My battle wound healed as well as expected (albeit slowly). It was now nothing more than a scabbed over scar- a constant reminder of what I had to do to save an innocent young man and his mother. Worth it.

Esme and my mother were planning on coming from Forks to take care of me. Of course I had a total bitch fit and told Edward absolutely under no circumstances was he going to leave me in the care of my mother. With my luck she'd end up doing some Voodoo something-or-other thinking it was her connection to the "spirits" that helped heal me. I wouldn't put Esme (or myself) through that. Of course there was a lot of protesting from both sides but I stood my ground.

Edward stayed with me for as long as he could until he had to return to work. Since I was still on sick leave, he forced me to go with him so that he could keep an eye on me. While he was off saving people, Tanya and I lounged on the couch watching bad romance movies and pigged out on Thin Mints and popcorn. Of course Edward refused to buy the good movie theatre popcorn. No, he had to buy the light butter/light salt 99% fat free crap that barely passed as edible. Tanya and I made a trip to the store while he was gone and loaded up on junk food that I had stashed in my suitcase.

The days turned to weeks and the weeks into almost two months. Edward and I had been living as husband and wife for seven weeks and they were the happiest weeks of my life. We laughed, we cried (more like I cried), and we did other things that weren't so rated PG.

After seven weeks in heaven it was time for me to return to my lonesome life in my lonesome apartment so that I could go back to work. Edward drove me home the Tuesday before I was scheduled to go back. The first few nights sleeping alone were the hardest and I did nothing but cry myself to sleep. Me. Isabella fucking Swan…err…Cullen- independent bad ass teacher- was crying about being alone and missing my husband terribly.

Friday night was upon me quicker than I thought. I had just got out of the shower, hair in a towel turban and in silly owl pajama shorts and a tank top. I was getting ready to plop my ass down on the couch when I heard knocking on my door. If it was fucking Yorkie here to proclaim his love for me (again) I was going to pummel his ass. Despite popular belief, 50 "no's" does not equal a "yes". Imagine my surprise when I saw Edward outside my door holding onto a duffle bag and a bouquet of daisies.

"What are you doing here?" I squeaked in surprise.

"It's nice to see you, too." He responded with a shit eating grin.

"I mean…oh what the fuck ever. You know what I mean. Aren't you supposed to be at work?"

I ushered him inside taking his bag from him and setting it on the ground. He leaned down and gave my cheek a very sweet kiss and handed me the flowers. Trying to find a vase in my house is like trying to find Jimmy Hoffa. It just isn't gonna happen no matter how much digging you do. I grabbed a large plastic tumbler and filled it with water.

Edward had made himself comfortable on my couch and patted the spot next to him for me to sit. I pulled the towel off my head, suddenly very aware of how ridiculous and unsexy I looked.

"You could've given me warning, ya know. I would've fixed my hair and picked some other non-embarrassing pajamas." I teased as I nudged his knee with my own.

"You look beautiful. You always do no matter what you're wearing. Besides, I happen to like the owls."

"You never did answer my question. Why are you here? Not that I'm trying to be rude because trust me I'm really effing happy you are. I missed you like crazy." I rambled while a blush crept through my cheeks.

"After talking to you on the phone this week I realized you might be a little scared to go back on Monday. I pulled a few strings and took the weekend off so I could be here with my gorgeous, brave, incredibly sexy wife before she goes back to work."

He gently nuzzled his head into my damp hair and placed soft kisses along my ear and down my jaw. I couldn't help but sigh in contentment and close my eyes. My skin broke out in goose bumps as a warm masculine hand touched my thighs, his fingers ghosting up and down the flesh. Very slowly I brought my hands up to cup his face and brought my lips forward to meet his own.

Edward's hands wrapped around my waist and pulled me on top of him so I was straddling his lap. His hands were roaming everywhere; squeezing my ass, gripping my hips, pulling me further into him. There was something definitely growing between us.

"I think you only came over here just so you could get me naked, Cullen." I moaned as his lips trailed down my neck and his hands went under my shirt.

"I won't lie and say I didn't want this. I am addicted to you. Your body feels fucking wonderful. I love pleasuring you, Isabella. I love pleasing you." He whispered in my ear.

My hips ground themselves into Edward's erection when his hands moved from between my shoulder blades to my breasts. I was actually quite relieved I wasn't wearing a bra. One less thing to take off. My back arched when his fingers gently brushed my nipples.

"I need to feel you Bella. Please…" Edward croaked out.

"You never have to ask…"

My shirt was pulled over my head leaving my chest exposed and bare. Warm, wet kisses were placed along my collar bone, down the valley between my ladies and back again. My clit was screaming in agony, begging to be touched.

"Cullen if you don't touch me I swear I'm going to rip your clothes off and just jump you."

"While that is something I am looking forward to, not yet. We're not ready to go all the way yet. Trust me when I say there is nothing else I think about. Taking you to bed and fucking you until you can't walk is one of my favorite day dreams."

I couldn't do anything but groan in response to that. If anyone else had said to me, I probably would've knocked their damn teeth out. Dirty talk plus Edward equals Bella's wet dream.

Edward's hand went beneath the waistband of my shorts and dipped below my panties. His fingers spread me apart and began assaulting my swollen clitoris. Oh yes, I was going to orgasm and yes it was going to be quick. My fingers dug into his shoulders as my muscles tensed and I ground myself into his hand. I shook and held my breath while my body convulsed in sheer pleasure.

Slowly he withdrew his hand and I leaned my head against his shoulder. My breaths were coming in shallow pants and I closed my eyes trying to recompose myself.

"That was quick. Good thing I'm not a guy." I laughed.

"Yes, really good thing. Otherwise I'd have some explaining to do to my parents."

I lightly smacked him on the shoulder and placed a soft kiss to his forehead. Quickly I grabbed my shirt off the couch and put it back on. Edward gave me a pouty face as I covered my ladies back up. I crawled off his lap and onto the floor sitting on my knees. It took all of two seconds for him to get the idea of what I was going to do. I smiled and grabbed the zipper of his jeans pulling his cock out.

"You don't know how good you make me feel." He hissed as my hand started stroking up and down his erection.

"Wanna bet?" Before he could answer I wrapped my lips around him and began licking up and down.

It took all of two minutes before I felt hands in my hair pulling me back. Edward's hand grabbed his cock and began thrusting up and down. I grabbed a few tissues behind me off the coffee table and handed it to him while his orgasm raked through his body.

"I'm so glad you came by." I laughed.

Edward and I woke up the following morning in each other's arms, perfectly happy and in comfortable silence. After his stomach started growling we decided it was time to get up and make breakfast; French Toast a la Bella.

"You know I would take care of you, Bella. You don't need to go back to work", Edward said as he sipped his coffee.

We had been over this conversation so many times; he already knew what was coming next. I finished rinsing the last plate in the sink and turned the water off trying to remain calm. I don't think that word is in my vocabulary.

"Jesus, how many times do I have to tell you no?! I will not quit my job, Cullen. Stop asking me."

"Why do you have to be so fucking stubborn?! Why can't you accept the fact that I want to take care of you?"

"Because our situation is one big giant cluster fuck, don't you see that? I'm married to a man who plans on marrying someone else as soon as our parents give us the go ahead to break up, divorce, separate, insert any other adverb in here. Why would I want to subject myself to that?"

His eyes narrowed at me and he slammed his mug down on the counter. I backed up a little bit as he took angry strides towards me. Roughly he grabbed me by my shoulders and pinned me against my refrigerator. Both of his hands pinned me in on either side of my shoulders and he got right in my face.

"Isabella, unless you want me to shut that mouth of yours permanently I suggest you not say that again. Do you think this means nothing to me? I love you. I've told you this every day, every chance I can. I've told you I don't expect you to say it back, and I mean it, I don't. You'll say it if or when you're ready. But please don't doubt for one minute that I don't want you, now and forever because I do."

"If you loved me, Edward…if you do love me…then why are you still with her? Why can't you just get rid of her and be done? Maybe then we could consider giving this a shot. But as long as that twat waffle is in the picture, I can't help but be skeptical."

He released me and ran his fingers through his hair sighing deeply. We were back to this.

"Bella, I've told you a million times and I'll tell you once again…the situation between Kate and I is very complicated and could potentially be very dangerous for you-"

I started to open my mouth to argue but he held his hand up and silenced me.

"I know you want me to tell you what's going on and I promise I will. Just not now. Not until everything is over with. Please. Please. I hate it when you're mad at me but please don't ask me again."

"You win for now Cullen. But I will get it out of you; you can bet your sweet ass on that." I sighed.

He pulled me to his chest and wrapped his arms around me. We stood like that, in complete silence, with just our hearts beating. I hummed softly and closed my eyes.

"Welcome back, Bella." Principal Banner said as I walked into his office bright and early Monday morning.

"Thanks. Did I miss anything while I was gone?"

"We went through several subs like usual because they can't handle these kids. Your class is probably the most well behaved class out of all of them…and that's saying something. I know your students were very concerned for you and they kept asking for updates. They'll be thrilled to see you're back. Are you sure you're up for it? I have no problem extending your sick time, Bella. You are a hero and inspiration to all of us. There wouldn't be any problems getting approval from the board."

"I'm sure Marcus, thank you. Seven weeks has been more than enough time for me to recuperate. I'm not a hero, just a teacher who cares about her kids. Please don't let anyone blow this out of proportion. Has Tyler been ok since he's come back? I know his mom put them both in counseling."

He sighed and rubbed his eyes. Something was wrong.

"Bella, Tyler came back the week after the incident. He got into more fights in that one week alone than he did all school year. It wasn't anything he did; it was that punk Felix provoking him. Felix and his entourage jumped him his first day back. Starting spewing off some nonsense about you. Anyways, I brought Tyler to my office so he could do his work and I stood outside with him until his mom came and got him. Today will be his first day back to class and that's because you're here."

"I'll take care of it. Marcus? Thanks for everything. I mean it." He nodded and offered a small smile and awkward hug.

I walked down the hallways to get to my classroom. I was stopped by many co-workers asking about the incident and I told them all the same thing- I did what any one of us would've done to save a student. I hated people making a big deal out of this shit. It's done and over with…move on.

I walked into my classroom only to find it pitch black. I shrugged it off guessing that the janitor hadn't turned the lights on when he opened up this morning. When I flipped the switch on, I had a fucking heart attack.


All of my students shouted "surprise" at me and tossed confetti in the air. There was a large canvas sign hanging over my desk with "Welcome Back Ms. Swan" written in colorful paint. They had tied a ridiculous amount of balloons to my chair and sitting on my desk were a few small wrapped gifts and a cake. And just like the emotional asshole I am, I started bawling my eyes out.

"Oh my God! What is all this?!" I cried with my hands over my mouth.

"It's a surprise welcome back party, Miss Swan. We missed you like crazy." Charlotte, one of my better students, said as she wrapped her arms around me.

"Tell Banner that he needs to do better screening for his subs because they sucked!" Another student chimed in.

I spotted Tyler in the crowd and held my arms open to him. He came forward and wrapped his arms around me in a bear hug.

"Are you ok? Principal Banner said you had some issues your first week back." I said as I released him and wiped my eyes, careful not to get mascara all over my face.

"I'm fine. It was just Felix being Felix. He was saying things like "It's your fault Miss Swan almost died" and "I bet your dad tapped that before he shot her". That was the clean version. Some of the other things weren't so…you know." He said nervously.

I needed to set this straight before we continued our day. I told everyone to sit down while I moved the cake over to the window sill and sat down on top of my desk.

"I want to talk about what happened the day I got shot. I'm doing this for a few reasons. The first being I want all the shit Tyler has been getting to stop. It wasn't his fault and I don't regret anything that happened. The second reason is if you see anyone trying to pick a fight with Crowley you come and get one of the teachers or Banner immediately. And the third- and probably the most important reason- so you can get your shit together and see what happens if you don't start setting your priorities now, not later.

Mr. Crowley was a troubled man but he helped make one of the best students I've ever had the pleasure of teaching. Tyler could've followed down his father's footsteps; a life of crime calling to him. Instead, he decided he wants to be someone and make something of himself.

When I talked to Tyler right after the incident he told me he's narrowed down his career choices to a teacher or a police officer. He is interested in becoming a teacher so that he could help students that were in situations very similar to his…and to yours. He's thinking about being a cop so that assholes like his father can't hurt innocent people. Both of those professions are very well respected and I admire Crowley for having a goal in mind now. Granted it did take having to go through what we did in order for him to see things clearly, but the point is he sees a light at the end of the tunnel. He knows that if he gets good grades and doesn't go and eff up, he will be successful in all his endeavors.

I want that for all of you. I want all of you to go off into the world and make something of yourselves. I don't care if it's being a waiter or retail store manager or astrophysicist. If that's what will make you happy, go for it. Mr. Crowley had something very dark inside of him and that's what provoked him to do what he did. Don't let that happen to you. You're better than that. And while getting shot sucked and hurt like a bitch, I'm hoping it opened all of your eyes. Twenty years from now I want you all to take a minute and look back at this moment and remember me. I'm so proud of all of you and I'm very honored I've had the pleasure of being your teacher and mentor. Questions?"

Not one sound was made. The room was in dead silence with twenty-six pairs of eyes looking at me with their mouths open. Mission accomplished.

"Well if there aren't any questions I say we devour that awesome looking cake and get to work. Enough of this deep, emotional shit." I smiled as I grabbed the cake and brought it back to my desk and started cutting it.

When I got home from an emotionally exhausting day, there was a bouquet of flowers sitting outside my door. I unlocked my door, tossed my purse and knapsack inside and bent down to pick them up. I counted seventy-two long stem roses mixed in with other various exotic looking flowers. I smiled as I set them down and took out the card.

To the most beautiful and bravest woman I know,

I hope your first day back was wonderful. I'm so proud of

you and can't wait to hear about it.

With more love than you can imagine,

Your husband

P.S. You didn't have any cups big enough for these so I took the liberty of getting you a vase.

I immediately called him and plopped down on my couch. I'm a sucker for romance and boy did he know how to treat a girl.

"I take it you got my little gift?" He laughed softly when he answered the phone.

"They're absolutely beautiful. Thank you. Yes, today was better than I could've hoped for. The kids had a little surprise party for me and it was just…perfect. I missed them so much."

"I'm glad your day went well. You deserve it. I wanted to surprise you myself with the flowers and take you out to celebrate but sadly the ER has been crazy for the last few hours. It'll be a late night for me. However, this Saturday evening is the hospital charity event and I would love it if you would accompany me."

"Ah yes, I remember the sales lady at that insanely overpriced dress store telling me about said event. Well Cullen, it just so happens I have the perfect thing to wear. I can come over Friday night or Saturday morning."

"I can't wait to see you in said dress. Bella, you know I'd love you to come over the minute you can. I miss you so much. I didn't realize how difficult this would be living two hours away from you."

"I'll be over Friday then. Edward, we need to talk about her. I'm sure she'll be there Saturday since it is a hospital event and she does work there." I sighed.

The dreaded "Kate" conversation that I had been avoiding since Edward had mentioned going to the charity ball a few weeks ago. I had no problem killing her and throwing her body off the balcony but there would be too many witnesses and Edward might be a little pissed.

"I know Bella. I haven't forgotten about that. You don't need to worry. I won't let anything happen to you. Alice will be there. She was the sales person from the dress store. I work with her husband Jasper. He's a psychiatrist in the pediatric ward."

"Cullen I am more than capable of handling that psycho cunt. But given that I don't want to cause a scene and embarrass you in front of your colleagues I'll accept it. It'll be nice to have someone to talk to while you're off talking shop."

"They're really nice and I have no doubt you'll get along just fine with both of them. Just be your usual charming self."

I laughed like a hyena at that last part. Me? Charming? Those are two words in the English language that shouldn't be together. We talked for a few minutes about absolutely nothing in particular until Edward was paged. He sounded so tired and bummed out to have to get off the phone but I reassured him we would have the entire weekend to talk and be together. Now we just had to get through the next four days.

"Goodnight Mrs. Cullen. Sweet dreams." He said softly.

"Goodnight Mr. Cullen. Go save people. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"I love you Bella."

He hung up before I could respond. It was better that way, I guess. It meant I didn't have to be awkward as I stumbled my way through an "I have feelings for you too". Sweet Jesus I knew deep down I loved him. It just wasn't the time to say it yet. Perhaps over the weekend when we're at the charity ball I would tell him.

Since it was already the end of August, school resumed to its usual Monday through Friday gig. Goodbye four days off, hello bottle of Advil Migraine and red sangria.

Tuesday wasn't as exhausting as Monday. By Wednesday I was able to make it through the entire day without having to give a motivational speech, talk about my battle scar, yell at some asshole kid, and no fights had broken out so far.

Thursday was a whole different story. Tyler came into my room at lunch and told me Felix was outside the basketball court trying to pick another fight with him. Having had enough with his bull shit I slammed my sammich' on the desk and stomped outside. There was Felix and his entourage of fellow douchebags leaning against the wall.

"Volturi, get your ass over here. Now." I gritted out.

The smug little fucker casually walked over to me, a wicked smile spread across his face. I wanted nothing more than to be able to remove that smile. Permanently.

"Is there a problem, Mrs. Cullen?"

He was trying to get under my skin and I couldn't let him know he was really starting to irritate me.

"It's Ms. Swan and yeah there is a fucking problem. You've been warned to leave Crowley alone. If you don't stay away from him and his friends, I will get Banner and the police involved."

"Psh you ain't got nothing on me, bitch. I didn't break no law."

"I'm not even going to talk about you butchering the grammar in that sentence and yes, you are breaking a law. It's called harassment. Consider this your final warning. Same goes for your groupies. Call me a bitch again and I assure you that will be the last time you use that word." I threatened as I nodded off in the direction of the group of punks watching our entire exchange.

"Whatever you say Mrs. Cullen. Oops. I mean Ms. Swan. I hope your husband is doing well. See you around." He said snidely as he turned around and walked away. Tyler and Banner were walking towards me from the opposite direction.

"Tyler came and got me and said I should come out here immediately. Everything alright, Bella?" Marcus asked me after he told Tyler he could handle it from here.

"Yeah, I needed to have a word with that Volturi kid. He's up to something and I gotta say I'm a little scared."

"Perhaps you should go back on sick leave. It might've been too soon for you to come back." He offered as we walked back inside.

"No, not an option. I will not let some little shit think he can scare me out of here. I'm not even scared he would do something to me, I'm scared he'll hurt Tyler."

"Bella, we don't have the budget to up security around here. I'm not convinced he wouldn't try to do something to you. So for the time being, please grab myself or one of the other male teachers and have them walk you out to your car. As for Crowley, I suggest he come to your room during lunch. Just until I can figure out what to do with Felix."

"I'll drive him home too. I know his mom picks him up two days a week but the other three I'll take him myself. I don't want him waiting for the bus alone."

"That's very generous of you. We're very lucky to have a teacher like you, Bella. I'm going to speak to the superintendent and see what we can do."

He gave my shoulder a gentle squeeze and walked off down the hallway. I went back into my classroom and picked up my discarded sammich' and suddenly didn't feel so hungry anymore. I knew once I saw Edward I would feel so much better. I just had to make it through one more day.

Friday dragged on…and on…and on. Mrs. Crowley was appreciative of my offer to drive Tyler home during the week. She insisted on paying me but I refused. I told her anything she wanted to bake me was payment enough. I had come to learn she worked the morning shift in one of the local bakeries. A few days after coming home from the hospital she had dropped off the most mouthwatering, orgasm inducing macaroons known to man. Oh yes, I think I was definitely getting the better end of the deal.

After dropping off Tyler, I sped my way back to my apartment and changed out of my dress pants and blouse. Rummaging through the closet, I pulled out jeans and a polka-dot shirt along with a few other outfits for the weekend. I had made it to the front door when I remembered I needed my dress and heels for tomorrow.

I made it to Edward's house around seven that evening. After tossing my bags down in the bedroom I was pleasantly greeted by Tanya rubbing against my ankles when I plopped down on his couch. I picked her up and held her against my chest scratching her head.

"You know, if she weren't a dog I'd be super jealous right now." He said as he walked in from outside on the patio.

"Such a guy thing to say, Cullen. Is it because she has her head on my dirty pillows?" I rolled my eyes as I set her down on the ground and walked over to him.

"That's exactly why."

Edward grabbed me in a tight embrace and brought his lips to mine. The kiss started off very soft and slow but quickly turned into a heated make out session.

"I missed you so much this week. I think you need to move in with me." He whispered against my lips after we came up for air.

"As tempting as that offer is, I can't."

"I know. It was worth a shot, though." He said simply as he placed a kiss to my forehead.

Until this shit (whatever it was) was over with Kate, there was no way in hell I was going to move in with him. I still needed to know what her "big bad secret" was that kept me out of the loop. Edward knew this and thankfully he let it go.

We went to dinner at Emmet's and were pleasantly surprised to see Rose and Emmett standing near the bar. Rosalie set us down in our usual spot, a booth near the corner of the restaurant that was relatively secluded. Sensing that Edward and I needed a little privacy, she told Emmett to help her in the back.

"I do have to go into work tomorrow morning for a little while so I invited Alice and Rosalie over to keep you company. I hope that's ok. I thought you might want a little girl time before the ball tomorrow. I told them to take you to brunch and to do any last minute shopping you might need."

"That's very thoughtful of you. Thanks. I look forward to hanging out with them tomorrow. It's been a very long time since I've had a "girl's day". I'm actually pretty excited." I smiled brightly as Rose set our drinks down in front of us.

"I'm pretty excited too. Maybe we can go to the mall so we can walk this baby out." She laughed.

"No way! There will not be any babies being delivered while I'm around. You can just save that for you, Emmett and your OB." I said very seriously. Delivering babies was not my expertise and the idea certainly grossed me out. There was a reason I didn't become a doctor.

"Fair enough, Bella! We do need to go to the mall though. I need to find a dress to fit over this watermelon growing inside of me. As much as I look forward to being a mom, I can't wait til this little one is out."

Edward and I ordered our usual meals and then we were alone. Edward placed his hands on the table signaling me to place mine on top. I wasn't used to this affection thing quite yet but holding hands over a romantic dinner was absolutely wonderful.

"Tell me about your first week back. I want to hear everything."

"It was great. I missed being there so much and I missed my kids. On Monday they had a little party for me and even got me a few gifts. It was really sweet. I think my favorite one was a picture of all of them together with big smiles on their faces. They saved up and bought a beautiful frame to put it in. It's things like that that makes me wonder where they went wrong and ended up in my class. That school is literally the last step before juvie. One fuck up and that's it. They're gone." I sighed.

"I think they just needed an amazing teacher to put them in the right direction. They're very lucky to have you, Bella. Especially Tyler."

"Speaking of Tyler, there is something I need to talk to you about and I want you to promise you won't flip the fuck out."

Edward's eyes were angry looking and his grasp on my hands tightened. I watched him take deep breaths through his nose and he looked at me to continue.

"Promise me Edward."

"I can't promise that Bella. But I will promise I will let you finish whatever it is you're going to tell me before I potentially go ape shit. Something tells me I'm not going to like what I'm about to hear."

"Do you remember the first day you came back to see me at school?"

"You mean when I asked you to sign the divorce papers?" He whispered. We both cringed a little bit at that.

"Yeah, that day. Remember the fight that broke out between Tyler and another kid?"

"How could I forget? I had to stitch you up." He said softly as he brought his fingers up to the small scar on my cheek.

"I'm not going to sugarcoat this Edward. That kid, Felix, is a mother fucker. He has been picking fights with Tyler since I've been out. Today Tyler came to see me during lunch and told me Felix was stirring up shit again. I went and confronted him outside. He's up to something. I'm not sure what it is but it really has me scared he'll hurt Tyler.

That kid is pure evil. He got right up in my face after I threatened to get the police involved and kept calling me Mrs. Cullen. My students know me as Miss Swan. I don't think any of them know about us, except for Tyler and I know he wouldn't say anything about it. It's just not something teenagers care about.

Felix told me to make sure "my husband was doing well" and then he just walked away after telling me he'll see me around. I'll be driving Tyler home from now on. I don't want him taking the bus."

"Isabella this is serious. This is really fucking serious. Don't you have security at that school?"

"Not enough. There just isn't enough in the budget for more. Marcus, the principal, has been walking Tyler and I to my car every night."

Just then Rosalie brought our meals over and asked if we needed anything else. Edward excused himself from the table leaving me feeling like a total twat for ruining the evening.

"Everything ok, sweetie?" She asked as she sat down in his spot.

"Yeah, he just gets super over protective when I tell him the shit that goes on at my work." I sighed as I stuffed several fries into my mouth.

"I thought you were a teacher?" Rosalie asked as she stole a few fries off my plate.

"I am. But I work at a high school for troubled and under privileged kids. It's their last stop before going to juvie."

"Emmett told me what happened to you. That was incredibly brave of you Bella. Really fucking stupid but brave none the less. I can see why Edward would be having a coronary."

"When Emmett goes to work do you give him shit because he has a dangerous job?" I said as I took a monster bite out of my burger.

"No, not really. I just tell him every morning to make sure he comes home to me and don't play a hero because I can't raise a baby alone. Emmett loves being a cop. He was in the academy when we first met four years ago. That's not to say I don't worry about him though. I'm scared shitless one of these days I'll be opening my door to find the chief of police on my doorstep telling me there was an accident."

I reached across the table and gave her hand a squeeze with my greasy fingers. We both laughed and wiped our fingers off on the napkins sitting on the table. Edward walked back over to the table and waited for Rose to get up before he sat down. He insisted she and Emmett take the other two empty seats next to us. He had done something and I was positive I wasn't going to like it.

"Before you go flying off the handle, I expect you to grant me the same courtesy I granted you and let me finish before you open your mouth. Understood?" He growled.

I nodded my head and looked at Rose who had the same expression on her face as I did. I had never heard Edward this angry. It was a little sexy. Scary as fuck…but sexy.

"I talked to Emmett and he has been hired to be your personal security until such a time I see fit that his services are no longer needed. He will wait for you outside your apartment in the morning and follow you to work, escort you to your car when you're ready to leave and drop off Tyler at the end of the day. Fridays he will bring you to my house for the weekends unless I already made arrangements to come to your place. This is non-negotiable."

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" I shouted in a loud whisper.

"This is non-negotiable, Isabella." Edward said in a tone equally as aggressive as mine.

Rosalie excused herself and Emmett from our table leaving me to kill Edward in private. It was a stare off between the two of us. I had to get my anger in check before I choked the fucking life out of him.

"You are out of your fucking mind if you think I'm going to go along with this." I gritted out.

"And you are out of your fucking mind if you think I'm not going to do something about it."

"I can handle myself, Cullen. I was doing it long before I met you. I don't need your security, your money and I certainly don't need you." I said as I tossed my napkin on the table, grabbed my jacket and purse and walked away.

I had made it just outside the doorway when I felt him grab my arm and spin me around to face him. If I thought he was mad before that was nothing compared to the smoldering look on his face now. I swear steam was going to start spouting out of his ears just like in the cartoons.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"Home! I'm so mad at you right now I want to fucking strangle you!" I yelled as I jerked my arm back.

"And how did you plan on getting there if I have the car keys?"

"Remember when I said I don't need you, Cullen? I wasn't joking. I don't need you and I sure as fuck don't need you to drive me anywhere. I was going to call a cab."

"You can either get in the car quietly or I will throw you over my shoulder kicking and screaming. Either way you are going home with me."

Knowing he would probably stand true to his word and throw me over his shoulder, I stomped off in the direction of the car and waited for him to unlock the door. Despite how pissed he was at me, his chivalry didn't falter and he still opened my door.

The drive home was completely quiet, not even the radio was on. I still had my arms crossed across my chest defensively and Edward was gripping the steering wheel so tight I thought it was going to snap in two. Thank God it was only a fifteen minute drive back home.

I didn't even wait for him to open my door. As soon as the car was in park I was already on my way inside. My hands were shaking and my heart was racing like I had just run a marathon. I stood in the middle of the living room floor not sure what to do. I heard him walk up behind me.

"Do you think we can talk about this like civilized people or do you still want to continue with this temper tantrum?" He said tersely.

That was it. I had it! I turned around, looked him square in the eye and slapped him across his cheek. It wasn't hard; I think it stunned him more than anything. We stood there looking at each other, daggers shooting out of our eyes.

"That is the first and last time you will do that, Isabella."

I raised my hand again and he caught it mid-air. I tried to pull away but he had a vice grip on my wrist. He wrapped his other arm around my waist and pulled me to him. Both of our chests were heaving and fuck me if I wasn't turned on.

Edward pulled my face to his and crushed my mouth with his own. My lips have a mind of their own and started kissing him back just as hard and fighting for dominance. I could feel his want for me pressing against my stomach and that only sent me into a further frenzy. My hand reached between us and I grabbed his erection. He hissed and sucked in his breath as I rubbed my fingers up and down on top of his jeans.

His lips moved from my mouth to my neck were he kissed and sucked and licked. My own voice betrayed me and let out an audible moan. I was losing and going down quickly.

"Fuck Bella, I want you so bad." Edward gasped in between his assault on my throat.

"If you don't stop stalling and get us naked and just fuck me already, I'm putting my body on strike and going home." I threatened.

He stopped his ministrations and looked me in the eyes as he growled. His grip on me tightened. There was literally no space between us; I don't even think a piece of paper could've fit through.

"Don't threaten me, Isabella. You are mine and you aren't going anywhere. You want me to fuck you? I would love nothing more than to rip your clothes off and mark my territory."

Edward's hands grabbed me by my ass and lifted me up so that I could wrap my legs around him as he walked off towards the bedroom. Roughly he tossed me on the bed pushing his knee in between my legs. He stood there watching me squirm as he grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head. My hands automatically rubbed along the length of his back and worked their way down to his hips and then to the button on his jeans.

"I don't think so sweetheart. I'll fuck you when I'm good and ready." Edward said as he grabbed my hands and held them over my head.

"Move your hands from that spot and I'll tie you up." He growled as he released me and pulled my shirt over my head.

His fingers ghosted down my neck to my breasts where he grabbed them and squeezed them roughly. I arched myself into him, begging for more. I was aching now and I didn't know how long I would be able to last in this agony. Edward roughly grabbed the button on my jeans and pulled them off quickly leaving me in just my red bra and panties. His fingers ever so gently rubbed against the center of my underwear leaving a tingling sensation. My clit was throbbing and my panties were completely soaked. If he was trying to punish me, he was certainly doing a good job.

"Please Edward. I want you so bad. Please stop torturing me." I whimpered.

"Torturing you? You?! You have it all wrong little girl. It is you who tortures me. All I want is to take care of you and you insist on fighting me. I'm going to take my time and enjoy watching you squirm." He whispered against my ear as he unhooked my bra and tossed it on the floor. "You've done nothing but torture me since I've known you. You broke my heart when you walked out on me. You argue with me over every-fucking- thing you can. You pick fights with her after I tell you to back the fuck off. You almost got yourself killed and nearly gave me a heart attack. And don't get me started on tonight. It is you who is the torturer, Isabella." Edward growled as he slowly swirled his tongue across my nipples causing me to cry out.

"I know I'm an asshole and hard to get along with, Edward. I'm sorry for what I said earlier. I do need you. You mean the world to me. I need you like I need oxygen. I don't know how to live without you and I don't want to. Fuck Edward, I'm sorry." I cried.

He stopped moving and sat up, his smoldering green eyes gazing upon my nearly naked body.

"Be careful what you say, Isabella. If you're saying that just so I'll stop-"

"I'm serious. I'm so fucking serious. I'm sorry I don't tell you more how much you mean to me. I'm sorry for walking out on you and I'm sorry for every other pain in the ass thing I've done. You're the best thing that's happened to me Edward Cullen and I'm fucking sorry for everything. This is me asking you to go all the way tonight. This is me telling you…I love you too."

He fisted his hand in my panties and ripped them off me and quickly worked with the fly on his jeans, pulling them off. Edward lay across me, aligning his cock with the Promised Land between my thighs.

"Dammit Bella, why do you have to be so fucking perfect? I can't wait. I've waited too long and I need you." Edward groaned into my shoulder as he slowly slid inside of me.

A long string of expletives left my mouth as he started thrusting his hips in and out, each thrust harder and deeper than the last. My legs wrapped around him forcing him in deeper.

"I remember that night, Bella. I remember being like this with you. You feel so good. I forgot how good you feel with me. I love you so fucking much."

I rolled us over so I was on top of him. He leaned back against the headboard and I started slowly moving my hips and down. My hands went to his chest and pushed up for leverage. I was riding him so hard it would only be a matter of moments before we would both get what we wanted…what we needed.

"No one will ever touch you like this. No one will love you like I do. You are mine Isabella. Your body and soul are mine." He growled as his thumb pressed against my clit and caused me to have an immediate orgasm. I cried out in total ecstasy leaning back and placing my hands on his thighs, Edward's name on my lips. I felt his thighs tighten and watched his eyes close. He cried out my name as the pleasure overtook him too.

I managed to roll off of him with shaky legs and grabbed his shirt off the floor. I gave Edward a brief peck and put the shirt on and went to the bathroom. I was a mess in the most literal and figurative sense of the word. It took a few minutes to clean myself up and regain my composure before I could go back into that bedroom. Our bedroom that smelled of sex and lust.

"Are you ok?" Edward asked quietly as I crawled back into bed.

"I'm fine. Perfect actually." I sighed in contentment.

"I'm sorry Bella. That wasn't how I had planned for our first time to be. I should've asked to make sure you were ready."

"Don't apologize. Please. This was definitely not the most romantic of ways to go about having sex but it was perfect anyway. I don't regret it and neither should you. You felt wonderful. You are wonderful and I meant what I said earlier. I'm sorry I'm emotionally stunted and I really do love you."

"I don't regret tonight. This is the second best night of my life."

"Second best? What was the first?" I asked eyeing him cautiously.

Edward flipped us onto our sides, my back to his chest and kissed my head. "The best night of my life, Bella, was when I met you."

My eyes filled with tears and I tried to stop my shoulders from shaking with a silent sob.

"That was the best night of my life too." I choked out.

"I love you, sweetheart. More than you could imagine. And Isabella?"


"Don't think I forgot about tonight. You will have Emmett as a bodyguard. I don't want to hear anything else about it. If you open your mouth to say something snarky or to start an argument I have something right here to shut it up. Good night my beautiful wife. Sweet dreams."

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