"Itachi Uchiha! When are you going to grow out of this phase?" Itachi's mother yelled in their living room.

"Hn," Itachi's face didn't lift from the book he was reading. As far as he was concerned his mother was on another rampage for perfection.

"Are you even listening to me!" His mother ripped the book out of his hands to get his attention.

"Yes mother," he lifted his black orbs to meet his mothers glare.

"Well then when? When are you going to grow out of this emo phase? It's been six years Itachi!"She dramatically threw the book on the grounds while she stomped her foot.

"I don't understand what you are talking about?" Itachi's eyebrows furrowed. Itachi truly didn't understand what she was talking about. All his life he had based his life on being the absolute perfect son; perfect grades, only spoke when told, only join the most exceptional clubs by invitation, and he was already set to go to Harvard when he graduated.

"You know what I mean Itachi Uchiha! You almost never talk, you wear eyeliner and v-necks, all you do is read and study, not to mention you even paint your fingernails black. For god sakes your even affecting your brother, I caught him writing depressing poetry!" She then gave out a loud sigh.

"Um, ok?"

"I'm just saying live a little. Go out with your friends, play some sports, break some rules, maybe even get a girlfriend," she said with a kind smile, "Just please, don't do drugs," she pled.

"Ok," he nodded to his mother, picked up his book, and then began reading again.

"Either that or your father is going to make you take therapy. He's getting worried," she spoke over her shoulders as she entered the kitchen to make dinner. Quickly Itachi shut his book and stared into black space in horror. He was going to get a girlfriend even if it killed him.

"Ha! No way? Your dad wouldn't do that, would he?" The blue haired boy named Kisame asked Itachi. It was first hour English in Asuma- sensei's class.

"You think he'd lie about something like that," he buried his face in his book in shame.

"Well if you're going to turn into a prep why don't you join a sport like football or soccer? Or why don't you just tell your mom about the numerous fan girls you have?" Kisame offered.

"All those take unnecessary effort. I was thinking of doing something more simplistic, like getting a girlfriend," he said while moving a stand of hair behind his ear.

"You thinking getting a girlfriend is simple, or are you just planning to ask one of your many fan girls?" Kisame asked.

"That the plan, then I won't have to build up a relationship."

*What do I do? What do I do!* Hinata Hyuuga panicked in her head. She was in first hour class with Kakashii-sensei and her face was buried in her notes.

- (Flash back (Sorry if you hate flashbacks, I know they're a bitch but just bare with me…))

"Hinata do feel different than most girls?" Hinata Hyuuga's father asked her completely serious.

"S- sometimes," she replied while twiddling her fingers.

"You're saying you have different feeling than other girls most the time?" once serious again.

"Well, y- yes I g- guess," her eyes stared at her hands in her lap

"You need to hide those feelings. Lock them up forever and blend into society. Give them no opportunity to see those feelings," he father had a stern stare on her bewildered eyes.

"F- father w- why do I- I have to h- hide my f- feelings?" she asked in a whisper.

"Because one day I will need you to get married and I am allowing you to marry another woman, even if you feel that way towards them. I am going to have you marry a man so I can have grandchildren and more heirs. You need to learn to hide your curious feelings towards other woman," he gave out an aggravated sigh.

"W-w-w-w-w what?" Hinata whispered in a shocked voice.

"Hinata it's taken me some time to figure this out but I've come to realize that you like your own gender. You are a lesbian?" His statement seemed unsure.

"N-n-n- no, I- I m-m- mean, h-h-h- how, n-no," Hinata's words got scrambled up as she tried to make sense of what her father was suggesting.

"Just remember that no one must know," he cut her off with a stern glance as he exited the room.

-Back to present-

*How am I supposed to convince my dad that im really straight and not a lesbian?* She thought in distress.

"Hinata, what is the answer to number 17?" Kakashii asked.

"H-huh?" Hinata looked up from her notes to see that whole class looking at her. "U- um, 56?" her face was turning redder by the second.

"Mhm. Naruto, what is the answer to number 18?"

"Uhhhhh 56?" he replied in a confused manor.

"No Naruto, now pay attention or go to detention. That rhyme was not anticipated," he once again looked into his book.

Hinata stared at the blue eyed, blonde haired boy. She couldn't take her eyes off him. For five years Naruto Uzumaki had been her secret crush and she promised herself, like she did every year, that she would get him to fall in love with her. But every year it ended the same way, she didn't have the guts.

'RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!" the bell went off signaling class was over.

"I g- guess another d-day then," she with a sigh.

2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th periods went by like they did every day. The mouse like Hinata buried her face in her notes and squeaked at every question she was asked. But now it was lunch and she didn't have to hide behind her quiet exterior.

"Hi Ten-Ten," Hinata said politely as she sat next to her best friend.

"Hi Hinata!" Ten Ten said with gusto, "Another home cooked mean I see. I wish I could make bento boxes like that."

"I-I could help you make one if you want?" Hinata offered with a kind smile but it turned into a frown at what her father would think.

"Thanks, you're awesome!" she exclaimed.

"I dare you Tobi!" the long haired blonde told the brown haired with a gauze oer his left eye.

"Tobi will!" Tobi jumped at the chance to do something exciting and ran over to the all girls table.

"Hi! I'm Tobi!" Tobi stated as she slammed his hands down on the lunch table.

"Holy fudge nuggets!" Temari yelled as she spilled milk all over her arms from Tobi's outburst. "Who is this annoying little dip shit?" she sneered as she stared at Tobi.

"Tobi is Tobi! Ohhhhh, blue hair!" Tobi jumped at Hinata as he felt her hair.

"U-uh, w-what are you d-doing?"Hinata nervously ran her fingers through her hair.

"You have really pretty hair!" Tobi said as he fiddled with her hair. "What's your name?"

"Uh, um, i-its Hinata," she said as she hide her eyes under her bangs.

"That's right! You're in Tobi's 7th hour chemist class! We should be partners!"

"Leave her alone you brat!" Temari threw her empty milk carton at his head.

"But Tobi wants to-"

"Get!" Temari cut Tobi off and pointed in the direction of where he came from. (Oh how this reminds me of Heather.)

"Meanie," Tobi muttered as he scuttled back to his table.

"So, so, so, so, so, so, so!" For every 'so' Tobi was at a different angle looking at Hinata's face.

"O-okay, just please sit down e-everyone is s-s-staring," she mumbled as she buried her face deeper in her sweater. She had actually agreed to be Tobi's partner for chemistry class.

"Yaaaay!" he said as he ran over to Hinata and gave her a quick hug causing her face to turn a cherry red.

So after many failed attempts of their experiment by Tobi, Hinata finally took over and aced the experiment. "Hinata we should be partners' everyday!" Tobi said with a smile.

"Oh, um, s-sure," Hinata said in anguish. Truth be told she wasn't all that fond on hanging out with an overactive idiot but she figured if she was going to have to get used to Naruto, she would have to practice with Tobi now.

"Riiiiiiiiiiiiiing!" The last bell of the day rang as teens from all class rooms poured into the hallways to begin their free afternoons.

"W-well, I'll b-be seeing y-you T-Tobi," Hinata's said as she gathered her things and exited the calls room.

"Wait up Hinata-chan!" Tobi called out as he tried to catch up with Hinata in the busy hallway.

"Y-yes?" she asked as he finally caught up with her.

"Tobi really owes you one for that lab, and probably more to come, so why don't you hand out with Tobi after school?" Tobi suggested with a smile.

"….S-sure," she said with a warm smile.

"KK! Met Tobi by the big oak next to the main school entrance. Bye- bye Hinata-chan!" Tobi waved goodbye to Hinata as he ran to his locker.

So there Hinata stood realizing she might have made the biggest mistake of her life. This afternoon she had made plans for her and just a boy to hang out. She had never hung out alone or even with a boy, none the less that she would even know how to have a basic conversation with one. Realizing this all in a matter of seconds Hinata came to the conclusion that she had five minutes top to prep herself for the most important experience of her teenage life.

"Ello Tobi's home scilly biscuit!" Tobi exclaimed as he ran up to Hinata and gave her a hug.

"Um, h-hello Tobi," she said slightly disturbed by his slang. "So w-where are w-we g-going?" she asked timidly. She wanted this experience to go over as quick as possible so I wouldn't crash and burn.

"Tobi's going to give you a makeover!" Tobi said as he grabbed Hinata's hand and dragged her towards the parking lot.

"Why would I-I need a-a makeover?"

"Well doesn't every girl want to look prettier than before, plus then maybe your crush will notice you if you his attention with your looks," Tobi pointed out.

"W-what makes you t-think I h-have a crush or a-anything?" Hinata started to feel flustered.

"It's okay if you like that Naruto guy. Before Tobi came over to your table at lunch Tobi noticed you were staring at him for quite some time. It was just an assumption but is Tobi right?" It wasn't much of a question but a match in the courage of his observations. Hinata stared into the conclusion of the suggestion to tell him or not, but as far as she could tell, he already knew if for sure.

"Y-yes," she said meekly.

"Hehe, Tobi thought so. Tobi finds it interesting that a shy but smart girl like you would like a dumb and outrageous like him," he stated as he unlocked his orange Lexus LFA.

"You shouldn't say that! How could you possibly know what it's like to be undermined everyday of your life! But still, everyday he is so strong. I look up to him because he is always what I wanted to be: strong, confident, courageous, and willing to fight for what's right. Even though he has his faults, he gets closer to surpassing them every day. I really wish that I will be able to change into someone like that when I grow up; someone who never gives up even if the whole world is against you."

"Tobi thinks you're getting there," Tobi said with a smile plastered on his face as he opened the car door for Hinata. "Tobi is sorry he unsettled you."

"S-sorry yelling a-at you," Hinata muttered at her outburst as she got in the car.

"Its all right, you don't have to apologize. Besides, Tobi really wouldn't consider that yelling," Tobi said as he started up the car. "To the mall!" He stated as he sped out of the parking lot.

"Tobi loves the mall! So what are your favorite types of clothes?" Tobi asked as he looked at the mall map.

"Well I like j- jackets and s-sweaters," she said with a sheepish smile.

"No, no, no! That was will never do!" Tobi said as he dragged her into Hollister. "This is where Tobi shops! It smells nice."

*It smell like Neji's room.* she thought to herself. *I really don't want to smell like Neji…* "I d-don't know T-Tobi it s-smells kinda f-funny," she suggested.

"Really? Then to Abercrombie!" He dragged her to the store next door. They walked and she had to say it smelled similar but it was better than nothing. So as Tobi ran around the store, grabbing nearly everything, Hinata stood there in confusion. "Hmmmmmmmm, can you take off your jacket?"

"Uh, right," she said as she took off her comphy light blue jacket.

"Hmmmmmm, you look like a medium. Not that Tobi is saying your fat, it just that your boobs are large!" Tobi said as Hinata's face was blushing like a turnip in the sun. "Here! Now go in the dressing room!" Tobi said as he pushed in Hinata in the dressing room. After trying clothes, after clothes, after even more clothes Tobi decided Hinata looked best in the preppy rocker wanna-be look. She had a white blouse on with a black and blue cotton vest, dark blue skinny jeans, black converse, and was complimented by a thin black head band that had a bow on it. "Perfect! Tobi is amazing!"

"I-I feel really p-pretty, but I-I feel really o-out of p-place," she said as she looked at the ground.

"Trust Tobi Hinata! You just feel different because you're prettier, and frankly Tobi doesn't understand why you hide yourself under all that baggage. Your skinny, have big boobs, and a nice butt: isn't that what every girl wants?" Tobi turned his head to the side in question.

"Uh, u-um, I-I d-d-don't k-know r-really," Hinata was blushing madly. No one had ever complimented on her figure because they always thought she was fat under all of her large clothing. They only complimented on her personality because she was always so respectful, but for the first time someone had actually commented on her fatigue in a positive way. Ok, screw positive, more like in a hot way. "But t-thank you."

"Hehee, oh Hinata you are just so innocent!" Tobi said to Hinata before picking up all the clothing that looked great on her and brought it to the cash register. "All on this credit card, please," he gave the cashier his credit card, signed the light up box, took the bag and receipt, and then they left the clothe store.

"Tobi I'll p-pay you b-back okay," Hinata said as she reached for the recite and looked it over: $300.

"Nope! Tobi is a gentleman, also Tobi owes you this for Chemistry class!" Tobi said as he stopped and stared at a store. The store had an extremely gothic exterior and from the look of it from the inside it possessed goth, emo, and punk clothing and accessories.

"This place is perfect! Come on Hinata, Tobi wants to take you into Hot Topic!" Tobi dragged the poor Hinata into the extremely dark store. "Alrighty! Take your pick!" Tobi said as he placed Hinata right in front of the underwear section. (For all of you who have never been to hot topic, it contains very sexy underwear.)

"Um, r-really I don't n-need anymore u-underwear," Hinata stuttered as her eyes stared in horror. If her father had ever found out she wore one of these she'd be under house arrest for the rest of her life.

"Nonsense, now what size are you?" Tobi asked as he pointed at her boobs.

"W-What!" Hinata asked in a shocked voice.

"Tobi doesn't want to ask again," Tobi whined, "Pleaaaaase tell Tobi. Tobi only wants to help."

"F-fine," she said insecurely as she leaned over and whispered it in Tobi's ear. Not even seconds later Tobi came to back to Hinata with a variety of underwear: some decent, some indecent, and most her father would burn her on a stake alive for wearing.

"Go try them on and hurry," Tobi said as he pushed her in the dressing room. After nearly trying on every single one of them Hinata started to become weary. What if Tobi actually got these for her? What if Tobi actually made her wear them?

"Excuse me?" a man asked as he poked his head through the curtains that hid Hinata.

"Um, t-t-taken!" she said as she turned her back to him and covered what little she could with her hands.

"I-I'm sorry!" the man quickly shut the curtains and scampered away.

*Oh my god! I need to get the heck out of here!* Hinata mentally screamed as she quickly slipped on her new clothes. There were some she hadn't tried on but she was just going to say they fit. There was no way in hell that Tobi was going to make her go in the poorly securitized changing room. "O-okay Tobi, I'm d-done. They a-all fit," Hinata ran up to Tobi holding all of her items.

"Good! Now Itachi do your job!" Tobi yelled at the cashier.

Sort of Itachi's POV-

"Good! Now Itachi do your job!" Tobi yelled at him while slamming his table on the counter.

"Just shut up," he lifted his face from his book and looked at the items Tobi was buying with question. He was buying girl underwear? "What? Are these for you?"

"Don't make Tobi get the manager!" Tobi whined.

"I am the manager idiot."

"No, they are not for Tobi but please hurry! Hina-chan has to get home quick." Itachi looked at who he was pointing to and blushed immediately. She was the girl he had walked in on when she was changing, but she didn't seem embarrassed at all. Maybe she hadn't seen him.

*Just get it over with Itachi. The sooner she leaves the sooner you can get rid of this humiliation.* He then started to check out Tobi's items and quickly realized something. Tobi was buying underwear for a girl. What the hell? "Tobi is she your girlfriend?" The girl quickly blushed and started to stare at the floor to cover her face. What a pansy…

"Naw, but Tobi wishes she was!" In saying that the girl just seemed to shrink.

"Then why are you buying her underwear…?"

"Well, Tobi will tell you the whole story-"

"Never mind. I am going to spare myself the boredom you might start," he cut off Tobi, and handed Tobi the bag with underwear.

"See ya Itachi-san! I'll tell you another time," Tobi waved as he started to exit the store.

"T-thank you," Hinata whispered as she followed after Tobi.

"Hey girl," Hinata turned back to look at Itachi, "Don't let that idiot push you around. He just a stupid push over," he said with a blank stare.

"Ok, arigato," she bowed to him while turning as red as a tomato in the process. Hinata inwardly praised herself because for once in her life she hadn't stuttered when talking to a boy. Maybe it had just been because the man was a stranger and not someone she would actually ever see again. It still made her happy. It really did seem foolish of her to praise herself for saying two words right but it was a start. Now the next step was saying three words right.

Watching the girl exit the store Itachi gave a small smile to himself before he went back to reading.

"Saw that," a curious Kisame said as he leaned his head on the counter.

"Saw what?"

"Don't you bullshit me! You thought she was hot!" Kisame stated.

"I thought she was nice and I think you're crazy…" he went back to reading once again as Kisame began to rant. He swore Kisame was just like his mother but not as bad.

*I really have got to watch how much emotion I show or people are going to start thinking I'm getting soft…* Itachi thought to himself as to what Kisame had said. *But she was hot. I would know because I saw her-* After mentally face palming himself Itachi went back to reading his book.