Loooooong time since I updated. I've decided i'm going to finish this story. LET'S TANGO!

She laid on her bed. Her fingers intertwining with the bed sheets. She just waited for the phone call that could make her destiny. He definitely got the picture that she obviously liked him. Maybe he was oblivious to the scene that had happened. They almost kissed each other again. It was magnificent. Not knowing what could happen after the kiss.

He was fighting himself. Should he or should he not. He looked intensely at the phone. Observing the numbers that the had to dial. He was shaking but picked up the phone. He was a damn daredevil for Chris sake! He couldn't even ring his partner up. He let out a big breath and dialled.

"Hello?" Kendall answered, perfect!

"Kendall, hey." Kick was playing it cool.

"Hey..." She said awkwardly.

"So this project..." Kick answered back awkwardly. Why were things getting awkward?"

"I'll finish it tonight, we can present it tomorrow." Kendall was starting to get demanding, perfectly back to her old self.

"Great. You do all the words and I'll speak." Kick agreed with the Kendall, which was odd for him.

"Bye." Kendall hung up.

"Arghh!" She screamed frustrated. She was such and idiot. He was so confusing, why were boys confusing? They couldn't be simple like they were in those corny 80 love movies could they? Were they would be so happy to finally get the girl. No, life was not like an 80's movie, it was more like a confusing teenaged movie.

"Alright class, Kendall and Clarence need to present their volcano." The teacher moved her arms leading them up in front of the class.

"So basically it's a volcano. But when you put Cheetah Chug and mints, it explodes." Kendall opened up the Cheetah Chug while Kick poured in the entire of mints.

"You weren't suppose to put that much!" Kendall yelled. Her arms waving above her head.

"I wanted a really big explosion!"

"Here comes the fighting..." Gunther whispered and tiptoed out. The teacher held the door open for the students to run out. Kendall and Kick didn't realise the foaming and bubbling off the volcano.

"Do you hear that?" Kendal asked. They both stopped arguing to listen.

"It's coming from the volcano!" Kick yelled.

They both ran to the door, pulling and heaving on it to open. It wouldn't budge.

"We're stuck in here!" Kendall yelled. She ran around the classroom looking for something, anything to stop the volcano from bursting. But it was to last. The two childen had sticky Cheetah Chug all over of them, reeking of mints.

They were now trapped inside the principals office. Sitting and staring at the angry face. His eyes were flames of fire. His finger nails tapping on the desk making them irritated.

"Explain yourself!" The principal began yelling at them.

"He put to many mints in!"

"She didn't tell me to stop!

The only thing they were happy about? That they forgot all about the almost kiss.

Bad ending, I know. But I may write another KickXKendall story. I LOVE love-hate relationships!