Mikan's Fairytale

"That you were Romeo,
you were throwing pebbles
And my daddy said 'Stay away from Juliet." – Taylor Swift's Love Story

Story by Tragic Lullaby, who does not own Gakuen Alice

You have to learn to fight

Anna seemed like the type of person you'd expect to be dumb. To just justify your thoughts, she did have a few qualities that made her seem that way. Firstly, she told everyone to wear pink, when really pink was the last colour you suited or even wanted to wear. She told you to wear pink even though you were definitely a yellow person. Secondly, she acted like those girls who seemed dumb and dressed up even when she knew she was supposed to dress like an undercover agent. And third, she never read the expiry date for anything when she added it to a recipe.

But despite all this, Anna wasn't stupid.

She knew that Mikan and Natsume were enemies, she knew that it was strange when they had danced together the other night. Enemies weren't supposed to dance together. And she knew everything became so much more messed up when Hyuuga had hugged one of her best friends, Mikan, and left her staring after him.

She knew they were supposed to be together even when the world wanted them to be enemies.

But she also knew life was screwed up sometimes and not a lot of people get their happy endings.

So that's why she acted like she didn't know a thing.


Manicures. In my world, manicures were almost as good as shopping. However, they aren't so good when one of your friends are quizzing you about how you thought her party went last night. "So, like how was it? Was it the best party ever, or was it the best party ever?" Anna crowed. Anna's party had been a success, people seemed to have gotten high off the fruit punch and danced until dawn. "Man, do you know how many people asked me to organise their next parties? I got fifty invitations to other parties, I have some for you guys as well."

"I don't want to go to another party just yet," I moaned, not in the mood for party talk. For me, Anna's party had been a disaster, a shock and absolutely infuriating. It was infuriating because a certain jerk had left me thinking about the fights, the families and him.

"Still hung up over Hyuuga?" Nonoko teased me, "That was some dance back there. Everybody thought that you were going to keep dancing with him for five songs. What next? Marriage?" I flicked water at Nonoko from the basin where I was bathing my nails.

I scowled, "Don't be stupid. Firstly, I don't even like the guy, and secondly…"

"Your families are mortal enemies," groaned Anna, "As if we haven't heard that before." She turned to Nonoko, "I've heard Hyuuga has one hell of a hot cousin if we can't have Hyuuga because Mikan's going all 'gaga' over him."

"You guys! Your families are aligned with the Sakura family not the Hyuuga's! Would you please just drop it?" I protested, "Talking about the jerk is making me feel incredibly sick."

"Incredibly love sick you mean," Anna said, "I don't think you know what you and Hyuuga looked like last night. You guys seemed perfect together, like a fairytale prince and princess. I know how much you love fairytales Mikan, so why can't you just grab your own happy ending?"

"Hello? Me with Hyuuga would not be a fairytale ending! Me loving Hyuuga is just like the Princess loving the dragon, it's just wrong! I'm going to find a guy who would sweep me off my feet and save me from everything and anything," I snapped. "You've got this 'Hyuuga and Mikan happy ending thing' all screwed up. We hate each other! Hotaru, tell them they have it all screwed up!"

"Mikan's too ugly for Hyuuga to have any interest in her," Hotaru added unhelpfully.

"Not like that! Now they'll have the impression that I actually do like the stupid jerk, which I don't!" I almost sent one of the nail lotions flying.

"Calm down, Mikan," Anna sighed, "I just don't want you to have another Kai moment in your life. You've suffered enough pain."

"So you think pairing me up with my enemy, my family and company's enemy is better?" I snapped. "My family would disown me, if I did anything like that."

"No," Anna said, "But if you did love Hyuuga and he loved you back, I think that he'd protect you from anything; your family, the shame and everything."

"Natsume doesn't love me, Anna,"

Anna opened her mouth to say something but then wisely shut it again. I slumped down into my seat, exhausted from the argument. I hated it when we argued, even though we took no time at all to make up. "I heard Natsume is gaining some more supporters," Hotaru said, keeping the secret about my first kiss hidden away. "Why do you think that is?"

I grimaced, "He's trying to stop the fights, and is succeeding somewhat. It's a painfully hard process though, there are still a lot of fights."

"What are you going to do about it?"

"I'm going to stop the rest of the fights, all of them," I muttered.

It was an insane idea. It was an impossible one too.

Natsume Hyuuga was a distracted person. This wasn't the first time Koko had seen him so distracted. There had been a time, four years ago when he was equally distracted and just a little bit red. When Koko had asked what had happened, he had replied with nothing, just as he always did when something obviously had. He had returned last night, looking extremely lost and confused.

"Is something wrong, Natsume?" Koko asked, certain that he was going to get a 'no' in return at which he would have to drop the subject.

Natsume didn't reply for a while, he just stared out the window at the sky. Koko sighed and turned to go until, "Something is wrong with me, with this family, with the fights, with this whole damn world."

Koko blinked, "Pardon me? What do you mean, Natsume?"

"Who said that the Sakura and Hyuuga families had to fight forever?"

Was he hearing right? Natsume Hyuuga questioning the laws on which his family existed upon; the very laws that gave them a purpose? "You mean…you mean you are going to try and stop it?" Koko asked, warily.

Natsume almost chuckled, "That'd be almost close to impossible Koko." His voice seemed to have a sad tint to it, "But one day maybe, after my parents are dead, I can change it. I can stop them from fighting, forever."

"Why would you do that, Natsume?" Koko was confused, never before had he ever heard a Hyuuga think about trying to change everything, "Is it for Mikan Sakura?" Natsume tensed, his eyes snapping shut at the sound of her name. "Stay away from Mikan Sakura, Natsume Hyuuga," for Natsume, Sakura's uncle's words were almost a daily mantra for him. Something to keep him nailed to the ground, and the one thing stopping him from losing his head and going after her.

"No," he lied, "This is for those who have died or are dying." "Stay away from Mikan Sakura, Natsume Hyuuga."


It was a hard feat, trying to escape from Anna, Hotaru and Nonoko. Why? Because ever since I mentioned stopping the fight they'd become overly suspicious. I guess they had guessed what I was going to do; find a fight and stop it. I knew Hyuuga sent out specialised men to end a fight, but this was something I had to do, to win them over.

As I walked down the pretty much deserted road and found myself staring at the posters on the wall; Hyuuga, me, Hyuuga, me, Hyuuga, Hyuuga…Natsume. "But if you did love Hyuuga and he loved you back, I think that he'd protect you from anything; your family, the shame and everything," Anna's voice from earlier echoed in my head, "why can't you just grab your own happy ending?" Because it'd be the wrong happy ending, that's why I couldn't choose him, because we both knew that'd it be the saddest happy ending ever. We'd both be disowned, the family and allied companies would turn against us; hoping to destroy our relationship or us.

A Romeo and Juliet ending; the very ending I swore I would not have. Fate plays cruel tricks sometimes.

I was brought back to my senses by crash of glass on a wall and yelling, followed by the sound of violence. A fight. Nervous, I followed the sound, hoping to find its source and make it stop. I'll show Hyuuga just how much I could try. Just close to a wall, just a few metres away from me there were two men brawling. One was a Sakura Supporter and the other a Hyuuga Supporter. I gasped as I recognised the Hyuuga Supporter; Hiro Shun, one of Natsume's best friends, one of Ruka's best friends!

"Stop!" I cried as a fist pummelled Hiro again. "Please! Stop!" I ran closer, lodging myself between them as Hiro drew back a fist. "Hiro, stop this!" I stared up into his bloodied eyes.

Hiro's eyes widened and he froze, his fist just a few inches away from my nose, "Mikan?"

"Mikan!" There was another, more familiar voice from further away, coming closer. "Get out of there!" Confused, I turned to see who it was but just as I thought I could see, a fist hit me hard from behind. "Mikan!"

Natsume Hyuuga had been going for a drive to a conference on how to deal with local fights. People and posters flittered past and the car stopped at a light. As his bored eyes scanned the crowd, searching for any sign of fights or unrest, they lay rest on a group of three familiar girls. Hotaru, Anna and Nonoko, Mikan's friends, except Mikan was missing, which was unusual, and the three girls seemed close to hysterical. "Wait here," he muttered to the driver before jumping out of the car and striding over to them.

"Hyuuga," Hotaru tried to compose herself when she saw her best friend's enemy. "What do you want?"

"Where's Little Miss Princess?" Natsume knew it was better to get straight to the point.

"If you mean Mikan," Anna sniffed, holding back tears, "She's disappeared! She said something about stopping the fights and we think she meant going out and finding them and stopping them herself! I'm scared she's going to get injured or die, because I know how violent those fights can be." With that she burst into tears, clutching onto Nonoko. "Please, if you find her anywhere, tell us and please, whatever you do, don't let her get hurt!"

Hotaru said nothing, just nodded to him. He saw from the desperation in her eyes that she was the most worried about her best friend. Natsume knew this conference was going to have to wait.

He had a princess to save.

He raced back to the car, "We need to go to the back streets. Some girl is going around trying to stop a few fights. We need to hurry," he informed the driver, trying not to let his concern get too far, "Stay away from Mikan Sakura, Natsume Hyuuga." Natsume wondered if that rule was going to apply even if Mikan Sakura was about a second away from dying.

The driver, confused by his words, took him around the back streets. There was nothing, not a word, not a peep, and Natsume was about to give up and go to his conference when he heard something strange, "Stop!"

"Mikan," he whispered, recognising the voice's owner. He slammed the car door shut and ran down the alleyway, trying to follow the voice. His frustration grew and grew when he met another dead end.

"Please! Stop!"

"Dammit!" He turned, his heart thudding against his chest. She was still conscious at least, he didn't know when that would end though. "Stay away from Mikan Sakura, Natsume Hyuuga."

"Hiro! Stop this!" Found it. As his eyes locked on to the scene, his blood froze. One of his best friends was seconds away from hitting Sakura but had also come to a halt. The Sakura Supporter however, seemed to enraged to notice that it was his leader standing in front of him, trying to stop them from beating each other to pieces of pulp. Instead, he became furious with interruption.

"Mikan!" Natsume shouted, "Get out of there!" It took so much effort to get his legs moving again. He had to get there, he had to get there before something happened to her. He saw Mikan's confused face turning towards him, he saw his best friend's eyes widen with horror and he saw the Sakura Supporter strike on the back of the head, flinging her to the muddy ground. "Mikan!" His heart skipped a beat as the girl went limp, unmoving.

Rage pulsed inside of him as his eyes moved slowly from Mikan Sakura's body to her attacker.

There was a roar, an unnatural sound that filled my ears. I looked up from the quickening blackness to see a familiar shape thrust Hiro aside and crashed into the attacker. The victim looked stunned as a sharp fast kick came first to the stomach and a second to the head. "Natsume?" I whispered before the darkness enveloped me.

As I opened my eyes the sunlight seemed to burn at my retina, blinking rapidly, I sat up. I was in a pristine white bed, doors out to the balcony were open and sunlight was streaming in.

In other words I had absolutely no clue where I was.

I was officially kidnapped. I'd have to sneak out. I crept over to the balcony, realising it was probably my best option to get out of here. Peeking over the railing to see if the coast was clear, I spotted someone. Well, actually, I spotted someone's back to be precise. A familiar back standing over by a pond, skipping stones. My heat thudded in my chest; this scene was way too familiar.

Natsume Hyuuga was skipping stones.

Just like he did when we were younger.

I glared down at his back, how dare he kidnap me. I was not an object to be dragged around anywhere. Taking a deep breath, I yelled, "How dare you kidnap me, Natsume Hyuuga!" His head turned sharply, eyes narrowing; first darting towards the door and then back at me. He walked towards the balcony and proceeded to climb it. I was seething, this guy seemed prone to sexually assaulting me; he peeks at my underwear, he kisses me, he forces me to dance with him, he then forcibly hugs me and now he's kidnapped me.

He was beside me in a minute, muttering into my ear, "It was so much quieter when you were in a coma Princess."


"Three days," he was pulling me back inside.

"Excuse me?" What the hell did 'three days' mean.

"You've been out of it for three days."

Three days of my life, wasted, sleeping in my enemy's bed and in his clothes apparently as well.

Of course I had noticed I was wearing a boy's red shirt and pants. "You pervert! I hope you didn't dress me as well! Oh my gosh,"

"As if I'd do something like that. I had a maid do that," he snapped. He kept glancing at my head.

"What, is there something wrong with my hair? I wouldn't be surprised, it's been in bed with me for three days."

He shook his head, allowing a small smirk to cross his face, "The bed hair looks sexy, Princess. I'll show you exactly what I'm looking at." He steered me over to a mirror. I had a bandage across my cheek and bandage wrapped around my head. My hand rose, quivering, towards my head and I found it was also covered in bandages. "It was a wonder you can remember anything after he hit you like that." There seemed to be relief in his tone. "There was glass where you fell so you are a bit cut up."

So he had been waiting for three days, worried that I wouldn't remember anything. That was kind of…yeah, extreme for enemies. He sat me back down on the bed. His crimson eyes stared into mine, long and icy hard.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" I snapped.

"Do you know how worried your little friends were?" it was like he was trying to force the words through his teeth. "You had told me you tried, Sakura, so you didn't have to go running off from your friends and try and barge your way into a fight." He sounded so angry that I couldn't even move or speak; my eyes were fixated on his. "There is a reason I send specially trained units into such fights. Because they're dangerous; little girl's shouldn't be trying to stop them."

This was the most I had even heard him speak. "You seemed to be fine fighting them," I said, "So why do you send other people in to fight them."

"You don't think I've got enough to do already, Princess?" growled Natsume, "I am running the Hyuuga country in Japan because at the moment my parents are off in Paris having a holiday, I have to attend conferences, dinners as you do, I also have to still go to school and get an education; it seems that I'm also going to have to keep an eye on you now because you have some sort of insane idea that you can stop the fighting. You can't do it the way you are doing it now, Princess. You are lucky that you can even remember anything."

Ouch, that stung, I felt my eyes begin to water, "I'm sorry Natsume." It was the first time I had ever apologised to my enemy. I didn't try to wipe away the tears. It hurt to have him angry with me.

He sighed, the anger drained out of him, leaving him with his usual emotionless face. "Don't cry," he muttered, his arms folding around me again for the second time in two days. "Don't cry, Princess."

"W-Why do you always call me Princess?" I sobbed, "I'm anything but, a-and I have a name you know."

"I know,"

"We are strange enemies," I tried to make a joke through the tears. It was a real failure and I seemed to sob even harder. "I'm ruining your shirt, N-Natsume. I'm sorry. S-Sorry for everything."

"'Stay away from Mikan Sakura, Natsume Hyuuga', that's what your uncle said," his voice was muffled in my hair.

"Well," I hiccuped, "Mikan Sakura o-orders Natsume Hyuuga to stay with her just for today. Mikan Sakura orders Natsume to pretend we are friends, just for one day." For a moment, his grip tightened around me before he pulled me up. "Where are we going?"

"I'm taking you out for lunch," he grabbed a hoodie and forced it over my head, pulling the hood up so that it covered the bandages on my head. He forced a smile, "If the other people those bandages, they're going to think I kidnapped you from the hospital." He then grabbed his jacket and wallet and keys. He grabbed my hand a pulled me out of the house towards his car and opened the passenger door for me. I wondered if this was the way he usually treated his friends. "Just get in, Princess," he said, exasperated, walking over to the driver's side and hopping in, "It's not like you can run anywhere."

He was right, I was in no condition to run anywhere either.

So I got into the car, wondering just what a day with Natsume as a friend rather than an enemy would be like.

For some reason it felt like the way the fairytale should've been like.

We make strange enemies, I reminded myself. We'd make even stranger friends.


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