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Gibbs and Tony entered the bullpen after spending the last hour in MTAC with Director Vance. As they entered, Ziva was typing as she was talking on the phone. McGee stood up as they entered.

"Boss." McGee said as a simple greeting, as he arrived first.

"T-o-n-y." McGee then addressed DiNozzo, giving his name a special emphasis. "You have had seven phone calls from one of your uncles."

Tony approached McGee, sharing a look of curiosity as well as confusion. McGee had a small piece of paper and was trying to pronounce the Italian name.

"Uncle. . ." McGee started.

"Oh, my great uncle Vincenzo." Tony pronounced for McGee. "He owns a butcher shop in Long Island. I mentioned him to you before, McGee." Tony said rather snippy. Tony sensed Ziva hang up the phone and start to approach them.

"Yeah." McGee said shaking his head in frustration and showing that the comment did not matter to him. "Anyway, he has called seven times within the last hour. First, he wanted you to give him your father's phone number. Then he wanted your cell number. Then, and here is the really interesting part. He wanted to know which hotel your father's wedding is supposed to be in this weekend." Tony had been listening intently to all McGee's information until he mentioned the wedding. Tony froze and cringed, when he knew McGee, Gibbs, and Ziva now knew that information as well.

"Your father's getting married again, Tony?" Gibbs looked at him as he sat down, giving a Gibbs' the interrogator stare, which made Tony start to squirm from the attention he was getting.

"Really, who is she?" Ziva asked in curiosity.

"Ah." Tony stuttered looking for the right words. "She. . .Her name is Silvia. She is a 37 year old daughter of a hotel owner. Her family owns a chain of hotels. She lives in Rhode Island." Tony explained emotionless, not looking at anyone and hoping that they would be satisfied with that explanation.

"Are you going to the wedding?" Ziva asked further.

"Yeah!" Tony snapped back with more force then he intended.

"I see." Ziva tried to redirect." "That is why you requested some personal days."

"Yeah." Tony snatched the note from McGee's hand.

"Thanks Tim." He said quickly before escaping to his desk. He started to dial his desk phone, noticing that they were still watching him. As he noticed this, he titled his head to them, indicating his frustration. Even Gibbs acknowledged Tony's request and resumed to his work, as McGee and Ziva returned to their desks. Tony dialed his uncle's phone number off the paper McGee had given him.

"Bona sera. . ." Tony greeted him in Italian as he tried to whisper into the phone trying to avoid even Ziva understanding the conversation. However, his hard-of hearing uncle yelled for him to speak up.

"No, it is at the Chandelier in Rhode Island. Didn't you get an invitation? Do you want me to pick you up?" Tony yelled into the phone to the half-deaf uncle. "No, I am flying in, but I will pick you up!" Tony repeated.

"Okay. Yeah. No, I never met Phoebe, his last wife. No, he wanted the wedding to take place as soon as possible." The team could not help to overhear the conversation with Tony now yelling into the phone. They could also sense Tony's frustration, not only with having to yell, but having to talk about his father in a serious light.

"Yeah, well they had to get married. No, well, she is 37. She is also 5 months pregnant." Tony cringed and looked up realizing that Gibbs, McGee, and Ziva could not help but overhear. He was treated with their raised eyebrows and jaws dropped from his words. Tony gave a pained look and turned around; even though, he knew that the team could still hear him. Finally, Tony's prolonged agony was over. He was able to hang up the phone. However, he was so embarrassed that he could not even allow a peek at the team, after they heard this conversation. Quickly, he bolted for the opened elevator, as he hurried to take a moment to regroup.

Not realizing that Gibbs had anticipated the move, Tony did not make it alone to the opened elevator.

"Awe, Boss, please I just need some fresh air for a moment." Tony whined as Gibbs made it into the elevator with him. Gibbs hit the emergency stop and turned to a totally defeated Tony, who even needed the elevator wall to support himself from falling to the ground.

"Take it easy, Tony." Gibbs said softly, as recognizing the pain that Tony was showing.

"Sorry Boss." Tony talked as his mind wondered and as he stared at the floor with his haunted expression. "I just didn't plan my personal days well enough. I just needed to take off one day earlier."

"No." Gibbs said. "No. I wouldn't have signed off on it anyway. We just ended a case and you needed to make your statement in MTAC today." Gibbs listened to Tony sigh.

"Are you okay?" Gibbs asked.

"Yeah." Tony snapped. "I have to be. It is expected of me. What else can I do?" Tony's voice trembled, his voice indicating his raw emotions

"Can you handle going to this wedding?" Gibbs responded to Tony's obvious frustration.

"What can I do?" Tony shook his head. "I have to go. He is my father, and he wants me there for this wedding."

"What are you going to do?" Gibbs asked.

"I'll put on a show, be a good boy, don't question a thing, and take out my best charm." Tony rambled on, showing to Gibbs that he has done this before for his father. "And, if I have a weak moment. . ., there is always alcohol."

Gibbs shook his head, taking in the emotional and spiritual toll this was causing Tony.

"I'll be fine, Boss." Tony straightened himself, as he tried to say this confidently to Gibbs. Gibbs nodded and was about to release the emergency stop.

"The only real problem this time is that he got her pregnant." Tony mumbled in frustration. "My father has been married five times now. This will be the sixth. I was the only one who had to suffer being his child." Tony started to rant.

Gibbs turned to face him again, listening to his every word. "Some people. . .just don't make good parents." Gibbs was amazed by so much raw, true emotion coming from Tony. As he watched Tony he wondered if Tony was referring to himself as much as to his father. Tony was just all over the place now with his emotions and comments. Gibbs let Tony regroup in the elevator.

"Why don't we get some fresh air?" Gibbs said finally. Tony remained looking down, as he nodded in agreement to Gibbs' words.