-Twenty one-

Amelia Pond was sat in a wedding dress shop in Gloucester High Street, waiting to pick up her dress.

She had been putting off going to fetch it for weeks, but Jody decided she really should get the dress, the wedding was in 24 hours after all.

Amy was excited. The feeling of butterflies in her stomach made her smile at the thought. Rory was a genuine guy with a big heart, of course she knew that. And he would do anything for her that she asked him to. And he was the only person of the opposite sex to pay attention to her, and to love her.

However, mixed in with that excitement was doubt. Doubt at her feelings for him. Maybe she was 'just settling' as her aunt Sharon had put it.

Once she got the dress, Amy put it into the back of the car, and Jody-Amy was not trusting Mels behind the wheel just hours before her wedding-drove them both back to Leadworth and parked outside the Town Hall where the party was set to happen.

The rest of the day passed in a blur of panic with last minute preparations for the following day. Amy acted as though she were on autopilot. If the dress needed a final fitting she did it without complaint. A final check of the seating plans and the order everything was to be done was ordered by Sharon. Jody, Mels and Caitlin went along with no back-chat. Neither would dare.

It was only when everyone had stopped stressing, gone home and Amy and Sharon were back home, that she finally came out of her daze.

"Where have you been all day?" Sharon asked, looking at her niece stood by the kitchen sink.

"With you lot." Amy answered, finishing the last of the washing up from dinner that night.

"Only in body, my girl. Your mind hasn't been here. It's like you've been daydreaming all day. Are you having second thoughts?"

"No, of course not." Amy said, looking at her. "And anyway, it's not my job to stress the day before my wedding." she smirked, drying her hands on a nearby towel. "I'm going for a lie down.. get some rest so I can actually get up in time." she said, looking at the clock which read 7:30, and she walked up the stairs to her room, leaving Sharon to dry up what Amy had washed. Amy slept until the haunting whirring of her past woke her from her slumber.

Amy got up and raced to her window. She gazed out into her garden, and sure enough, there the Doctor stood, and his magical blue box. She grabbed her white pumps which lay by her bed and slipped them on her feet, then grabbed her dressing gown from the end of her bed before racing out toward him, worried that it was just a dream, or he'd leave her again.

She'd given him a firm telling off, but some how couldn't manage to stay angry for too long once she looked at his stupid, childish face.

'Fourteen years... But it was worth it...' Amy thought as she walked into the magical blue box, and off into the stars with her Raggedy Doctor and a whole heap of adventures waiting in front of them.