Ikuto felt utterly helpless as he sat in the hospital waiting room. Ami was sitting next to him with her hands folded in her lap and tears still streaming down her cheeks. They had been sitting like that for a good two hours while Amu's parents waited outside of the emergency room desperate for any news of their older daughter.

"Ikuto ni san" Ami whispered.

"What is it Ami?'

The young girl reached out and clutched his hand,

"Big sister. She'll be ok right?"

Ikuto looked down into the small girls face her eyes containing so much hopeless pleading that it was all he could do to choke back his own tears and smile.

"Yeah I'm sure she'll be. Don't worry about it."

Ami blinked trying to smile as well but only half succeeding.

"Ni san"


"Is it ok if I go to sleep for a bit?" Ami yawned rubbing the tears from her eyes.

"Mm. You need your rest."

Ami sighed the sound coming out as half a sob as she lay down on his lap. In an instant her eyes had closed and her breathing had grown softer and heavier.

Ikuto couldn't stop himself from smiling as he stroked her hair gently. Ami reminded him so much of how Utau had been when they were children. And suddenly it dawned on him, the thing that had been nagging at the back of his mind despite all the fear involved with Amu. He had been on his way to dinner with Utau when Ami had found him.

She's probably angry and disappointed. Maybe even worried

He sighed and ran a hand through his already untidy hair that had grown even more unruly from his race to find Amu. His hand dropped to the side again as he repeated her name in his head again.


And at last the pain he had been holding back came out all at once. He put his head in his hands and sobbed. The stupid girl hadn't changed at all. She was still getting herself in trouble, trouble that this time he had been too slow to save her from.

His tears fell faster, dripping onto Ami who groaned and rubbed her face subconsciously in her sleep. Ikuto tried to keep himself from completely breaking down but every time he closed his eyes to try and collect himself she always flashed across his vision. Her dancing eyes and sarcastic smile plagued his thoughts and caused him to clench his fists in despair and anger. The men had ran from the scene as soon as he had arrived and he knew that had it not been for Amu's condition he would have taken off after them instantly. He hated them with a passion that he had only ever felt for his step father. He had promised himself that if he ever saw them again he would not hold back.

Ami stirred in her sleep breaking him from his enraged thoughts and he glanced down at her again and sighed. At the present all he could do was wait. Wait and hope.

He hadn't realized that he had drifted off to sleep himself until someone gently shook his shoulder.

"Ikuto…you should go home. The doctors said that Amu's going to be fine but that no one can see her yet. There's no point in you staying here overnight."

He opened his eyes and looked at Amu's mother. Mrs. Hinamori had tear stained cheeks and her eyes were awefully red but she was sporting a genuinely relieved smile.

Ikuto blinked a couple of times before sighing and getting up.

"Will I be able to come visit her tomorrow?"

Mrs. Hinamori bit her lip nervously, so much the same way that her daughter did when she was uncertain about something, and then sighed.

"I don't know honestly. We'll let you know. Er…well you'd need to give us your number first."

Ikuto nodded and told her the number slowly as she tapped it into her cell phone.

"Thankyou dear. We'll let you know tomorrow what the doctors say."

Ikuto nodded again sleepily and started heading for the door.

"Thankyou again Ikuto san for finding her and bringing her here." Mrs. Hinamori said quietly to his retreating form.

He simply raised a hand in acknowledgement that he had heard and walked out into the cold night.

There was a buzzing in his pocket and he opened his phone to reveal Utau's name flashing on the screen. Grudgingly he pressed the answer button and held the phone up to his ear.

"Hello." His voice was tired and choked from having cried so much.

"Where the hell are you?" Utau's voice cut through his skull like a bullet of sound.

"Outside the hospital." He answered slowly.

"You…what?" her voice was suddenly terrified, Just great

"I'm fine I'll explain better when I get home."

Utau's voice had changed when she replied,

"Yeah ok. Just try and hurry before mom wakes up and starts worrying again."

Ikuto scoffed at that.

"Yeah like she would worry about me. Her wayward son."

"You would be surprised." His sister answered before hanging up.

Ikuto looked at the end call message flashing on his screen as he lowered the phone again. He clicked the phone closed and stuffed his hands in his pockets once more turning to look at the hospital building one last time before heading off in the direction of his mother's house.