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Hinata fixed her hair, making sure it was neat. She made sure her yellow uniform dress was okay, along with the red bow. Looking down to see her white stockings and black shoes, she set off, walking out the girls' restrooms.

Today is Hinata's first day in Ouran High. Her father, Hiashi Hyuuga, was not pleased when he heard the school Hinata used to go to was filled with rude and unmannered children. So he sent her to a different school full of mannered rich kids. But because she didn't want to be alone, not only is it her first day here, but also her friends too. Thank God her friends' parents were great friends with her father. Though some of Hinata's friends couldn't afford to go to a school like Ouran High School, Hiashi was surprisingly kind enough to take care of the their school bills and uniforms.

Hinata walked towards the table where some of her friends were sitting. It was lunch break, so the cafeteria was busy with kids everywhere.

An arm hung around her neck. "Hey, Hina-chan! So, how has your day been so far?" a girl with pink hair, who was one of her friends asked. Two more other girls, a blond and brunette, followed after her from behind, hanging their arms over each other's shoulders.

"Well... So far, so good I guess", Hinata replied. Sakura, Ino and Tenten nodded their heads in agreement. They finally arrived at their table, with Naruto, Kiba, Neji and Sasuke sitting on the chairs. Poor Sasuke sighed as Sakura and Ino took their spare seats and pushed to sit either side of him. Hinata sat next to Naruto.

Hinata has loved Naruto for so many years. She nearly went heartbroken a few months ago when she heard her crush and some other girl were total girlfriend and boyfriend. But soon, they broke up because that girl only tried to make Sasuke jealous.


It gave Hinata the courage to try confessing her feelings to him again. Everybody knew Hinata liked Naruto, since it was so obvious. Everybody knew, except for Naruto.

But hey, just because Naruto doesn't know, it doesn't mean he has completely no feelings for her. Because secretly, he actually does like her. He does have feelings for her other than friends. He's just scared that he'll be rejected again like when he tried to ask Sakura out of when he tells her his feelings. Sakura's reply would always be an "Ew!" or "No way!"

He was afraid Hinata would do the same. Oh, how wrong he is.

"So... Naruto-kun... H-How have you been?" Hinata asked.

"Pretty good. I made some friends in one of my classes. This place is amazing though, I've never been in anything like this", Naruto grinned and looked at his lunch and his surroundings. It was breath taking. He couldn't take his eyes off of that huge diamond chandelier above him. He wasn't used to being in rich places like this, since he's just a simple, average commoner. It was the same for some others too. Hinata, Neji and Sasuke were used to this though, since their clans were rich.

"That's g-good", Hinata smiled.

Naruto saw her smile. "You look so cute in that uniform and when you smile..."

Hinata's eyes slightly widened when she heard him. Naruto's eyes widened too and he mentally slapped himself. 'Aw, shit. I wasn't supposed to say that! What will she think of me now? That sentence randomly slipped from my mouth. What. The. HELL?'

An inner Hinata popped up in Hinata's mind and screamed, "BOO YEAH!" and danced. "Thank y-you..." Hinata blushed. "Uh... No problem, I guess... B-But I mean, these uniforms do look um, uh... pretty good on all of us r-right?" Naruto stuttered. "Your right. These uniforms do l-look very good i-indeed", Hinata replied.

'Whew. I thought she was going to say something like what Sakura says. Just as long she won't think any thoughts of me liking her, I'm safe, right? I don't want to ruin how our friendship is right now', Naruto sighed.


'H-He said that I was cute... H-He said that I was cute... H-He said that I... No way! Does he like me...?' Hinata blushed so much that she looked like a tomato. Naruto noticed how she was turning red, so he put his hand on her forehead. Hinata blushed even more and felt like she was about to faint.

Tenten, who was still playing with Neji's hair watched the whole Naruhina moment. She giggled to herself as she thought that those two together was extremely cute. Neji, on the other hand, thought those two looked like lovey-dovey idiots. He'll get to Naruto soon.

The bell rang which meant everybody has to go to class. So the eight friends got up and went to their classes.

Hinata and Sakura had math, so they walked together. They had trouble finding the room though. When they did find it, they knocked on the door and went inside the room. Everyone watched.

"Well, what do we have here? I guess you two girls are new?" the teacher asked. Hinata and Sakura nodded in reply. "Well, introduce yourself, please".

Hinata talked first. "W-well... um... I'm Hinata Hyuuga and t-this is my f-friend Sakura Haruno..." Hinata said with little confidence. She never was that good with public speaking. With everybody's eyes on her, it was so scary. She tried looking at everybody, but instead she looked at her two index fingers that were playing with each other and blushed.

'A shy one, eh? Don't see many girls like her around...' A boy with red hair thought.

"Well, it's nice to meet you all", Sakura waved and grinned to the class. The two girls looked towards the teacher with a bored expression that clearly said, 'so where do we sit?'

The teacher pointed towards two empty seats in the middle of the room. "Well, you girls can sit there".

Hinata and Sakura walked over and sat over to their assigned seats. Everybody still had their eyes on them and stared. Hinata bit her lip as she felt nervous.

Then the class began. Everybody was bored and just wished they could get out of here. Just when class felt like it was going slowly to torture the students, class was over. Everybody rushed out with relief.

Hinata stood up from her seat and started to walk towards the door. Then she bumped into someone and fell to the ground. The other person fell too.

"Ow..." they both mumbled.

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