A/N: This is a one-shot, but it could be extended. It is set somewhere in the eighth season but has NO spoilers and is NOT connected to the season eight plot, whatever that is. The only reason that it is set then will hopefully become clear.

"I don't want your advice, Probie," Tony snapped. "You're not what I like to call a 'ladies man'. You're more of a 'lady-man'."

"What's this I hear?" Ziva asked, walking out of the elevator and into the squad room, her brown eyes quizzically looking at Tony and McGee. "Tony asking for advice? What happened, did you take home a sixteen-year-old and wake up with a forty-year-old again?"

"OK, what do you mean 'again'?" he defended. "For your information, Zee-vah, and I know I'm gonna regret telling you this, but it's been a long time since I 'took anyone home.'"

"Oh, really?" Ziva raised an eyebrow. "How long exactly?"

"Six months. Nothing since the coffee lady, and that was just one night. Might I add, a pretty boring night."

"I am suitably impressed," Ziva said, knowing he was telling the truth. She sidled over to him. "And what would be the reason for this sudden desire to be single?"

"The reason is—"

"Tony, don't," McGee stopped him. "It's a bad idea, trust me."

"The reason is," Tony repeated, clearly not caring what McGee thought. "Well, for a while, I didn't know what it was, but then I had a thought."

"Don't do it," McGee said again. Ziva was beginning to worry.

"I want to take you to dinner, Ziva David," he finished.

Ziva was wide-eyed and genuinely shocked, but quickly tried to calm herself. "You know, Tony," she began. "Of all the things you could have said, I think I expected that one the least. I would have sooner betted on something along the lines of 'I'm gay' or 'I have herpes' before you said that." All of them shuddered at the thought.

"So, is that a yes?"

Ziva thought hard about it.

"Come on, what's stopping you?"

"Gibbs," she replied, looking around.

"Gibbs just left for coffee. I made sure he was gone before I said anything."

"How..." she searched for the right word, "thorough of you." She paused, clearly still thinking. Of course she liked him, but what if it didn't work out? How could they work together? Then again, Abby and McGee did it, or so she had heard. She couldn't believe Abby would do that, but it all comes down to taste, I guess.

"Fine, pick me up at seven. Don't be late." She winked at him and sat down at her desk.

"I can't believe you guys," McGee said. "Ziva you could do better, no offence Tony."

"Offence taken," he replied. "And Probie, at least I have a date."

"You won't if you brag about it," Ziva told him.

"Sorry," Tony said, turning to face his computer.

"But seriously, Ziva, come on! Tony? You want to date Tony?"

Ziva didn't answer him. She just smiled. I hope he wants to skip dinner, she thought.