"Elizaveta…I want you, please."

What happened? She asked herself as her new lover was towering over her on her bed. This morning, I was serving him tea and I couldn't even make eye contact. I don't know if I want this…

But she knew she was lying to herself.

She loved this.

The way he touched her, the kisses, the innocence and curious movements, they all drove her into bliss.

Then breaking her from the inner thoughts, he kissed her from her ear down to her jaw line and she stretched her neck to its full capacity, giving him full access.

Heated kissed fluttered down to her neck, feeling his tongue flick out to lick her sweet skin and unable to restrain a pleasure filled moan.

He stopped at her collar bones and kissed them over and over again, with passion and lust and unrestrained love.

"Roderich!" she moaned when she felt his swollen lips touch the base of her neck.

The two never stopped their acts of passion in perfect unison, she tangled her fingers in his soft hair and threw her head back while he kissed her body and held her waist.

"R-Roderich, w-we a-aren't going to do…that…are we?" She asked in a shaky voice.

He laughed at her shyness and said, "Of course not, a gentleman would never do that to his lover. But you don't mind if we have a little fun, do you?" A full smirk on his face, both beautiful but mischievous as he looked up at his lover though his chocolate colored bangs.

Damn it, she thought. He knows he looks so damn sexy like that.

She let out a small "no" and he responded by saying, "Good, besides, I want our first time to be special, like on our wedding night."

She gave a smile at his kindness. "Ahh…well thank you Roderich, I would want to-wait….what?...w-w-wedding?" She said, sitting up a little.

Austria sat up also to face her, "Well, I would want to wait a few months surely, I would want to get closer to you first, my love." He said laying back on his side, with his hand on her cheek.

Hungary could not believe what she was hearing, Austria, her Austria was being sweet to her. He has always been quiet and almost ignored her in the past but now, it seemed that he was the perfect man for her.

Then she had an idea.

"Thank you Roderich!" she exclaimed and hugged him in a way that kept her on top of him.

He laughed quietly and hugged, breathing in her sweet scent. She put her forehead on his and enjoyed his breath that brushed upon her wet lips and how it tasted of honey.

She took the lead at that moment and kissed her lover softly on his lips. The warmth of his body wrapped around her slim figure as she lowered her self slowly on to his body below. But Austria encouraged his movement by placing his hand on the small of her back and guiding her body along with her. Finally she rested her hips to line with his and at last the warmth of his body had immersed her in pure bliss.

The two lovers had broken the contact to take in a breath, but Hungary took this opportunity to ravish his neck.

She slid down to face his neck and placed ever so light kisses on the muscles that she could she see standing out when he stretched his neck.

He moaned in response and rubbed her back in encouragement as she continued to tease at him. Then, the slim figure flicked her tongue out to taste his sticky sweet skin and sucked at the most sensitive spots.

When he felt his petite lover nip and suck at sensitive parts in his neck he moaned and purred in pleasure as he placed their bodies in a more comfortable position, where her legs lay in between his bent ones.

Austria almost couldn't restrain himself.

Their bodies were just to perfect together, and every heated touch was driving him insane. Her smooth and creamy legs rubbed against his, their hips aligned perfectly, her full breasts against his chest and her plump and engaging lips kissing in the most sensitive parts of his neck.

He let out a moan as he called her name when she began to kiss his collarbone. He intertwined his slim fingers in her hair as she continued to kiss her lover.

The two stopped to catch their breath from their actions and Hungary saw out of the corner of her eye another smile grow on his face. Before she could ask anything, her lover once again straddled her, pinning her to her bed.

"My, my I never knew that my innocent Elizaveta could do such things…" He said into her ear with a deep voice before biting it softly. He left a trail of kisses from her ear to her shoulder, stopping at her shoulder to bite and suck at the skin.

The two lovers spent the rest of the night together, continuing their actions of passion and lust until they both fell asleep in each other's arms, lips swollen and their necks covered in red marks from their lips.

When she awoke, Hungary found herself placing her hands on Austria's chest and her lover's arms around her waist. Their legs were intertwined and her head was under his chin, burying her face in his neck and letting him kiss the top of her head. She looked at her lover's body and how beautiful it was, and blushed slightly at the marks that she left on his neck.

Then she raised her head slightly to look outside the window, the sunlight was peeking through the thin curtains and the birds outside chirped in the distance. She sighed slightly before cuddling closer to her love and closed her eyes once again.

Before drifting into sleep once again, she whispered, "I love you, Roderich."

She felt her lover smile on her head and whisper in response, "I love you, Elizaveta."

She also smiled as she went beck to sleep, yet before she did, she played the music that Austria played for her and how it ended with that last beautiful chord.


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