By now, Louis's badassery has destroyed many of the zombies in the sewer. As Louis used his kick to knock down several Hunters, he tightly hugged his pills as he gently rubbed it, ensuring that things would be okay. Louis looked up, to see Bill poking his head down in the sewer.

"Hey Hercules, you all right down there?" Bill asked as he placed in yet another fucking cigarette in his mouth. "You nearly gave me a shock back there."

Louis laughed as he waved at Bill, pointing at his pills. "I'm doing great, Bill! Just looks at my pills!" He rhymed as he made a hilarious face.

Suddenly, two Koopa Football Players appeared out of nowhere, and under the control of Waluigi, tackled into Louis. They snatched the pills, heading deeper into the sewers. Louis screamed in rage as he pulled out a revolver, shooting at the Koopa Football Players as he chased them.

Bill slapped his forehead as he jumped down into the sewers, injuring his right hip as he went after Louis, but was surrounded by a Boomer, a Witch, several Smokers and Hunters. Bill swallowed his cigaratte as he readied his shot gun, preparing himself to take on the shit storm of zombies as Louis continued chasing after his precious pills.