A/N: Takes place after 'shadow souls' Even though Damon is a human he is still is cocky self. Everyone tries to help him deal while figuring out a way to turn him back. Stefan/Elena, Damon/Elena, is my first Vampire Diaries fic.

To Be Human Again

Chapter 1

It was a shocking concept that Damon was human. Elena still couldn't believe it. She watched him as he walked down the stairs and sat down at the table. She watched him open the refrigerator and pour himself a glass of orange juice.

"I know I'm incredibly good looking but it's impolite to stare."

"I'm sorry." Elena apologized and stood, 'I'm just shocked you don't have that look on your face that says 'I want to snap your neck.'"

"Ugh too early for that." Bonnie muttered as she came down the stairs wearing a jeans and a purple blouse.

Bonnie walked over to Elena and sat herself down. She explained briefly it was Meredith's turn to feed Stefan. She flipped her red curls over her shoulder and turned towards Damon. She watched his lips press against the glass and sip the orange liquid.

"It's a miracle you're drinking something that isn't red." She smirked.

He swallowed and glared, "Haven't you ever seen someone drink orange juice before?"

"I've never seen a man born in the Renaissance, turned into a vampire, and now recently human drink orange juice."

"You know I did drink orange juice when I was a vampire right?"

Elena scoffed, "But you were dead." She sat herself down at the kitchen table.

"True." Damon said and set the glass down on the table, "If vampire's drink a healthy amount of blood they can eat human food like for example orange juice, pickles, or-" Damon paused and reached into the cabinet and pulled out a box of Lucky Charms and grinned, "My favorite cereal."

Elena watched him slowly open the box; "You've been human for less than twelve hours and your cheerful?"

He poured the cereal into a bowl, "Oh I'm pissed off…beyond words. And after our brawl last night I know Stefan is too. Knowing my little brother he's going to pout for days about this and not speak a single word to me, which is fine."

Elena and Bonnie watched as Damon poured milk into his cereal and grabbed a spoon and took a bite. He pondered for a moment and then spoke, "Magically delicious." He left the room a few seconds later.

Bonnie grabbed a banana from the center of the table, "Same old Damon."

Elena rubbed her temples, "We've got a long way to go with him."

Bonnie nodded, "I still can't believe he even remembers how to be human."

Elena nodded in agreement, "Bonnie?"

The red haired girl looked at her, "Yeah?"

"Even though we went to another dimension and almost got killed I think having Damon human will be our greatest challenge."

Bonnie raised her eyebrows and nodded, "Think will make it out alive?"

"Only time will tell." Elena spoke as she stared at the container of orange juice sitting on the table.