Bella's Point of View (bpov)


"Come on Bells, cheer up will ya? You are better without him."

"No im not dad, he was all I had, and now he's gone. Why would he leave me if he loved me so much?" My voice strained in pain.

"Edward isn't everything."

"I know. I know that now."

I before had heard Edward talk about the Volturi in Italy. He said they grant the wish of death. Thats why I catched a five o'clock flight there. My dad couldnt know I was leaving so I had to leave quiet and quick. Luckily I made it out of the house and on to the plane. It was about a seven hour flight, so I spent most of my time thinking about the Volturi, and I did a little research online. I wanted to make sure I learned all of their names.

When I reached Italy I took a tour of the castle, but when the last stop came on the tour I snuck out because I knew what would happen to me. Edward told me. I know I wanted to die, but I at least wanted to get to see the Volturi first. So I ran in a few halls looking for someone who could help me. I was about to turn a corner when a massive man appeared out of nowhere. He knocked me down pretty hard. And I had noticed my delicate body had no effect on him. He did not even move one inch when I bumped into him.

"Are you ok?" He outstretched his hand in an offer to help me up. I took it. He was beautiful. When he looked at me I felt dazzled. No one but Edward could do that. There was a very sinsere look to him.

"Yes, i'm fine thank you."

"i don't see why you should be thanking me, I just knocked you down with out any force."

"Right." I have to admit it was a little funny.

"Shouldn't you be with the rest of your tour?"

"Thats not why i'm here."

"May I know what reason you have to be here then?"

"I know what you are and I know what the Volturi is. I have a death wish."

"If you had stayed with the group, you have gotten your wish." He still was joking a little.

"I know but I wanted to formally meet the Volturi first."

"Well you can start with me, my name is Felix, and i'm a guard for the Volturi."

"I can see why they put you in charge for that job." He chuckled a little.

"Please, let me show you to the Volturi."

"Thank you."

We passes a couple doors and rooms and it was about two minutes until we reached the Volturi room. When I entered the room, it felt like I was trapped, but when I realized Felix was right by me, that feeling flew away out of the room.

"Hello Isabella! At last!" Aro had a crazy look to him, like he was phyco, but he had a calming effect on him. I noticed Alec and Jane. I could some-what tell they were twins. Then in the middle a=of Aro was Clauis and Marcus. Next to them was Demetri and Felix.

"Hi Aro."

"What brings you here darling?"

"I have a death wish." I just came out and said it.

"Oh... Jane."

I knew it was coming, I knew Jane's power. Right when she looked my way with those bloody red eyes, I immediately felt intimidated, even though she was the youngest.


I waited. Longer, and longer. Nothing.

"Amazing!," Aro exclaimed. "Bella has absolutely no effect of Jane's power. I would like to see if mine were to work. May I?" He stood a distance slightly bowing, and holding out his hand. I gave him mine. He cuped his other hand over mine. He looked down concentrating on my thoughts. Al the sudden he pops up and looks at me surprisingly.

"Extraordinary, it seems Bella is holding her powers before she as become a vampire. My, my, my, Bella, you would of great use to the Volturi. Would you consider joining the Volturi?"

"I don't know I would have to think about it for awhile."

"Felix, show Bella to her room." Felix nodded his head and escorted me to my bedroom.

"Here you are, Princess." He smirked at me.

"I'm not a Princess." I smirked back.

"You will be when you join the Volturi."

"IF I join the Volturi, which is most likely a yes."


"Because it seems I could be happy. Because of all the wonderful people here." I looked at him to let him know that I was talking about him. He just smiled like he got the message.

"Goodnight... Princess."

"Goodnight." I laughed while I told him goodnight. Tomorrow would be my first day staying with the Volturi.