Title: Witnessing room
Pairing: George Weasley/Gabrielle Delacour
Rating: R
Prompt: Insatiable by Darren Hayes (lyrics)
Word Count: 378
Beta: Not betaed
Warnings: Infidelity. Sex.
Summary: "When moonlight crawls along the street, the world revolves, I've let it go"
A/N: Originally written for this week's post on hp_humpdrabbles (God I missed writing there!). Dedicated to the biggest George/Gabrielle fan ever, my dear tania_sings .

Witnessing room

Her long hair looks white under the moonlight. George watches from the window as she makes her way down the street, just like she had so many times before. Her elegant coat hugging the curves of her petite body. He can hear the soft sounds of her hurried steps as high heels hit the pavement. With one last glance down the street, Gabrielle enters the world that is only theirs.

His heart pounds in anticipation. George waits for her by the door, inside the very same room that has witnessed their secret encounters for more than a year now. Shaking Angelina's face away from his mind, he opens the door, revealing a smiling Gabrielle that runs into his arms. Her floral perfume fills his nostrils as his hands caress her silky hair.

Not able to wait another second, George starts to take off her coat. The smooth skin of her pale shoulders burns under his touch. Her naked breasts are pressed against his shirt as the only piece of clothing she was wearing pools around her feet.

"Saving time," Gabrielle whispers against his neck, answering his silent question.

"I like that."

He cradles her face between his large hands, burying in the depth of her blue eyes, before guiding her backwards to the bed. Her beauty outstands even more against the ragged, floral covers. She deserves more; he knows she does. But George also knows she loves this. Gabrielle has assured him more than once in her heavy French accent that she simply adores how simple and them this room was. That they made it luxurious as not every room can witness love like this room does.

Leaning down to catch her lips in a lingering kiss, he vanishes his clothes with a flick of his wand. Passionate caresses and deep kisses follow as George thrusts inside of her. Her tight walls combined with her soft moans make him feel at home.

Sweated bodies start to move in unison as the moon casts its glow through the dirty windows. Soft gasps, the sound of skin against skin and the loud cricking noise the bed made with every thrust, creats the music that would play in their minds for the next few days; until they can meet again.