Gibbs, Tony Senior, and Ziva entered the conference room, after the manager left. After a discussion about his brief marriage with Phoebe Bertucci, Gibbs and Ziva were finished with Tony Senior's statement and ready to move forward with the investigation. The three of them had returned to the lobby to the sobbing bride-to be. Tony Senior escorted his fiance into the elevator.

"Where is Tony?" Ziva asked Gibbs in concern, looking over every inch of the lobby as if he were hiding there somewhere. Gibbs shook his head and walked further into the hotel, as Ziva followed. At the bar, he spotted Tony's cousin, who was flirting with the bartender.

"Hey, where is your cousin?" Gibbs snapped at Pete DiNozzo.

"Uh, he was here." Pete snapped out of the trance he was in with the bartender. He then looked around. "Hey, Tony was here. I don't know." He answered.

"I will call him." Ziva quickly took out her cell phone.

"Come on. Did you see him? He won't answer." Gibbs stated as he continued thru the hotel. Ziva turned and returned to the hotel lobby.

"Could you tell me which room, Agent DiNozzo was staying in?" Ziva asked the manager.

"Oh, he checked out. He returned his hotel key before even going up to his room." The manager answered.

"Agent Gibbs? More questions?" Tony Senior asked snobbishly.

"Where is your son?" Gibbs ignored his comment.

"I don't. . .I haven't actually talked to Junior since he arrived." Tony Senior said now sharing Gibbs' concern.

"I should talk to him." Tony Senior said sadly. Gibbs rolled his eyes at him, making sure that he saw him do it.

"We are finished here." Tony Senior said in a gruff, as he returned to his suite. Gibbs sighed as Tony Senior left. He took out his cell phone, realizing the irony, as he called Tony himself. Although no one answered, he could hear a cell phone with Tony's ringtone ringing nearby. He turned the corner and entered the men's room.

"Tony." Gibbs said sharply. Tony was leaning over the sink dry heaving. Gibbs approached him. Tony never looked up or spoke, but he did not run either. Gibbs came closer and put his hand on Tony back.

"You all right?" Gibbs asked feeling his body convulse beneath his hand.

"Hey Boss. Thanks for checking on me. I'll be fine." Tony painfully forced the words out of his mouth, as he tried to catch his breath.

"Tony." Gibbs repeated. Tony forced himself away from the sink. He circled for a moment and managed to relax himself.

"Boss, how is the investigation going?" Tony asked Gibbs.

"We will need an official statement from the suspect. However, she is with local LEO's giving her statement right now. The suspect was targeting your father. She thought the room was registered to your father, and she shot open the door. During the struggle with the Marine, she shot and killed him, shooting herself in the process. She might have been mentally unstable, and thought she shot your father at the time. That is unclear at the moment. The investigation here is over."

"Well, according to my soon to be stepmother the wedding isn't going to take place right now. It might not happen at all. Time will tell." Tony said starting to tremble again. He sat down on one of the cushioned benches in the bathroom, as Gibbs sat beside him.

"You never told me that your mother was murdered, Tony." Gibbs said softly. "I thought she was just killed in a car accident."

"Yeah." Tony answered, turning away from Gibbs. "Well, some people with money are above the law."

"Tony?" Gibbs pushed cautiously, wondering if this was a good time to question this.

"It was ruled an accident. My mother was drunk. . .she drank a lot." Tony revealed.

"You were in the car?" Gibbs asked.

"Yeah." Tony answered. "She wasn't wearing a safety belt. . .went right thru the windshield."

"Boss, I don't want to do this right now." Tony suddenly stood up and approached the sink again. He hovered over the sink as he started to dry heave again. Gibbs walked up beside him, placing his hand on his back again.

"Hey." Gibbs said. After a long pause, Gibbs added a reassuring comment to Tony. "Let's go home. Ziva and I came in a jet." Tony shook his head in agreement. He tried to relax his body again.

Part II will come sometime in July

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