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Summary: Harry Snaps. After a very bad summer with the Dursleys, one of Snape's angering jibs about Harry being the spoiled golden boy sets Harry off. If Snape wants a sickeningly arrogant child to deal with that's what he's going to get.

Warnings: Mention of abuse. Story will be slash.

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Harry sighed, rocking himself back and forth, his stomach hurt as well as his head since the Dursleys hadn't given him any food in three days. He was back in the cupboard under the stairs again and his head hit the ceiling above him so that he had to crouch. 'Just two more days...just two more days...' was the mantra in his head. The Dursleys would be taking him to the train station where he would board the Hogwarts Express back to Hogwarts for his sixth year.

At least his uncle had stopped taking a hand to him when he was in a bad mood. His Uncle always stopped hitting him at least three weeks before Harry was supposed to go back to school so that the bruises had time to fade. They also feared that someone would come and collect Harry early; however this year somehow they had gotten their hands on one of his letters from Dumbledore. It said that it was too risky to bring him anywhere this year and that he would have to stay with his family until the very end of the holidays and have them bring him to the train station on the first of September.

His uncle had taken the news gleefully and punched him roughly in the stomach. He knew the Dursleys were angrier at him this summer than most summers because his Uncle had gotten a raise at his job. His boss had included a paid vacation to the Bahamas with his family for this summer. His uncle of course had wanted to go but for some reason, Harry couldn't even phantom why, his aunt had told his Uncle that they couldn't possibly. They couldn't have perhaps told his Uncle's boss that Harry, their nephew was staying with them for the summer and ask if he could come too? No that would mean that they would have to be seen with the freak in public and of course it was much better to say at Private Drive and complain all summer about how every single thing was the freak's fault.

When Harry had been allowed out of his cupboard and out to do the gardening work, Dudley had taken his anger, from missing his vacation, out on his cousin by having him and his gang beat Harry to a bloody pulp in the backyard so none of the neighbours could see. Then his uncle had come home and seen that Harry hadn't finished the gardening, course Harry couldn't even move he was so dehydrated and in pain, so he grabbed Harry by the collar and threw him in the cupboard saying he better get used to in there. After that Harry was only allowed out three times a day so he could use the bathroom and sometimes get something of a meal that came with a side beating.

Harry spent his days brooding; his anger was just boiling up inside him. He wished he could whip out his wand and blast the Dursleys into oblivion. He might have actually done it, even though the risk was having his wand snapped and him being thrown into Azkaban, alas his wand was locked within his trunk inside Dudley's second bedroom. He believed Hedwig was also locked in that room, he just hoped someone had been decent enough to feed her during the summer because if he found out that they had starved his owl to death there would be hell to pay. He didn't care what the consequences were, he would come back here when he was allowed to use magic legally outside of Hogwarts and he would make their lives miserable. He wouldn't kill them, though he wondered if the wizarding world would cut him some slack if he did since they needed him to defeat Voldemort. No there would be no killing involved, but he would make sure they felt exactly how he had for the sixteen years he had been with them.

That's what kept him sane; thinking about his revenge in the future though at time he wondered if he really was sane.

'Just two more days...Just two more days..." He continued his mantra as the smell of the Dursley's steak and potatoes dinner drifted to his nose.


Harry walked stiffly down the hall, it was his first day of classes back at Hogwarts and he was still getting used to being able to stretch his muscles again.

He was in a bad mood and his first class was potions. The night before he had been driven insane by Ron and Hermione's incessant chatter about how amazingly great their summers had been.

Hermione had gone to France with her parents and learned all about the French history. They had gone to art museums, went to the Eiffel Tower, got their picture painted in the park, ate delicious French cuisine and oh so much more.

Ron told them that Fred and George had basically taken him as an understudy. Instead of spending his time at the house doing chores for his mum he had spent his time at the twin's shop. He helped them come up with ideas for new products, got to see how Fred and George manufactured the products they already had, got to test out the products and tell the twins what he thought of them and for his troubles the twins allowed him to have free products as a way of paying him.

Harry was bitter. He should have been the one to be Fred and George's understudy, he was after all the one who had given them the money to start the store in the first place but no, Dumbledore insisted he stay the entire summer locked in a cupboard under the stairs.

He had not been able to stand listening to Ron and Hermione so he brushed them off saying he was tired. What was he going to tell them? That he was uber jealous of their summers and if he heard them talk about it anymore he was going to jinx them. Yeah he was sure that would have gone over great.

They had asked him how his summer had gone and he had said "Fine" in a bored tone that clearly told them it had definitely not been fine but instead of dwelling on the fact that the Boy Who Lived hadn't had a great summer, Hermione had said "Well that's good...do you know the Louvre in France is one of the biggest museums in the world?"

He felt like shouting 'No Hermione I didn't know that but I think that might have been the most amazing thing I've heard in three months considering that fact I've been locked in a small, enclosed space for the most part of it.' Instead he had nodded and said "That's interesting."

He knew that he shouldn't be so upset and that Hermione and Ron were just trying to be conversational but he was so fed up of his life that he just couldn't take it anymore. He had pressure by the entire wizarding world to kill Voldemort, his family treated him worse than something they scraped off the bottom of their shoes and he was constantly trying to deal with the 'norm' of the wizarding world.

Harry turned the corner and stopped outside of his classroom door. He let out a sigh and tried to control his anger, he couldn't deal with Professor Snape's bullshit right now but Professor McGonagall had advised him to take potions this year and he had agreed. Of course that was at the end of last summer and he hadn't been in such a foul mood when he agreed. He would just have to grin and bear it, as the saying went.

Harry opened the door and made his way to a seat at the back of the class. He was on time but as soon as Snape saw him he glared at Harry. Harry couldn't care less, he wouldn't react he told himself, he wanted to get through this year with as little crap from Snape as he could manage.

The class began and Snape had them brewing a draught of peace potion as a starter for their first day back. Harry paid attention to his cauldron and nothing else. Ron hadn't taken potions this year and Hermione was sitting up at the front of the classroom like she always did. Harry didn't even realise that he was sitting across from his arch enemy until just before the end of the class.

Harry had leaned over to grab his jumping beans that were supposed to go into his potion but were trying to make their escape when Draco Malfoy leaned over and threw something in his cauldron. Harry heard the plunk and looked up quickly to see some of his potion splash onto his work table.

His potion began to bubble and spit. It made a loud hissing noise but before Harry could think to do anything his cauldron was banished from in front of him and when Harry looked up he realised that Snape was towering over him. 'Fucking Malfoy!' Harry thought 'And I almost made it through class without an incident.'

"Potter" Snape snarled "Are you too good for this class?"

Harry's eyes hardened and he returned Snape's glare.

"Answer me" Snape snapped.

"No" Harry said through gritted teeth.

"Then why can't the chosen one concentrate in my class." Snape spat the words 'the chosen one' at Harry like they made him a vile human being "Do you think potions is too much a waste of time for you, being the prefect golden boy that you are."

Harry grasped the jumping beans that he still held in his hand, so tightly that they cut into his hand. Something inside him snapped. How dare Snape treat him like that?

"I'm sure you get whatever you want when you are at home with your relatives for summer. I bet they worship the ground you walk on but remember Potter you're back in school now and those privileges don't hold up here."

Harry was fighting to control his breathing, he saw red. Snape didn't know shit about him, he wished that's how he spent his holidays but instead he sat inside a cupboard beaten and starved. To be punished by Snape for some stupid title that he couldn't help, that wasn't even true, made Harry want to reach out and strangle Snape.

Harry stood up so that his face was inches from Snape. The rest of the class was startled by his quick movements but Snape didn't say anything his glare just became more intensified.

Harry wanted to punch Snape. He wanted to yell at him to fuck off but he didn't, he just stood staring into those cold dark pools in front of him.

A bell rang throughout the classroom to signify the end of class but nobody moved, they all continued to silently stare at Snape and Harry.

Harry knew that Snape had hated his father and that he resembled him and awful lot but that still gave Snape no right to treat him the way he did. Ever since he had come to Hogwarts Snape had treated him like he was acting like a spoiled, arrogant child but in reality Harry never acted that way.

Right there and then, as Harry stared into Snape's cold eyes he decided that if Snape wanted a sickeningly arrogant child to deal with that's what he was going to get. He was tired of all the bullshit the wizarding world and the muggle world laid on his shoulders. He wasn't going to take it anymore, especially not from Snape.

Since Snape didn't seem like he was going to say anything, Harry grabbed his book bag off of his chair, turned away from Professor Snape and left the classroom. Leaving the class gaping after him.