There is a light in your eyes

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Chapter One - Dangerous or not?

It was 5:30 a.m. I shouldn't be awake right now, but I am, thanks to Stephanie who called me last night and told me to meet her at the arena early this morning. I had agreed before she told me what time. I mean, early morning is around seven. But five thirty? That's a bit too early. I sighed as I parked the car. There were other cars in the parking lot, but not many. I assumed they belonged to backstage workers like camera men and what not. I got out of my car in a pair of black skinny jeans, a white tank top, and black heels. I got a dark blue, plain hoodie out of my purse and threw it on, after all, it was a cold morning as snowflakes slowly fell, placing a thin, white layer of snow on the ground. I made my way towards the entrance, my footsteps echoed around the almost empty parking lot.

Once I got to the entrance, I pulled the door, and just my luck, the door wouldn't open. I pulled at it for about thirty seconds, then gave up due to no luck of the door being opened. I sighed. This is perfect. Just perfect. Urgh. I tried another useless attempt at opening the door, then kicked it out of pure frustration.

"Y'know, hitting it won't make it open." I turned around to see who saw my little tantrum. It was none other than the Cody Rhodes.

"Oh," I laugh nervously, "I know, but Stephanie called me and I'm running late-"

He chuckled, "It's fine Maria, look, all you have to do is push it in till you hear a click, then pull it and it opens." he said while doing just that. "..and ta-da, it's open." he smiled.

I looked at the door, then at him. I smiled, "Thanks Cody, you're a life saver."

"You're welcome..Shouldn't you be going to meet Stephanie now?" he questioned.

I gasped, remembering why I was here in the first place. "Oh yeah, I forgot! I'll see you later Cody." I said while rushing down the hall.

"I'll be in the ring doing some training." he yelled to me, then went off to train.

"Really, it's fine Maria." Stephanie said with a smile. I had been apologizing for my tardiness ever since I had entered, five minutes ago.

"Okay..So, why did you wanna meet me here?" I asked politely.

"Right. So, I was thinking, now that Santino's a heel, we want a storyline with some other heel stars with him. The best way to do that, and benefit you as well, is to have you fall for another superstar."

I slowly nod, "Okay..But who's the other superstar?" I ask.

"Carlito has a match against Ted DiBiase tonight. You and Santino will be cheering ringside for Carlito while Randy and Cody will be there cheering for Ted. So halfway during the match, Santino will interfere but runs out of the ring when Cody comes into the ring and chases him out. Then he'll use you as a shield and push you into Cody to buy some time while he himself makes a run for it. You'll act surprised and upset. Then, Carlito will pick up the win this week with all the chaos. If this gets a good response from the audience, we'll continue with this storyline..Any questions?" she asked.

"No, this sounds pretty simple..But which member of Legacy will I be paired up with?" I ask her again, cause she didn't really answer it the first time.

"We aren't sure yet..We'll let time tell that one. See who the crowd likes you with better, okay?" She smiles.

"Okay, thanks," I nod and offer her a smile before leaving.

I was about to go back to the hotel for a nap, when I decided to go see someone I'd be working with soon enough.

I walked around backstage till I found the curtains which lead to the ring. I started a slow walk down the ramp looking intensely at the two men in the ring, battling it out. They both took a break and laughed. One of them was the same person I ran into earlier. The other was a tall, tan, muscular man. He stood on the far left of the ring, leaning on the ropes while taking a sip of water, his back was to me.

"Err..Cody?" I ask, cautiously. I wasn't sure if now's the time to be saying a quick hello..

He turned to look at me, "Maria..Hey," he said, sounding surprised at first, then brushing that feeling off with a smile.

I noticed as the older of the two turned his head to look at me.

"Hey Cody..Hey Randy," I smiled politely. Cody and I weren't good friends but we talked here and there. But Randy and I barely ever talked. We greeted each other every time we ran into one another, but that was about it..

He took another sip of water before I had said hi, so he just nodded in my direction.

"So..what's up?" Cody asked.

"Oh, nothing..Just thought I'd come see you." I said honestly.

"Oh okay, so what do you think about tonight?" he asked.

"..What do you mean?" I asked, sounding rather confused-which I was. He surely couldn't be talking about what Stephanie told me. I mean, she just now told me, how could he know?

"The ringside segment tonight," he clarified. Then, seeing as to my puzzled expression, he added, "She told us before you…Last night to be precise."

"Oh," I laugh, "It sounds fun." Then I ask, "What about you? You think you can handle me crashing into you without falling?"

"Don't worry about that. You're not strong enough to make me fall," he smirked.

I laugh, then say, "Okay, we'll see..Well I better get going, before Ashley has a panic attack."

"Okay, see you tonight" he says.

"Yeah." I smile. "Well, bye you guys. See you later," I say.

"Bye" they both say in unison.

"Where the hell have you been?" the dirty blonde diva inquired.

"Well hello to you too," I say as I enter my hotel room that I was sharing with my best friend.

"Do you know what time it is? You were supposed to be back an hour ago." She said, ignoring my comment completely.

"You could have called, if you were so worried." I rolled my eyes playfully, she was always so protective of me.

"Firstly, I wasn't worried. Secondly, I did, but you never answer the damn thing," she hissed.

"Oh," I continue, "well, I'm sorry. I'll call you next time and tell you beforehand if I'm going to be late, okay?" I smile as I approach her and hug her.

"Fine, I'll let this time slide by," she smiled. Then, she wrapped her arms around me. "What took you so long, anyway?"

"I was talking to Cody, he's in the new storyline I'm getting..Actually, all of Legacy is."

"Oh wow, you better be careful. I hear Randy's a psycho. He has a huge temper, is controlling-"

"What happened to, 'Rumors are overrated. Don't ever believe in them,' Ashley?" I ask, quoting what she says quite often.

"I was warning you based on what I've seen and heard."

"Mhm, alright. Well, I hear this lovely bed calling my name," I smile.

"Oh yeah, you should get your rest before tonight."

"Mhm." I mumble as I fall onto my bed and close my eyes.

I was looking forward to tonight. This could be the big push I've been waiting for.

"...You better be careful."

Ashley's words rang around in my head. Was working with Randy Orton really that dangerous? I sighed, only time will tell what this storyline holds in store for me.

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