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Vlad pulled Danny by his ankle, and Maddie and Jack turned to see what was going on. They saw Plasmius, a.k.a. the Wisconsin Ghost throw Phantom, a.k.a Inviso-Bill against the wall. The two just watched the scene as Danny quickly managed to stand up again. He held his head, groaning lightly. Danny turned to glare at Vlad on the other side, and jumped and successfully struck Vlad with a kick to the chest.

He fell to the floor and Danny was floating near him, breathing heavily. Danny split himself into four and attacked Plasmius all at once. He turned to his parents to ask if they bought the Specter Deflector with them. "Do you bring the Specter Deflector with you?" Danny asked.

"For what?" Maddie asked, seeming confused. Why did Phantom need that thing? "What are you going to do with it, spook?"

Danny seemed annoyed, starting to get irritated. "Just give me the Specter Deflector!" He snapped as he let out his hands in receiving stance. Jack and Maddie were confused as to why Phantom needed the thing. The two didn't answer- just silence in it's place. Plasmius was about to get up, and since Danny had no time for this, he quickly took the Specter Deflector from his father's hand.

"Hey! What are you-" Jack was about to protest, but the boy he didn't know was his son had already turned to Vlad with it in his hand. Jack and Maddie's faces grew angry. He stole it! They prepared their weapons, charged to attack Phantom. They thought he broke the truce- he stole the Specter Deflector.

Danny didn't care much as he didn't turn back to see his parents, and just quickly floated to Plasmius and placed the deflector around his waist. Plasmius got shocked by the Specter as Danny smiled and floated away, back to his parents. Maddie and Jack suddenly put away their weapons as they saw Plasmius scream and two black rings form around his waist.

The black rings travelled over his body, revealing Vlad Masters in place. The two ghost hunters were shocked. Their mouths were agape.



Danny just smiled, pleased at seeing Vladimir Masters' shocked face- finally, his secret revealed. He turned to his parents, "Let's go." he said. Without saying anything else, his parents followed him. It seemed to be the best option. The three went off to the ghost zone, leaving the old crazed-up frootloop alone.

Danny and his parents ran across the Ghost Zone, trying to get their home. After they had ran far enough away from Vlad, they panted in exhaustion. "Phew…What was that…? Why is Vlad-"

Danny floated up and down, looking at his parents and trying to explain. "That was…Plasmius is a half-ghost." Danny said, stopping for a while, and then continued his words. "He is Vlad Masters."

"But why is he a half-ghost? And why did he kidnap us-?" Maddie asked as she and Jack were still panting. Danny started to reply again. "He wants to kill d- Jack. He blamed him for the ecto-acne accident in the college."

Jack and Maddie were shocked, so…Vlad hates Jack, and want to kill him! They never imagined that he was vengeful toward Jack. "And as for me? Why did he kidnap me, too?" Maddie asked curiously, wondering if Vlad hated her too, and wanted to kill her.

Danny took a deep breath before answering. "He wants to marry you. He loves you. Not only that, he wants m- I mean, your son, Danny."

The two were shocked (again). Vlad loves Maddie? He wants to marry her? And he wants… Danny?

"Danny? Why does he want Danny?" Maddie asked. Why does that man want their son? Danny sighed, then said, "I don't know. Maybe he wants a family. I told him to get a cat."

The two stopped asking questions for a while, then remembered Jazz. "What about Jazz?" Jack asked.

Danny stared at his parents for a while, rolled his eyes and said, "I don't know what he wants with her…"

The two parents were just confused. Really, it was hard for you to know that you just found out that your college friend is a ghost, and that he wants to kill his best friend, marry his best friend's wife, and get their son. The facts were still confusing. The three sat down for a while, letting the facts soak in, and the fact that right now, they're running away from Vlad.

They still held the truce, though, they were still aware of each other. Maddie and Jack wondered if Phantom was going to trick them, and Danny worried if his parents were going to shoot him. Nobody made a move, and they just sat there. Danny felt like he wanted to start a conversation to break up the suffocating awkward silence. "So…" He rolled his eyes as he tried to search for a topic. "You guys have never been to the Ghost Zone, huh?" he asked. His parents just looked at him. They had never been to the place before, as Danny chuckled a little. "It's funny that you two got a Ghost Portal, but never entered it."

The two parents turned a bit irritated at once, "Well, who knows whether or not we will get tricked by a ghost like you, like now?"

Danny's face turned annoyed. "Hey, I'm not tricking you right now, am I?"

The three went back to resting. Silence again, but Danny couldn't stay in silence in situations like this, so he tried to make another conversation, "So, now what are we going to do?" This question just got some glares from his parents.

"What we are going to do is make you lead us to home!"

"Oh, right. I mean, what are we going to do, right now?" Danny asked. His parents didn't answer, not knowing much about this place. So, what are they going to do with this…Zone-thing? Danny stood up and said, "Okay."

Danny turned to the sky and raised his hands up. "This is the Ghost Zone, the world where the ghosts gathered, and where purple doors are, are ghost's lairs. And the direction to your Ghost Portal is there" Danny said as he pointed in one direction. His parents didn't answer. Danny frowned. "Alright, fine."

Danny sat down and put his hands to his legs, as his parents didn't want to listen to a ghost like him. Danny wished his parents would to accept him as a ghost, though. Surprising to him, his parents turned their heads up to speak to him. "Wait, tell us more about the Ghost Zone."

Danny got up, and started to explain things about the Ghost Zone to his parents. "Those floating islands also ghost's lairs. Because this is the Ghost Zone, be careful of any ghost attacks. It's better for you to follow my advice in this place."

But suddenly a flash appeared and the light caught Jack and Maddie. They fell as Danny panicked, and turned to see the direction the flash came from, as another light appeared and hit Danny's hands. Danny fell, and tried to get up. He looked to see what it was- a pair of chain cuffs. Which means…

Danny turned to see a big white ghost appear in front of him. "Walker," he said with a glare at him. A sudden attack came from behind, striking his head, knocking him down. Danny gave one last stare before he finally fell into darkness.

Captured again.


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