Louis And His Pills

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Grabbin' peelz.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Valve.


Pills was the one true thing Louis loved. He would snatch every single pill he could get. And when he did, it was one hell of a ride for him.

Then came the one night, where Louis went crazy.

Bill was on a special mission. He only brought Louis because Louis was the only sane member of the group. After shooting down several zombies, the two came across a Boomer, who was belching loudly. Bill hid behind the corner, reading a grenade as he spat out his cigarette.

"All right, Louis. Cover me while I take care of business." Bill whispered as he leapt from the gray wall, screaming as he tossed the grenade at the Boomer.

The Boomer blubbered as the grenade made contact with his fat ass, causing him to explode out guts and such. Luckily, Bill ran back behind the wall, preventing the green slime hitting him. He sighed as he wiped his forehead, having cleared the scene.

"Well, that was a close one," Bill stated as he took out another cigaratte, placing it in his mouth as he turned to his left. "All right, Louis, let's go-" However, he dropped his cigaratte as he witnessed Louis biting the cap of the pills he had found.

"Pills. They're my precious..." Louis muttered in a calm voice as he noticed Bill looking at him. He growled angrily as he barked at Bill, warning him to stay away from his pills.

Bill slapped his forehead as he groaned. "Damn it, Louis, what have I told you about pills? They'll rot your damn brain..." He stopped as he noticed several Hunters surrounding them. Bill readied his gun, taking aim as the five Hunters snarled at the two men. "Cover yourself, Louis. This is gonna be ugly."

Louis, however, was too busy having an affair with his pills to even notice. Or care.