Julian was a bad man; he was a shadow man after all. They were all bad because they were created for evil.

He put Jenny and her friends through hell. He enticed Jenny into buying a game that he knew would send her into the Shadow world. He kidnapped her and he forced her to play all his games. He hurt her friends and threatened her. They even thought he killed their friend Summer. He tricked her into doing all kinds of things and played with the strings of her heart.

But deep down he was good.

He protected Jenny; He loved her. He saved Summer when he could have killed her, and then he returned her to Jenny. He wasn't the one who killed Slug and P.C. He never really hurt anyone. He didn't want to kill Jenny when she opened the door in her grandfather's basement. He let her go at the end of the last game. He even died protecting her.

He didn't think Jenny could save him from himself. He thought he was always meant to be bad. He couldn't change even if he wanted to.

Jenny cared about him though. In someway she loved him. Maybe not as much as she loved Tom, but there was something - some part of her that belonged to Julian. She cried when Julian died, sat there holding his hand as he left the world behind. Now he was in a land of dreams. Of light.

So Julian wasn't a bad man. There was a part of him that was good.

He was just trapped in shadows.