Dark clouds accompany me from now on by planet p

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Abby suppressed a leaden sigh. Yes, well, she thought, lamenting over the past wasn't going to do her an ounce of good; the past was the past, it couldn't be undone or changed after the fact. What could be changed was what was still to come, the future.

The problem was, her only friend, Bogart, had left to live abroad, and she was now feeling quite dejected. She might have had other friends, she might even have been able to make new friends, if she hadn't be physically-challenged. It had a way of making people look at her differently, as though she wasn't the same as them, though she knew that this just wasn't true.

Bogart had told her often enough, after all. She was a kind person with a problem, that was all. But most important was the fact that she was kind.

Kind people could be hard to come by in today's world, he'd once told her. He'd also once told her how glad he was to have her, how very, very glad he was to have such a kind, considerate, understanding friend as her.

And then he'd gone and left her.

And she felt so, so dejected. So unkind. Because, for what other reason can he have left her, but because she had been unkind? she thought, in one of her more gloomy moments. She could not think happy thoughts anymore, it seemed. About anything.

She knew that in truth Bogart hadn't left her because she'd been unkind to him, he'd left because she wasn't the only one or thing in his life. She knew, too, that the happy things that she'd once looked forward to and found delight in hadn't gone away, she was just too gloomy to see them anymore. She had to pull herself up out of the clouds that were hanging around her, dragging her down, and see the sunlight again, see all of the happiness and brightness the world had to offer.

Of course, such things were always easier said than done. For now, she was still sitting in amongst those dark clouds.