Ugh, why does my head hurt? Reaching my hands over the covers, I gripped my head while groaning. That was when I noticed I was in a bed, but it wasn't my bed. This is not happening, my bed has lavender and aqua sheets, but this bed has a whole black covering. Dear God where am I!?

Shooting my head up from under the covers, I looked around to discover that I was in Itachi's room. I didn't…!?... Did I?

"Whatever you're thinking, it's wrong. You just got drunk and past out in my room," there was Itachi on my left. He was sitting in bed right next to me reading some book. Looking over at me with emotionless eyes he said, "And your response would be?"

"But I don't r-remember anything?" lifting myself up to a sitting position, I looked at my clothes. They weren't mine, but they were pajamas.

"Not exactly what I was expecting, but ok," he went back to reading his book.

"W-wait! How d-did I get in these clothes? How did I g-get to your house? Do my parents know I'm h-here? What d-did I do at Hidan's house? W-what did-" Itachi cut me off with one of his signature looks. "S-sorry," I managed to peep out. That was a lot of questions. The clock read eight o'clock. So I had a sleepover with a boy, Itachi. This would not go over very well with my father. He is going to have me grounded for the rest of my days, and have me home schooled by Neji. My sister will probably label me as some indecent hooker girl, and most likely never lay eyes on me again. My life is over.

"Hey Hinata are you paying attention," Itachi waved his hand in front of my face, knocking me out of my terrifying prophecy. He was standing in front of the bed with a rather un-amused expression. I gave him a confused look right before he said, "I said would you like to get some breakfast?"

"S-sure," I looked back down at my clothes. "But what should I wear?"

Before I could look back up at him, a swarm of clothes covered my eyes, "Wear those." Swiping them off my face I noticed there were shorts and a blue and yellow stripped shirt. Oddly enough they were my size.

"W-where did you get these?" I found it hard to imagine that Itachi wore women clothing.

"That's not important," he said quickly after. "I'll leave so you can get changed."

After he left I took the clothes to one of the corners in the room and changed. I don't need anyone sneaking up on me while I'm changing. As if it wasn't weird enough that I had slept over at Itachi's house, but I was also using his clothing. I haven't even been up for an hour and this day is already awkward to the max. I really hope things will start to look up sooner because I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Putting on the last of the clothes I peeked out the doorway. "Um, Itachi I'm d-done," I whispered out the door but he was nowhere in sight. Where did he go? Peeking out a little farther, I examined the whole hallway, but I would never freely go out there. What if Sasuke is out there!? Oh god, what am I going to do in this place. My eyes grew to the size of watermelons while imagining Sasuke finding me at his house.

"Hinata no one is home so you can come to the kitchen," he was standing at the end of the hallway. "Stop looking like a weirdo…" Immediately I got back to my normal exterior, but he still had his eyebrow lifted.

"S-sorry I-Itachi-san," I stumbled out of his room and ran into the kitchen. "W-what are we going to do if s-someone comes home?" My mind was racing with all the awful possibilities of someone walking in and thinking the worst of us.

Pouring a cup of milk in the kitchen he looked at me and then sighed. "Hinata would you please stop worrying. It's not like the whole school is watching us through one of these windows videotaping all of this." He handed me the glass of milk.

Staring at the white liquid, I watched Itachi from the corner of my eye. He had gotten eggs and had started to make an omelet. I felt so useless. Itachi wouldn't let me help even if I asked. He was too well mannered. He never let anyone help him with anything. Sometimes I wondered if it was because he was really too well mannered, or he thought that everyone was just a burden that would get in his way. There is no way I can ask that…

"Do you want cheese in your omelet?" Itachi's voice brought me out of my pondering.

"Y-yes, please. Do you want me to h-help you with anything?" I asked anyway.

"No," he answered one wording as expected. "You can go sit down on the couch." He motioned with his head.

"I'm sure there is s-something I can help with," I implied. "I could g-get the silverware out."

A small smirk appeared across his face as he flipped over the omelet. "Where is the silverware Hinata?"

My expression fell, "I-I don't know."

"Exactly," his eyes fell back to the omelet. "So why don't you go sit back down on the couch." Yeah, he definitely just thinks I'm a burden.

"Itachi Uchiha! Be kind to our guest!" Both of our eyes whipped over to see Mrs. Uchiha standing in the entrance way to the kitchen. She was seemly dressed up, as if she was going for a spot of tea. It was all over.

"Mother, what are you doing home?" Itachi's voice lowered in a serious and upset manner.

"Well, my cooking class was canceled, so I decided to come home. I'm glad I did. I didn't know you invited Hinata over for breakfast. Itachi you dog!" She waved her hand at him playfully. "Trying to steal Sasuke's girlfriend? Oh la la!" She squealed, while Itachi groaned. "Don't let me bother you two," she beamed.

"You already have," Itachi glared at her.

"Well I hope you haven't been in this kind of mood all day. I'm surprised Hinata didn't run away already," her eyes darted towards me. "The silverware is in that drawer sweetie," she pointed towards the cabinet to my right.

"Oh, t-thank you," I bowed slightly before opening the drawer and grabbing the silverware we needed.

"Good bye now," I heard her say before her footsteps faded away.

"I got the s-silverware. W-what are you doing!?" Turning around, all I saw was Itachi dumping the freshly cooked omelet into the trash. Why!? It smelled so good…

"We are going out to eat," he threw the dish into the trash even thought it was porcelain. "Don't question it." I couldn't help but stare. Who does that!? My mind raced with everything that just went down. Why waste the plate!? It was porcelain!

Practically dragging me into his car, he sped out of his driveway onto a 20 mph road, which he drove 45 mph.

"Um, shouldn't w-we, I d-dunno, slow down?" I said gripping the leather seat of his car.

"I should, but I won't," he continued to speed down the road before we stopped at a homey looking breakfast joint. "Welcome to Lumes."

"Looks c-cozy," I smiled while looking up at the pastel yellow sign.

"Yeah, it is nice," a soft smile crept on his face. I couldn't help but smile in response. If he looked like that some of the time, maybe people wouldn't be so, what's the word, weary of him?

Walking into the restaurant, you could tell it was locally owned. The furniture was set as if it was owned by an older couple, but it still had a nice fashion to it. We were both sat ourselves down and it became quiet.

Why does this always make me so nervous….?

"So Hinata, tell me about yourself," Itachi folded his hands under his chin, as he stared straight at me in an intrigued manner.

I cracked under pressure. "Well, I, uh, live in a n-nice house, and I have a-" Itachi cut me off with a slight chuckle.

"I was being sarcastic Hinata. No need to worry about telling me your life story," he continued to laugh a little.

"Wow, I don't t-think I've ever h-heard a genuine laugh out of you," I spoke aloud in a mutter.

"Huh?" he stopped abruptly in his laughter.

"Oh!" Crud! "I w-w-was just m-mumbling t-to myself," I twiddled my fingers under the table in nervousness.

"I don't laugh a lot because, well, to be frank, my life isn't all that exciting, nor is it fun," his eyes became more serious as they looked into mine. "I know, hard to imagine right?" That same familiar smirk crept across the corners of his lips. It was alluring in its own way. It was as if the room had dimmed just by that one smirk. He was a work of art.

"I can't imagine t-that," my face got hot as I averted my eyes to my twiddling fingers.

"Is it because I'm Itachi Uchiha? Well, that's just what makes it boring. You're the one that's making it exciting," he didn't lay off the eye contact. "Hinata," he waited for me to make eye contact, "now why do you think that is?" his smirk widened.

I was at a loss of words. My mouth was slightly open but not a word was coming out. Was this what every girl talked about? That look that could only be defined as the Uchiha look? The deep brown in his eyes were visible now. It was that jet black that everyone else saw.

"Snap out of it Hinata," his voice was serious, yet that smirk on his face still remained. "Ah, perfect timing," Itachi said to the approaching waiter.

"Hi my names John, and I'll be serving you today. Can I get you anything to drink?"

"Yes. She is going to have a glass of milk and the assorted mini waffles, and I am going to have a glass of orange juice and the eggs Benedict," Itachi gave it to him in detail.

"O-okay," he was startled by how to-the-point Itachi was. "I'll tell the chef."

"Wow, t-that was, unexpected," I said.

He shrugged his shoulders, "I know what I want. What can I say?" He stared at me. "What do you want to do after this?"

"After t-this?" I hadn't really thought that far ahead. "Well, t-there is a pond nearby. We c-could go fishing," I suggested with a slight smile.

"With what fishing rods Hinata?" His eyebrows raised as a playful smile emerged.

"T-then I guess we can't go fishing."I'm an idiot. As soon as I stopped talking he burst into laughter.

"Really Hinata?" He said in between laughs, "Really?" I couldn't help but blush as I laughed along with him. It was weird. It was as if I was getting to see the real him for the first time. No facades. No silver linings. No pushed expressions. This was the real Itachi Uchiha. Why doesn't he act like this all the time? I can't imagine anybody fearing a guy like this. "So Miss Hyuuga, any other brilliant ideas?" He said as he muffled his laughter.

"Well, I've caught a f-fish without a fishing rod before," I pointed out. "I used a coffee pot and some Velveeta c-cheese."

It was quiet for a second. His eyes were wide, and they stared right at mine. It didn't last too long because a huge smile came across his face and his eyes closed right before he exploded in laughter. "Ahahahahahahaha! You can't be serious?!" He was making all sorts of weird hand expressions. "I just-," he tried to take a breath, "I just don't understand."

"Ok," I took a deep breath as well, "L-let me explain." My cheeks puffed out as I tried to become serious. "First you have to put t-the cheese into the coffee pot. It has to be c-closer to the back though or else the f-fish can get it if it comes to the outer edges of the coffee pot. Then you have to submerge it fully in the water where some f-fish would swim. This is the t-tricky part," I could tell he was starting to lose it. His facial expression was getting kind of warped, but I continued anyway, "You have to stand real still f-for some time, and then trust me, a fish will come! Then let him g-get to the back of the coffee pot. Let h-him eat some cheese and WHOOSH!" I let my hands fly up for dramatic effect. "Pull the pot out of the water and you will have a fish!" He lost it.

"Ahahahahhahahahahaha!" He was holding his stomach like it hurt. "You're so strange Hinata!" He smiled as he laughed some more. I really couldn't help but put a huge stupid grin on my face. Seeing him laugh so much was funny in itself.

"Here you go," the waiter had come back with our breakfast. "Enjoy."

"Oh, I w-will," I mumbled aloud as I eyed my pancakes. Fork in hand, I was ready to strike.

"Is it sad how obvious it is that you have taken karate before?" Itachi's eyed me cockily. My expression of attack for my waffles had turned into that of embarrassment. "Oh, don't mind me. Please, stalk your waffles."

I went wide eyed. "S-stalk my w-waffles?" A small gasp of laughter escaped my lips. Stalk my waffles? Itachi must have twin because I have no idea who this is. Ahahhaha! I dropped my fork on my plate so I could put my hand over my mouth. Must. Not. Laugh. I could feel tears building in my eyes.

"Sorry," he said sarcastically, "I didn't mean to distract you from your waffle consumption." He smiled as I slowly took a bit of my waffle, eyeing him suspiciously. He ate his eggs like a normal person.

After some more short conversations we were both done with our meals.

As Itachi got up from his seat and we made our way to the exit. He turned and looked at me. "I'm really surprised you got through this so easily. It really seemed like it didn't bother you." He gave me a reassuring smile.

I frowned in confusion, "I d-don't understand?" But right as I finished my sentence I heard a boy's signature laugh. I froze. It was that laugh that had meant so near and dear to me. I spun around quickly to see Naruto. He had been sitting about 2 tables down from us. Naruto? How did I not hear you? You were right there! How did I miss your neon yellow hair as you walked right past me? I continued to stare at him. How long has he been here?

"What's wrong?" Itachi leaned over to look at my expression. "Did you not know he was there?" He almost seemed disappointed in me. "How did you not notice?"

"I just-" I cut off my own words and swallowed whatever saliva I could down my throat. What is happening? I could feel myself starting to shake. It was almost as if my body was rejecting itself.

I spun around as quick as I could and made my way out the door. Just keep walking. I mumbled it over and over again in my mind.

"Hinata," Itachi said calmly as he tried to catch up with me. He grabbed my shoulder. "It's ok." He was staring right at me; Almost as if he were trying to get me to look back. I couldn't. I kept my eyes on the side walk. "It's fine. You don't have to say anything," he was trying to be reassuring. I felt my body start to calm down. He waited in silence until I seemed myself again. "We can go fishing if you want?" he said.

A smile crept on to my lips. "You're so weird." His eyes smiled as he laughed in response.