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Chapter 8

Damon opened his eyes. The lights above him were ten times brighter. His head hurt, and the yelling upstairs wasn't helping.

"The happy couple?" He asked, tiredly.

"Of course." Matt replied and pulled him up into a standing position, "How are you?"

Damon rubbed the back of his neck, "Never better."

With no other words Damon walked out the front door. Elena came down the stairs then, tears in her eyes and blood dripping from her hand.

Matt spoke quietly, "You look like you just came out of a horror movie."

Elena let out a choked laugh.

Matt silently headed over to the kitchen table and gathered some napkins in his hand, "Sit down and put some pressure on that."

Elena sniffed, "Where are you going?"

"Relax. Give me a few seconds."

Matt headed down the hall to the bathroom where he got peroxide, gauzes, a pair of tweezers, and Neosporin. He returned to Elena and placed the items on the table.

"Alright come by the sink with me and promise not to scream."

"Is this where you kill me?"

"Yes with a chainsaw." Matt grinned as he carried with him the bottle of peroxide, "This is gonna sting."

Elena nodded as he poured a small amount on her hand and the young girl winced.


The young man than began using the tweezers and pulling out the glass.

"This is a bloody mess. What happened?"

Elena pressed her lips together, "I was getting a glass of water and it just shattered in my hand, I don't understand it."

Matt nodded his head as more and more pieces of glass ended up on the napkin, "You'd think after all this I'd be surprised."

Elena didn't respond.

Matt continued his work getting out the biggest pieces and then the smallest. He then took Elena to the kitchen sink and she ran her hand under warm water. Matt used large band-aids, gauzes, and tape before he finally started cleaning up.

"Thank you Matt. I honestly don't know what I'd do without you." She kissed him on the cheek and Matt blushed.

"If you need anything, I'll listen."


Bonnie stands slowly and fights the yelling in her head. To keep herself from gagging she wraps her arms around her body and pulls herself up. She exhales a breath and for a moment she is able to focus. The fact that someone was in her head and making her deep hidden emotions come out and magnify.

If it was Shinichi she needed Damon's help. It would be difficult but she wanted to keep this piece of information under the radar as long as possible.

Bonnie than brushed the knots in her hair until her soft red curls framed her face perfectly. She then tied her hair back into a pony tail. She put on a pair of black skinny jeans with a purple and gray peace t-shirt and silver hoop rings and black boots.

The voices and memories still invaded her mind but with all her energy she forced them away. Bonnie opened her door and walked down the end of the hallway, the opposite side of the house, to Damon's room. His door was adjacent and he was there sitting on his bed, reading a magazine. She knocked lightly on the door, Damon jumped and threw the magazine under his bed," I was reading about cars."


"Actually no I was reading playboy."

Bonnie remains unaffected, "Do I look shocked?"

"No you look confused and scared."

Bonnie stepped into the room, "Okay promise to not freak out."

Damon sat up, "Usually when someone say's don't freak out there's a slight chance I might freak out."

"Just be really opened minded."

Damon studied her more now. Her red curls were tied up in a ponytail and her eyes looks puffy, "Hey let's take a pause of the banter and sarcastic comments for a second. Are you okay?"

Bonnie swallowed, "No I'm not. Can you let m finish before I loose it?"

Damon gulped, "Go ahead."

"Shinichi may be trying to control my mind."

Damon blinked, "Wait, what?"

Bonnie turned and shut the door, "I told you not to freak out."

"That can't happen. Well it could. What does he want with you?"

"Is it possible he can get in through a large suppressed horrific memory?"

"Hold it little witch, I'm human now I need time to process thoughts."

"You do that I'll just process my emotions."

"Wait. What sort of horrific suppressed memory do you have?"

Bonnie adjusted her ponytail, "I can't tell you."

Damon clasped his hands together, "You came to me. So obviously you want my help. Tell me and I promise I wont tell a soul."

Bonnie didn't reply

Damon let out an exasperated sigh," Obviously I'm your last resort."

Bonnie pressed her fingers under her eyes and cleaned away the tears as Damon put a hand on her shoulder, "If it makes you feel any better he already got into Matt and Meredith's minds."


"I don't think there shacking up just because they have feelings for each other. That's not it. One he has or had feelings for you."


"Two there's a lingering scent of sulfur in the house which means our buddy has been using witchcraft."

"Explain that please."

"He's using an old spell. It's a very old method of black magic that you don't need to learn about, little witch."

'How do you know for sure."

"Well I'm not sure but considering he's been in your head I can conclude it. He's making Matt and Meredith do his orders. In order for the spell to function Matt and Meredith are under the influence of whoever gave them the potion. He must have a spy at the house."

"Oh please tell me you're not the spy."

"I swear on my life."

"That's not good enough."

"I swear on Stefan's life."

Bonnie was certain that if Damon swore on his little brother's life he meant it. Damon wouldn't let anything happen to Stefan, she knew for sure.

He spoke again, "We'll worry about the love birds later. Tell me what he's holding on to."

Damon was leaning against the door now, brow furrowed. Bonnie sat on his bed and let her eyes focus on the wall and the memory return.


One year ago

While her parents fought constantly Bonnie decided to take a day trip to the beach. She needed it. It was nightfall and just as the red head was taking out her favorite cd it dropped. She took her eyes away from the road for only a few seconds and than something impacted with her car.

Bonnie slammed on the brakes; there was blood on her windshield.

She got out of the car and saw a bike and a boy who looked to be about ten years old. She didn't touch him but just as she was about to she heard shouts. She was so scared that she left the boy and drove off, disappearing into the darkness.


"I just left. I didn't drive back home I drove about an hour east and cleaned up the car and paid cash for some guy to fix it. I found out from the newspaper the boy died at the hospital several hours after."

By this point Bonnie's entire body was shaking. The tears continuously fell down her cheeks.

Damon looked mortified. Bonnie was so fragile and kind and he couldn't believe she would do something like that. It was then he understood why she had come to him. If she were going to open up to anyone he would be him because he did a lot of bad things and she knew she wouldn't be judged.

Damon walked in front of her and kneeled and placed both hands on her shoulders, "It's okay."

Bonnie pushed his hands off, "Killing a kid? No it's not!"

"It was an accident, Bonnie."

"I ran away. I didn't even face my crime."

"It was an accident." He returns with both hands gripping her shoulders.

Bonnie inhales deeply, inhaling Damon's sweet scent, "Can I trust you?"

Damon let's his fingertips glide across her cheekbone, "I think you already have."