Red and Blue

"Katsuya, listen to me very carefully," his mother demanded, "No matter what the future holds know that you are the Red Dragon last hope. You must survive, no matter what."

She gave him a tight soft hug. She could clearly see the tattoo that was embedded onto his back since birth, "The tattoo on your back is a sign that you are the next head. The Red Dragon of our clan. I'm sorry, that even I as your mother couldn't give you at least a safe place to grow up in," tears made it hard for her to speak.

Bang! Bang! She look out the window, "It's time to say goodbye," they parted, "I love you, Katsuya. I'm sorry that I couldn't be a good mother to you."

She kiss him on the forehead and grab his hand quickly. "Mommy?" he asked. She didn't answer but continue to lead him somewhere. She finally spoke, "Katsuya, I want you to burn this into your head. The people that are invading us is the Blue Dragon. Our archenemy. You must remember them."

"Blue Dragon?" he asked timidly.

"Yes, the Blue Dragon. They are the reason why mommy and daddy had to be separated from Katsuya."

They finally reach what seem to be the back door of the mansion. A man in a bike was waiting for them.

"Mistress!" he spoke.


They rush toward the man known as Katashi. He held his arms out automatically and grab Katsuya into the basket on the back seat of the bike.

"You know what to do," Katsuya's mother said, "Please take care of Katsuya. He is our clan last hope."

Katashi nodded, "But what about Mistress and the Lord?"

"We'll be fine," she reassured him, "The one you need to worry about is Katsuya," she turn to Katsuya, "Katsuya, from now on, your name shall be Joey. The name of your Grandfather. Your true name must never be reveal, got it?"

Katsuya or Joey nodded tearfully. She turn back to Katashi, "Take care of him."

He nodded, "You too Mistress. Hope to meet you and the Lord again."

Katashi put on his bike helmet and put a white silk blanket over Joey, "Goodbye, Mistress."

"Mommy!" Joey shouted as Katashi drove them away on his bike.

6 years gone by since the Red Dragon perished. I haven't seen my parents or my clan since then. Katashi, my guardian, and I had been keeping our secret since. As I had promise my mother, I had never told anyone about my real identity. Katashi had suggested that I hid my tattoo as well and always wear a t-shirt to hide it.

The Blue Dragon continue to grow stronger, especially with their new leader, Seto Kaiba. Katashi hated him, but somehow… I can't really say I hate him all that much. He's always alone in class and keep his distance as if to hide something. How I know this? Well, he is in my class. Katashi wasn't to trill about me being in the same class with him though.

"I'm leaving!" Joey called as he got out of the house. Their house wasn't a mansion, but it is still a two-story house. Katashi had started a business that had something to do with engineering. Joey walk down the quiet morning street and whistle to himself. He could hear the birds nearby sing along, which made him laugh with delight.


He turn around. A boy with innocent eyes rushes toward him. Joey wave, "Hey Yug! Morning!"

"M-Morning!" the boy tried to catch his breath as he reach Joey, "Sorry I was late. I couldn't sleep last night."

"Don't sweat it." Joey assured him, "I overslept sometime too. Dad (Katashi) was angry whenever I overslept though."

They chuckle peacefully like there was nothing in the world they should worried about. As they approach the school, they could see their other friends waiting for them. They exchange "good morning" then head to class. Just then, a bunch of girls squeak with love. Joey turn around already knew who it was, in fact everybody in the school does.

A black limousine pull over in front of the school gate. Joey clench his school bag tighter as if to give a little prayer. The driver got out and open the door. As the door open and the girls voice got louder, a brunet boy step out of the limousine. He was wearing the same exact uniform but with a bit more classier look than everybody else. Joey could see the B (Blue) printed clearly on the Limousine's head. He close his head and turn away. He started walking for the school with his friends following behind.

The memories of that night… I can still remember it clearly as if it was yesterday. How everything began and ended.

Joey slump onto his desk. I wish he didn't attend this school. He look at the classroom clock that barely struck 7:30. Damn, why can't today go by faster? He could hear the girls loud squeak as he knew who approach. Seto Kaiba. The door slide open, and he was right, Seto Kaiba step into the room. The girls in the class all fell in love immediately. Joey sigh annoying but quietly. Katashi told him not to start trouble with the Blue Dragon's leader. "If he were to investigate us, we would be in big trouble." that what he always says.

Joey look up at the clock again. 7:35. He frown at the clock and look at his bag. I wish Katashi would pull me out today. Katashi often pull him out of class for personal reasons, but today wasn't one of those days. He sigh loudly this time. Yugi turn toward him and touch his shoulder lightly. It made Joey flinch, which almost made him flip Yugi onto the desk.

"What is it, Yug?"

"Are you ok?" Yugi asked, worried.

"I'm fine," Joey reassured him, "I was just thinking about why I didn't stay home today."

"Oh, ok!" the cheerfulness return to his voice. Joey gave a little smile.

However, he didn't notice that Seto Kaiba was secretly watching him.