A/N: Despite his posturing and protesting, I think Shikamaru is very much a red blooded boy who is very interested in the ladies. For some reason, I think he'd be a very intense lover. Or is that just me?

Pairing: Canon is not love. ShikaTen. Let's diversify Tenten's love pool, please.

"I don't believe you for a second Nara Shikamaru," giggled Tenten, "you're way too lazy to do anything of such sort."

The black haired boy quirked a brow at the girl who was reclining at the other end of the couch, "why would you say that? I'm not lazy at all." The girl actually had the audacity to roll her eyes at him. "It's true – I just like to minimize any sort of effort and make things easier on everyone," he pressed on.

"Still, you're so lazy that going on a date with you could never work," Tenten flippantly replied, eyes glued on the magazine page before her. She didn't notice how the Nara's onyx eyes were fixated on how her teeth were worrying her lower lip, or the slide of her fingers through her hair. "You'd grumble and show up late because you'd take your sweet ass time walking over, sleep throughout the movie, bitch about paying for dinner, and then later if we even got around to sex, you'd be so lazy that you'd make me top." Unable to hold back the onslaught of mental images, Tenten gave into a fit of giggles, "oh god, Shika –"

Only to find herself grabbed up in a tangle of strong arms and hands – was that a shadow or two? – flipped over and pushed facedown – hard.

For a moment Tenten thought she had gotten herself into a taijutsu lock and hastily thought of how to throw her aggressor off her. Trying not to panic, she began to struggle and snake her arms into an advantageous position, but felt a very male presence push up against her behind.

Shikamaru's eyes glittered down at her, one long arm wrapped firmly around her throat and shoulders, the other hand braced against the wall in front of them. He smirked down at the dazed and breathless girl underneath him as he leaned closer to drawl, "actually, I prefer to be on top. From behind." And emphasized his point with another thrust.

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