Disclaimer: the only thing I actually own in this entire fic is the plot, and the fact I'm doing mini ficlets of Amy Pond as a teenager from the age of fifteen to nineteen when she met the Doctor again.


Summary: A glimpse into the past for Amy Pond.

A fifteen year old Amy Pond sat on the park swings in a blue, floral patterned dress, the sunshine beating down on her flame red hair and her pale freckled skin of her arms.

She closed her eyes, dreaming, hoping for the day her 'Raggedy Doctor' would come and take her away in his magical box.

"AMELIA!" came the annoyed, loud voice of her aunt, shouting across the patch of grass that lay between the park and her home.

Amy laughed. "So he told her after all." she muttered, standing up and she started over the grass toward her aunt.

"Amelia Jessica Pond! I don't know what to do with you!" her aunt said.

"How about letting me get on with my life and stop pushing me on to other people! I don't need a psychiatrist!" Amy snapped.

"That's the fourth one you've bitten Amelia!"

"I don't need someone telling me I made him up! I'll prove you wrong, just you wait! You stopped me going to the school mentor!" Amy said.

"Because she was encouraging these silly dreams of yours! Making you believe in this imaginary friend even more."

"What are you so scared of? Why are you so scared to believe that maybe, there might JUST be someone like him out there? If my mum was here-" Amy was cut off.

"Well she's not, good riddance to the woman is what I say. And even if she was here, she'd tell you to grow up and stop being so silly."

"You never liked her! You always thought she was wrong for my dad! You're still mad after all this time! Your brother never listened to you!" Amy snapped and stormed past her, stamping up the stairs to her bedroom and slammed the door shut, and walked to her bed, throwing herself down on it.

Angry tears slid down her cheeks, which she ignored as they fell off her skin. She was only five years old when her parents were killed in a car accident. Since then, she blamed the ice on the roads that night, blamed her parents for leaving her with her grandparents and going out that night, blamed the van driver for not stopping in time. But mostly, she blamed herself. and she had no idea why.

She pulled the scrapbook from under her pillow and she opened it, looking at all the drawings and cartoons she'd done. The Doctor from her dreams, the Doctor from her memories as a seven year old child. "You promised..." she whispered, blinking. As she did so, her vision blurred from her tears as a couple rolled down her cheek and dropped on to the page. She sniffled and swiped her tears away with her hand and she closed the book, pushing it back under her pillow.

After an hour, her aunt knocked on the door lightly. "Amelia.." she said quietly as she walked in.

Amy was curled up on her bed, sleeping, her old teddy bear under her arm, clutched to her chest.

Her aunt smiled softly, and backed out of the room, closing the door quietly again, going back down the stairs to tell Rory that Amy was asleep, and for him to come back tomorrow.

Sighing as she closed the door, she said quietly to herself. "Maybe one day Amelia will settle for that lad, as good and as dopey as he can be... She needs something to go right in her life..."