was still in deep thought decided this would be a good a time as any to get some information about the kid. Naruto told everyone to continue moving north except Inuyasha and Inukimi who was still on her leash.

"Inuyasha I want to hear from you on your life when you were a child." Naruto demanded from the young half demon.

Normally Inuyasha would tell anyone wanting to know about his life to mind their own business. However, he was now a firm believer that this was the demon who trained his father. Even with his father's fang angering Naruto wouldn't be wise.

"I was alone not much else you need to know." Inuyasha answered.

"What happened to your mother?"

"None of your business you old relic,"

"Inuyasha if you're going to get over this you need to talk about your mother."

"What do you want me to say? She was sad all the time because of me and then those demons chased me. Mother tried to protect me but her…"

Inukimi giggled only to stop when Naruto hit her on the head.

"She was attacked by those demons that knocked her off a cliff while I just hid in the bushes like a coward. To scared to help my own mother."

'So that's what happened to her. I hope he doesn't do something crazy like attack me when he finds out about her.' Naruto thought as he wrapped an arm around Inuyasha.

Naruto started to console Inuyasha only to stop when he sensed a shard of the scared jewel. Deciding it would be best to take care of this by himself. Since only Midoriko and to lesser extent Kohaku knew why they were searching for the jewel in the first place. Naruto knew that he couldn't leave Inuyasha with Inukimi or she'd rip him apart. So Naruto took out some ink and a paintbrush then drew a seal on Inukimi's neck. Four hand signs later Inukimi dropped to a knee panting.

"Inuyasha I've sealed some of Inukimi's power. At the moment she is no stronger than you. Take her back to the group and tell them I'll be along shortly."

Inuyasha opened his mouth only to stop when Naruto vanished in a yellow flash. Naruto arrived at an open field to see a behemoth trying to squash the wolf demon he took the shards from. To his left he could hear whimpering, when he looked over he saw the two wolf demons who tried to stop him from taking the shards from Koga. The moment he looked at them they jumped in fear.

"Oh no he's looking at us Hakkaku." Ginta yelled.

"Shut up, what is that thing?" Naruto questioned.

"We don't know all we know is it has a shard of the jewel. So Koga is attempting to take to replace the ones you and your lady friend took."

Naruto heard enough, using his speed he sliced the behemoth's arm clean off his body. Koga looked around to see who did what he'd been trying for 30 minutes to do. When he saw Naruto he growled under his breath.

"Where did you come from and how did you sever my arm?" The behemoth asked.

"Answer my question and I'll answer yours. Who are you?" Naruto asked.

"I am Kyokotsu and I am a member of the Band of Seven."

Naruto looked at Kyokotsu with a smirk, "You mean you were a member."

Kyokotsu was unable to react as Naruto again used his speed this time to cut the Band of Seven member's head off. As the body fell Naruto caught the head then ripped the jewel shard out of the forehead causing his head and the body to rapidly decay.

"Hey that's my jewel shard!" Koga yelled at Naruto who walked away.

"You should have defeated him and got before I arrived. I swear you kids always trying to look good instead of getting the job done." Naruto said only to be cut off by Koga.

"Just give me the shard and I won't have to hurt you."

Naruto lowered and shook his head then looked back up at Koga who was preparing to attack Naruto. When Naruto looked up he took one step toward Koga who tensed then fell to his knees grasping his stomach. Koga looked up and noticed Naruto was no longer in front of him just as he passed out. Naruto decided to take his time in getting back to the group seeing as Inukimi wasn't that much of threat with the seal he put on her. With night falling Naruto figured the group would set up camp. As he made his way toward Midoriko's scent he noticed something moving in the air high above him. Curious Naruto aimed then destroyed some of the beings that were actually flying. The immediate reaction was for whatever they were carrying to fall. Naruto leapt into the air and caught a woman who looked at him.

"What or who are you?" The woman asked.

"Friends call me Naruto and you." Naruto answered as he put the woman down.

"My name is Kikyo. Were you the one who destroyed my soul collectors?"

"Is that what those were actually been a long time since I've seen a soul collector."

"Are you human or demon? For some reason I can't get a good read on you."

"You know the only reason you would need soul collectors is to maintain a body."

With that last statement Kikyo realized the man before her was a demon. However, what startled her was the fact that she couldn't sense he was a demon. Kikyo lined an arrow then fired at Naruto. Kikyo wasn't surprised that she hit him, no what surprised her was the fact that he wasn't being purified. Instead he eyed her before pulling the arrow out of his shoulder where she'd hit him. Naruto looked at Kikyo only to stop when he noticed small bits of souls slowly leaking from her body.

"How is it you weren't purified?" Kikyo asked as Naruto smiled. "Do you really think a cute priestess like you could purify the great Inari?"

Kikyo froze as Naruto said Inari. That would explain why she couldn't purify him. She'd heard the stories of Inari. In fact he was one of the few reasons she didn't kill Inuyasha when he first came for the jewel. Kikyo knew she shouldn't be in awe of a demon however, now that she was face to face with the demon of legend she couldn't help it. Kikyo was thrust from her thoughts when she heard Naruto speaking.

"So Kikyo how long has it been since you past from this world?" Naruto asked while Kikyo lowered her head.

"Over 50 years Inari-sama." Kikyo answered while Naruto placed a hand behind his head. "I can sense you have some of your original soul but where is the rest of it."

"My soul had already been reincarnated. The only reason I'm able to move is because like you said I have a part of my original soul."

"I can help you. I have a technique that will be able to recreate the rest of your soul then we can move that soul into a recently deceased body which will take on your soul's form."

Kikyo couldn't believe what she'd just heard Inari could give her a chance to live again. She didn't need any time to think about it Kikyo agreed. Naruto told her he would have to take care of some business at Mount Hakurei first. However, once he was finished he'd take her back to his home to perform the ritual. Naruto suggested that she stay away from any battle until she was in a new living body. Kikyo asked where she should go to meet him. To which Naruto responded now that he had her scent there was no place in the world she could hide from him. Kikyo nodded then bowed before making her back the way she'd come.

Naruto decided it was time to get back to the group so using his speed he got the group's location within minutes. Upon his arrival he noticed the two groups separated with hostility filling the air. Clearing his throat Inuyasha's group turned their attention to him as did Sango. Naruto held up a shard of the jewel to Midoriko who smiled. However, Miroku and Inuyasha demanded that he hand the jewel shard to them. Naruto instead gave the shard to Midoriko. The instant it touched her hand the part of her soul that was in the shard made its way into her body while the demon that also inhabited the shard was instantly destroyed.

"What happened where did the jewel shard go?" Miroku asked.

"The jewel shard was simply Priestess Midoriko's soul combined with a demon's soul. So when she touches the jewel or its shards she getting her soul back on piece at a time. Without her soul the jewel can't exists." Kohaku answered.

"Plus if you want to make sure demons don't get a hold of it. Well this is the best way. The instant I used the shard from Kohaku to resurrect Midoriko there was no chance of the jewel ever becoming complete again." Naruto added on.

Inuyasha's group sat wide eyed. The explanation they were given made sense. With that Kagome gave Midoriko the few shards that her group had. Once Midoriko finished integrating the pieces of her soul, Naruto tossed her a kunai which she covered with her spiritual energy. Midoriko then launched the kunai at a tree which it went through while repeating the action with the next five trees in a row behind it. Midoriko smirked, with every bit of her soul she took back her spiritual powers were five times strong then they were the last time she wielded them. Naruto took a seat next to Midoriko while Shippo and Kirara occupied his shoulders.

"Looks like getting the jewel shards from this Naraku won't be easy Kohaku." Naruto said to the confused boy. "Why not Inari-sama,"

"I met that wolf whose shards I took the last time I met him…"

"Wait wolf you mean Koga? You took his jewel shards how is he supposed to survive without them?" Kagome questioned Naruto.

"The same way he did before he got them." Midoriko answered for Naruto.

"Look Kagome was it. The jewel is Midoriko's property end of story. I could have killed the wolf but I didn't. Today he was foolish enough to stand in my path and I didn't kill him. Now as I was saying the wolf was fighting an undead human brought to life by power of the jewel shard. Before I killed him he told me he was a part of the Band of Seven." Naruto explained.

"Must be here to do Naraku's dirty work for him," Inuyasha added.

"Don't tell me the big bad Inari is afraid of humans." Inukimi taunted.

"So do you think this Band of Seven will attack us?" Shippo asked while Naruto nodded. "But it's more than that Shippo for a member to be here I think Naraku has positioned them to prevent people from getting to the mountain."

"So you think the closer we get to Mount Hakurei the more likelihood that we will be attacked?" Miroku asked.

"You all make sure to get some rest. I was going to stay and make sure this dog didn't get naughty after everyone was asleep anyway."

Everyone nodded lying down while Naruto grabbed Inukimi's leash from Inuyasha. Once Naruto was sure everyone was asleep he waved Inukimi over to him. The dog demon ignored him only to have her leash pulled. With a growl Inukimi stood up to make her way over to Naruto, only to be told to stop. Naruto instructed her to crawl over to him on her hands and knees. Knowing the fox demon would inform the entire world of her secret. Inukimi did as she was told.

"Why won't you leave me alone you old perverted fox?" Inukimi asked a little loud then intended.

"Now now you make it seem like I was the one who had a crush on you." Naruto said getting Inukimi to actually blush.

"I was a young girl in awe of your presence but I have changed now."

Naruto stared at Inukimi before grabbing her breast through her clothes drawing a moan from Inukimi. Naruto used his free hand to reached her pants and tease her clit causing her to fall against him while panting uncontrollably. Inukimi hated the fact that he had this power over. Centuries ago when she first told him that she loved him he smiled and patted her on the head. Sure he teased her like he was doing at that moment but he would never take her the way she wanted him to. As Inukimi leaned against him she glared at Midoriko who was resting on his right side. What did that priestess have that she didn't? Inukimi's big secret that Naruto knew was she never loved Inutaisho. She really believes that was the reason that Naruto disliked her so. She had played his student and by association she had played him.

"Please take me here and now. Your power is keeping them asleep, so there is no chance they will know." Inukimi said causing Naruto stop. "I do this for a reason Inukimi to make sure you understand that at anytime I chose I could take you. I chose not to at his time."

"Don't you want… what is it you fox's call them kits? I can give you many to help carry on your legacy."

"Once Midoriko has all of her soul back she too will give me many kits. As for my legacy I think it will be just fine."

Naruto released the seal on Inukimi's neck then told her to leave. Frustrated Inukimi retied her kimono then left the campsite not one time looking at Naruto. Said fox demon sighed he felt he had to punish Inukimi, it might seem cruel punishing her for so long. However, she was demon her lifespan was a lot longer than a human's. She was already over 3,000 years old he would eventually stop teasing her and give her what she wanted sure. Naruto just wanted to see how long she would keep coming back. So far she was doing well she'd been coming over 600 years now. Naruto's focus at this moment was getting Midoriko back to full strength which started tomorrow.

What Naruto didn't tell the group was he could feel the evil intentions of what he assumed to be the band of seven. If they held their position and his group continued to move toward them tomorrow would be a day of battle. The thought caused Naruto to smile. It had been a long time since he'd fought in an actual war.

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