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It All Started With A Bump

Chapter 5 - Day Out With Haruhi! Or so I thought...

Hinata's POV

The week has passed by faster than I thought. Each day I would visit Haruhi-chan at the club, and somehow I'd find myself staring at Hikaru for no reason. Luckily though, he hasn't caught me each time I did, or else that would be embarrassing. But now, it's finally Saturday, the day that I've excitedly been waiting for. I can't wait to get to Haruhi's house. We both planned out that I'll be coming over at 12, so that we can go out to have lunch, then we'll go somewhere to hang out and come back home afterwards. Oh and, I'll be sleeping over too. I'm so excited~.

I slowly opened my eyes, only to shut them close again when the sunlight that invaded into my room through my window shined on my face. I put my arm across my eyes and tried to go back to sleep again so that I can continue the nice dream I was having. I sighed when I couldn't though, so I looked to my side to see that it was 9:45am on my cute Hello Kitty clock. Lazily, I rolled until I was on the edge of my queen-sized bed and sat up. I stretched my arms and rubbed my eyes, before searching for my Totoro slippers that was somewhere on the floor with my feet. When I found them, I slipped in my feet and started to make my way into my bathroom, grabbing a towel with me on the way. Once I was in there, I stripped off my pajamas and took a shower. When I was done, I wrapped myself in my towel, drying myself and brushed my teeth. Then I went back into my bedroom and straight into my walk-in closet. I slipped on my underwear, and then I put on a white top and a cute high waist pink with white polka dots skirt. I put on a cute pair of cream ballet flats, which had bows on them onto my feet. I went back into my room to dry and do my hair, and put on some make up, which were pretty much just mascara, blush, lip balm and just a bit of eyeliner. Looking at myself from the mirror, I felt satisfied and grabbed my purse, and my cute tote bag that had some colorful stars and small doodles from Sakura, Ino, Tenten and I, that were filled with my pajamas and some clothes, along with other stuff, and made my way into the kitchen. I saw Neji there, pouring himself a glass of orange juice. When he saw me, he raised an eyebrow. I grabbed his piece of toast that was covered in yummy, chocolate nutella and took a bite.

"Hey, Neji-nii-san", I greeted with a smile.

"Hey", he waved back, before taking a sip of his orange juice. "Going somewhere today?"

"Mhm", I nodded, a huge smile on my lips. "I'm going over to Haruhi-chan's today".

"Uh, who?" Neji replied, confusion on his face. I put my hands on my hips.

"Don't you remember? Haru-chan? My best friend from childhood?" I asked, then returning back to eating my toast. It took Neji a few seconds before he finally remembered Haruhi.

"Ohh, her", Neji slowly nodded, sipping on his juice. "You're finally back together with Haruhi again. That's good. Want some juice?" He asked, getting a new glass.

"Mhm. She goes to our school too. And yes please" I replied. Neji poured me some juice and I took the glass, sipping it.

"Really? How come I haven't seen her? You never told me", Neji frowned, pouting very slightly.

"Maybe because she cut her hair super short? And she's wearing the boys uniform? She looks like a guy to others, but once I saw her, I knew she was a girl. And besides, I thought you knew already", I giggled.

"Oh right, I see", Neji nodded, before grabbing his plate of toast and his glass of orange juice before going to the lounge room. I followed him, sitting next to him on the couch. I turned on the T.V and flipped through the channels. I shrugged, before passing Neji the remote.

"You choose the channel. I don't mind", I said. He nodded and just went on a channel where an anime show was on. Then we watched some SpongeBob, and what ever show was good to watch. About an hour later, I glanced at the clock that was hanging in the room and saw that it was already 11:30. I smiled, before getting up from the couch and pat Neji's arm.

"I guess I'll be going now", I smiled, grabbing my purse and tote bag. I was walking towards the front door when Neji stopped me.

"Wait", He called out. "Do you want me to walk you there?"

I blinked, before giggling a bit. "No, it's okay. I'll be fine".

"You sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. I'll be going now, bye Nii-san!" I said, opening the front door.

"You double sure?" Neji asked, one more time. I smiled.

"Yes. Don't worry".

"Well... Okay then. Be safe, and tell Haruhi I said hi for me. Bye", Neji said for the last time.

"Hai, hai. Bye~" I replied, stepping outside the house. I closed the door behind me and started making my way to Haruhi's house. As I walked, I couldn't help but feel so happy.

It was such a nice day today. The sky was clear, and the sun was shining nicely. What a great day to go out.

Soon, before I knew it, I was already at the front door of Haruhi's apartment. After all, she did live nearby, so it didn't really take long. I pressed the doorbell, and waited for a minute. Soon, the door opened, revealing a smiling Haruhi, who was wearing a simple cute shirt and some knee length shorts.

"Hey Hinata", she grinned, stepping away and opening the door wider for me to pass through.

"Hello", I waved back, before stepping into her apartment. I took off my shoes and made my way in. "Neji says Hi, by the way".

"Huh?" Haruhi raised an eyebrow. Then a smile suddenly appeared on her lips. "Ah, Neji. I remember him. Still overprotective?"

"Haha, yep. As always", I chuckled

We sat down at the living room as I looked around.

"This place hasn't changed at all, huh?" I giggled.

"Yeah, I guess", Haruhi smiled. "So what would you like to do today?"

"Hmm… Well, I don't know. Eating, shopping, going to some places. I don't mind", I grinned. Haruhi opened her mouth to reply, but was interrupted when we heard the door ring.


"Huh? Who could it be?" Haruhi raised an eyebrow. I shrugged, and followed her to the front door to see who it was.


Haruhi opened the door, poking her head to see who it was. Suddenly, her face went from (•_•) to (=.=;).

"Haruh-" Haruhi rolled her eyes before shutting the door. But she couldn't, since a foot was preventing it from closing. She opened the door wide again, kicked the foot away and was going to shut the door, when a strong arm held it open. It was Hunny, holding the door, along with the rest of the club behind him. Haruhi could only face palm herself with a groan, already knowing that her perfect day with Hinata, and Hinata only was going to be ruined.

"Haruhiiii~ Don't be like that. I'm here~" Tamaki sang happily. Haruhi rolled her eyes.

"What you guys doing here?" She growled.

"Calm down", Kaoru grinned. "We want to hang out!"




"Aw, why not!"

"Because I've already planned to hang out with Hinata, who I haven't seen for years", Haruhi replied.

"Huh? Hinata?" Hikaru cocked his head to the side. He looked behind Haruhi and the door, and saw the said girl, who was scratching her arm awkwardly. He couldn't help but stare, because she was so pretty. Her outfit was cute on her. He looked away before he could be caught, and cleared his throat.

"Well, um, why don't we join? You know, the more the merrier", Hikaru grinned.

"No", Haruhi replied.

"Come on, please? What about Hinata, maybe she'd like for us to join", Kaoru said.

"Neh, Hinata-chan, is it okay if we join you?" Hunny bounced up, giving Hinata the cutest puppy dog eyes that she would ever see.

Hinata couldn't resist the cuteness and smiled, "Well, sure. I mean, I don't mind at all".

"Yay~!" Hunny jumped in glee. "See, she doesn't mind".

Haruhi pouted and sighed. "Fine, whatever". Blowing up her cheeks, she opened the door wide and let the boys come in. All of them came into the living room, and sat in a circle on the floor.

"So, what are you guys here for really?" Haruhi asked.

"Huh? What do you mean? We came here to hang out, of course", Hikaru replied.

"Oh really?" Haruhi rolled her eyes.

"Yup, it's true", Kyouya said, pushing up his glasses.


I watched as Haruhi and the boys were conversing away. I laughed when I saw Tamaki looking serious as ever and hugging his legs close to him, mumbling a few things to Hunny and Kaoru who saluted at him and did the same pose.

I was feeling thirsty, so I tapped Haruhi's arm.

"Hey, is it okay if I get myself a drink?" I asked. Then, Haruhi gasped a bit and looked at the boys and me.

"Oh yeah, that's right. Would you guys like a drink?"

The boys shook their head. "Nah, it's okay".

"Well, okay then. Wait a minute, Hina-chan, I'll get you something", Haruhi said, before getting up. I stopped her, and got up myself.

"No, it's okay. I can get a drink myself", I smiled, and made my way into the kitchen. As I walked towards the fridge, I stepped on something slippery.

"Kyah!" I yelped, as I fell forwards onto the floor.


Hikaru kept his eye on Hinata, admiring her features. He watched as she walked passed him, her hair flowing behind her. He could smell her scent of sweet strawberries and vanilla as she passed him. She disappeared into the kitchen, so he returned his attention to Haruhi who was talking to Kyouya and Mori.


Hikaru whipped his head back towards the kitchen. Seems like no one else heard but him. Feeling a bit worried, he stood up and went into the kitchen.
There, he saw Hinata on her knees and hands, groaning a bit in pain. He went to help her, but froze immediately. He felt his cheeks warming up.

Hinata was on all fours, with her butt sticking out.

Her skirt has flown up.

Revealing her pink panties.


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